Anupama 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Throws Paritosh Out Of The House

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Anupama 17th September 2022 Written Episode

Leela yells at Anupama that she is not satisfied with breaking her own house that she wants to break her son and DIL’s house. Anupama asks what about Kinjal’s broken trust. Leela says it wouldn’t have if she would have kept her mouth shut. Anupama says Toshu/Paritosh would have repeated his sin then. Toshu shouts if she has gone made to break her son’s happy family. Anupama says she is a mother. Toshu says she is a home breaker, she is shameless to destroy her son’s life, why don’t she shoot him. Anupama hopes a day doesn’t come where he stoops so low that she is forced to shoot him. She says a woman gets weak when her family men do mistakes, but she will not get weak and will protect her daughter Kinjal. Barkha murmurs that Shah’s blood is dirty that whole family is sinners.

Toshu tries to convince Kinjal. Kinjal says she can’t stay with him anymore; he and Leela think Anupama did wrong by exposing his sin, but Anupama did right as she would have been deeply hurt if she had known about it later. Toshu says sorry. Kinjal says she is losing her family because of him and will never forgive him for that. She warns him to stay away from her as she doesn’t want daughter to get his dirty morales. Toshu pleads her not to go. Vanraj says Toshu will go from here instead. Leela tries to stop him and asks him why he is following Anupama’s footsteps and breaking his son’s family, Kinjal will calm down if she stays with Toshu for some time. Kinjal says she will never stay with Toshu again. Vanraj drags Toshu and throws him out of the house while Leela tries to stop him in vain.

Anupama tries to comfort Kinjal. Leela yells at Anupama again blaming her of breaking her son’s house. Vanraj shuts the door. Toshu shouts at Vanraj that enough of insult now, he will never return to his house again. Vanraj says he will break his legs if he returns again. Toshu verbally abuses Anupama and continously curses her taking her name. He says she can never be happy after snatching her happiness. Anupaam recalls bringing up Toshu till the recent incident. Vanraj warns Toshu if he will go from there or shall he kick him out again. Toshu walks away frowning. Samar stops him and asks calm down and asks where will he go. Toshhu says his great mother broke his house and his father kicked him out of the house, soon they will realize his value and then will suffer. Samar warns him to shut and asks him to call him when he realizes his mistakes and his anger calms down and hands him phone. Toshu walks away.

Leela curses Anupama that she won’t be happy in life for ruining Toshu’s life. Arya starts crying. Anupama tells Kinjal that life doesn’t give woman time to cry as she has responsibilities, she needs to take care of herself and her baby and hence should wipe her tears and take care of her responsibilities. Kinjal comforts Arya. Kehta Ye Pal.. song plays in the background. Toshu breaks down recalling Anupama, Vanraj, and Kinjal’s words and cries for Pari. He calls his friend and requests permission to stay in his house for some time. He thinks Anupama ruined his life and only she should fix it.

Leela continues to curse Anupama. Barkha provokes her. Leela says even Barkha and Rakhi are supporting her. Rakhi says she was wrong and Anupama was right and realized it seeing Toshu’s arrogance and misbehavior. She thanks Anupama for standing by Kinjal when she being a mother couldn’t. She asks Kinjal to accompany her home. Leela refuses and says let Kinjal and baby be at Shah house itself. Kinjal says she doesn’ want to go anywhere and doesn’t want to talk to Rakhi for hiding the truth. Rakhi asks Anupama to take care of Kinjal and baby and walks away.

Precap: Anuj tells Anupama that she did right by exposing Toshu’s sin. Kinjal breaks down. Kavya notices her and informs Anupama.

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