Anupama 18th May 2023 Written Episode Update

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Anupama 18th May 2023 Written Episode

Anupama walks into Shah house sadly after seeing Little Anu and Anuj’s unkind behavior. Shahs stand frowning seeing Anuj with Maya and Little Anu. Anupama says why are they silent instead of celebrating. Kinjal says let us start pooja. Leela asks Anuj and Maaya if they got married are not yet. Hasmukh says its Samar and Dimpy’s day. Leela sys let her know what is their relationship. Hasmukh repeats they will not discuss anything today. Panditji calls everyone to start pooja. Leela asks Anupama to bring sweets from the home temple. Anupama hurriedly brings sweets and is about to sit besides Anuj when Maaya takes her place, leaving Anupama sad. She sits behind them. Kavya recalls Maaya sitting behind Anuj and Anupama last time. Panditji starts pooja. Pakhi tells Toshu its difficult for mummy to handle all this. Adhik asks Barkha what if Anuj stays back even after marriage. Ankush asks Anuj if he is fine. Anuj nods yes and asks what about him.

Barkha messages Maaya how is she. Maaya says how will she be with Anuj, nobody took care of her the way Anuj is. Pakhi gets angry seeing Barkha’s messaging Maaya. Dimpy asks Samar why everyone is so silent. Samar says she should have thought before calling Anuj here. Panditji asks Anupama to bring flowers. Anupama brings flowers and slips. Anuj holds her. Anupama’s mangalsutra gets stuck in his kurta. Their eyes lock. Maaya starts acting and acts as feeling breathless to gain Anuj’s attention. Anuj gives her medicine and water. Little Anu calling Maaya as maa/mother asks if she is fine. Anupama feels shattered seeing all this. Family feels pity for Anupama. Vanraj asks Aupama to bring more flowers. Anupama walks to a room and breaks down recalling the incident. She then thinks she shouldn’t cry and controls herself.

Kavya walks to her. Anupama hugs her. Kavya asks if she is fine, says she is asking to remind her that she should be fine. Anupama says Kavya is looking pretty, she is happy for her modeling world. Kavya says she is thinking of working behind the camera. Anupama asks if something happened. Kavya says no and says she feels happy for Anupama’s progress; she was jealous before, but then started admiring her; she is happy that Anupama is working with the great Malti Devi; she suggests to keep moving on without thinking behind. Anupama says even she should try to be happy and move on in life. Kavya says she will try her best.

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Pakhi panics seeing Maaya and Barkha’s drama. Kinjal asks her to calm down as its Samar and Dimpy’s ceremony. Pakhi says Maaya and Barkha are playing SMS game, she is sure Barkha must have invited Maaya to play a witch game. She criticizes ungrateful Little Anu who is ignoring Anupama and calling Maaya as maa, etc. Kinjal tries to calm her down. Dimpy passes by and asks what happened. Pakhi blames Dimpy for inviting Anuj and Maaya here to hurt Anupama’s feelings. Their argument starts. Kinjal warns them to stop and disperses them. Vanraj warns Anuj to stop his new family drama or else he wil get angry. Anuj says even he can get angry. Leela and Kanta talk about the pain Anu is going through. Anupama notices Dolly looking stressed talking over phone. Panditji asks groom and bride’s parents to sit for pooja. Leela asks Anupama to sit with Vanraj for pooja and argues. Vanraj tells Anupama she can sit with him only if she feels comfortable.

Precap: Leela says they should decide where wedding functions will happen. Maaya says they should divide functions between Shah and Kapadia house. Anupama recalls Anuj taking her to Kapadia house. Barkha says Anuj wants Dimpy’s bidaai to happen in Kapadia house.

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