Anupama 18th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Anuj Celebrate Their First Holi Together

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Anupama 18th March 2022 Written Episode

Bapuji asks Samar about Anupama. Samar says mummy is waiting for Anuj. Anu thinks Mr Shah will not give up easily and must be waiting for her outside, so she thinks if she should get out of house via ladder like last time. Mamaji waits for Rakhi outside house. Bapuji asks whom he is waiting for. Mamaji says he forgot. Bapuji signals he must be waiting for Rakhi. Mamaji says he is right. Samar says they haven’t invited Rakhi. Mamaji feels sad hearing that. Anupama walks down hiding and covers herself with curtains. Anuj waits for her. Samar feels disheartened looking at Nandini’s house and remembering their last holi. A girl wishes him happy holi and invites him for holi party. He agrees but remembering Nandini denies.

Anu covers herself with a curtain walks out of house. Anuj rejoices seeing her. Anu calls him. An energetic song plays n the background. They both uncover themselves and run towards each other and finally meet. He applies color on her cheek and wishes her happy holi. Yeh Laal Ishq.. plays in the background. She applies him color back. He says they were running behind him to throw colors on him, now he will show what holi means. They both throw color on Vanraj. Vanraj shouts who dared to throw color on him. Anu says who else than her. Anuj taunts Vanraj. Anu tells Vanraj that he can throw color on her now as she and Anuj are already colored in each other’s colors. She applies him tilak and wishing him happy holi suggests him to stop his childish acts. He walks away frowning.

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Anu wishes happy holi to Kanhaji and prays Kanhaji for helping them. Anuj prays to keep his blessings on their love always. Kumkum falls on Anu’s hair. Anuj says even god now blessed and hinted her. She walks away shying. Vanraj vents out his frustration on a chair and thinks how can Anu and Anuj win always and he loses always.

Rakhi visits Shahs. Mamaji happily rushes to apply holi to her. She shoos him away like usual and then applying color on Baa wishes her happy holi. Baa says it was happy before her arrival. Mamaji jokes on Baa. Dolly asks Samar about Anu. Anu enters with Anu, wishes them happy holi, and applies color to them all. Baa asks who applied color to her. Anu looks at Anuj. Bapuji says Kanhaji used to apply color on Radhaji first. Baa frowns. Pakhi asks her to stop eyerolling and have fun. Her and Samar’s nok jhok starts. Girls join Pakhi and form a team and boys join Samar. They both compete with a dance on Soni Soni Ankhiyonwali.. song.

Vanraj feels more jealous seeing Anu and Anuj enjoying. Kavya notices him and asks if he hates holi. He says he hates Anu and Anupama more. She says he is obsessed with them; she is really fed up now; he always thinks about them, especially Anu. Bapuji joins Anu and sings with her. Samar joins them. Vanraj stands aside seeing family enjoying holi and grins getting a plan.

Precap: Inebriated Anuj climbing a truck announces his and Anu’s marriage. Rakhi says its a heartbreaking news. Anuj slips while getting down. Anu shouts in fear seeing that.

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