Anupama 17th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Is Heartbroken

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Anupama 17th May 2023 Written Episode

Anupama heads towards Shah house from gurukul for the Satyanarayan pooja, limping due to punishment. Bhairavi says Gurumaa scolded and punished her a lot today. Anupama says its a teacher’s blessing. Bhairavi asks why can’t teacher give her blessing at once. Anupama asks her to stop now and thinks Anuj would be present at the Shah house at Samar’s pooja, this day would be most difficult for her. Shahs make arrangements for pooja. Dolly and Meenu visit them. Leela says Meenu has grown so big. Meenu says one shouldn’t comment on girl’s age, even Leela has become too old. Dolly scolds her to behave. Leela says its okay, at least someone has gone on her. She asks about Sanjay. Dolly says he got AGM at office, but she took leave and would attend all the functions. Shahs discuss how a groom works in his own wedding. Dolly asks when will Anupama bhabhi come, and Meenu asks if Little Anu will also come. Shahs change the topic.

Kavya walks in. Vanraj recalls his and Kavya’s feud. Leela says they thought Kavya wouldn’t come. Kavya says why wouldn’t she attend Samar’s wedding, even Anupama had invited her. She meets each family member and goes to her room. Vanraj follows her.
Anupama reaches Shah house feeling nervous. Bhairavi asks if her leg is paining a lot. Anupama says no. Bharavi enters house with Bhavesh and Kanta. Anupama recalls her quality moments with Anuj and buys a gajra/flowers for herself as he lilkes. O Sathi Re… song plays in the background. She eagerly looks for Anuj.

Vanraj walks to Kavya. Kavya asks how is he as she heard he got a heart attack. He says he is fine now. Kavya says Leela blames her for his heart attack. Vanraj asks not to bother about Leela and asks how is she. She says she if fine. He says she is glowing after going away from him. She asks about his job. He says its good and asks about her job. She nervously says she has taken a break as she is focusing more on quality than quantity of work. She says she heard even Maaya and Little Anu are coming with Anuj, she fears what will happen if Anuj and Anupama come in front of each other. She then notices pooja starting and walks away.

Anupama’s sandal slips. Anuj picks and fixes it in her foot looking at her. Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata.. song plays in the background.

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