Anupama 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Justifies Her Act

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Anupama 18th July 2023 Written Episode

Anupama tells Gurumaa that any mother in her place would have chosen her child between her dreams and child, whether old fashioned Leela or modern age Kavya and Kinjal. She says a mother can become modern, but can’t be selfish or else there won’t be anything left in this world. She says in their holy scriptures, women power is prioritized, even Shiv ji needed maa Shakti. She continues describing how great a mother is and says she knows shhe is not wrong and hopes gurumaa also understands her one day. Gurumaa claps after listening to her lecture and says mother is a creator of the world, mother is nature, but Anupama’s mother nature destroyed her whole life’s hard-earned name, fame, hard worm, etc. She asks why shall she suffer because of Anupama’s mother nature; she blindly trusted Anupama and bet her whole life’s hard work on her and completely got destroyed in return. She says Anupama never accepted gurukul completely and was just worried for her family, be it Samar’s marriage, Maya’s illness, or her daughter’s panic attacks. She then blames Anuj for forcing Anupama to return in lieu of his daughter’s illness.

Anupama says nobody forced her to return, she returned because she is responsible for Maaya’s death. Anuj stops her. Anupama says she needs to explain at any cost and explains how Maaya died trying to save her. She says if Maaya had not saved her, garland would have been on her photo instead of Maaya’s. She says when Maaya left the world for her, can’t she sacrifice her dreams for Maaya’s daughter; she says this guilt is haunting her and if something had happened to CA, she would have died; she couldn’t fly with a burden on her soull; it was solely her decision and Gurumaa can punish her the way she likes; she didn’t want to stop and was doing every effort possible, but when Maaya came, she realized that she was going to make a big mistake.

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