Anupama 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Signs Contract Papers

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Anupama 17th September 2021 Written Episode

Anuj/AK’s assistant informs him that architect informed that he will finalize hotel design only after finalizing a land for hotel. AK asks him fix his meeting with legal team. Assistant says work has started on license formalities and walks away. Anu asks Devika to leave if she is done as she is tired now. Devika says she is afraid and should remember how she fought with the society and came till here; she wanted to make an identity of herself and show her worth to her children and in-laws and should do so; she should explain Baa and if her son doesn’t agree, she should warn him to be in his limits. Anu says its easy for Devika as she doesn’t have to answer anyone. Devika says even she has many questioning, but she cannot live if she doesn’t give them a befitting reply; its a question of women who are talented like her and cannot get out of house to prove themselves, she will be an inspiration for such women; if she didn’t have courage, then why did she go to AK’s office and pitch in women empowerment idea; she has Bapuji and Samar’s support, what about other women who needs support; Anu is ready to help; when she she has started running, she shouldn’t stop and fight; problem is not AK, problem is her saas and ex-husband’s ego and its their problem, not hers; its enough after 26 years. She gives her contract papers and says woman gets betrayal 100 times, but chance only once. She then walks away saying she is also working with AK, rest is up to her; calls Samar and says she did her part, its up to Anu now; thinks Anu should think of herself at least professionally.

Anu looking at contract papers remembers Devika, Vanraj, Baa, Toshu’s words and keeps them back. Vanraj watches her from his cafeteria and thinks he knows she is not that courageous to sign papers. Devika visits AK’s office and fumes its waste to befriend stupid people. He asks what did he do. She says Anu as usual is adamant and unexplainable. He asks if she said no. She asks him to speak to her once. He sasy he will not as men usually control women and he will not make that mistake; if this is Anu’s decision, then he will honor her decision. He recites shayari. Anu is unable to concentrate on her dance class. Bapuji searches something. Baa asks him what is he searching, let her help him. He angrily says its waste to talk to her. She blames Anu that she ruined her son’s hardword, he is still on her side. He walks away fuming. She says things were getting normal after much difficulty, Anu ruined it. Kavya says when she said same, Baa shut her mouth; now she also accepts that there is more than friendship between Anu and AK. Baa warns her to shut up and thinks she will not let Anu ruin her family’s peace.

After dance classes, Anu walks towards home holding contract papers. GK sees AK sad and asks what is wrong. AK says he thinks he made a mistake returning to India; he wrongly hoped so much; he wanted to see Anu moving ahead in life, but he was wrong; Devika warned him, but he had false hope after seeing Anu after 26 years. Anu messages Devika to send AK’s phone number and address. AK continues venting out his anger. He opens door hearing door bell and receives sweet box from courier boy. GK says he will get even good news with sweets. AK tastes it smiling. At Shah house, Kinjal serves rasgullas to family. Baa asks who brought them. Anu enters and says she brought them, picks pen from Vanraj’s pocket, signs contract papers, and says she decided to go ahead with partnership. AK shouts how dare she is to take this decision. Anu warns to lower his voice as she is not his wife to get afraid of him. He threatens her that she will not work with AK. She says they both are here, he can dare try to stop her. He tries to snatch papers, but she pulls them away. Baa asks her to take decisions thinking of others. Anu says she thought of others her whole life; she made kitchen as her house for Baa’s sake, went 10 steps behind for Mr Shah, pleaded Rakhi for Toshu’s happiness, and forgot herself for family’s sake; she entered this house 26 years ago as Anupama and was left as Toshu’s mother; Baa is asking her to think of others; its okay if mother sacrifices and wife sacrifices herself, but not okay if a woman thinks of herself. Baa asks if she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. Anu says she did wrong to herself and asks if her daughter doesn’t have a right to live life and continues. Vanraj with grinning face her old crying started again. Anu says even his taunts are old; Baa performed aarti and performed garba even with knee pain when his cafe was opened, even she is Baa’s daughter and why can’t she be happy. Baa adamantly says she will not work with AK. Anu asks her why not. Vanraj yells she is so shameless and wants to prove herself as heroine. Anu says she is a heroine of her story and will always be. Baa, Mamaji, Samar, and Kinjal clap and praise her. Baa says she doesn’t know what is in AK’s mind. Anu says she doesn’t want to know and what is in her mind is important for her; only her wish, her thinking matters to her.

Precap: Anu warns Vanraj that she will visit AK’s office tomorrow morning. Vanraj taunts that she got wings after meeting her old crush. Anu says he should watch her flying and not her wings. He threatens he will not let her fly She asks to try, he will fail.

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