Anupama 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Plans To Ruin Anupama And Anuj’s First Holi Together

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Anupama 17th March 2022 Written Episode

Anupama thinks last year’s holi was the first holi in 26 years, but she feels this year’s holi would be life’s first holi. She thinks how will she protect herself from other applying holi to her till Auj arrives. Anuj feels excited thinking he and Anu will apply holi to each other first. Vanraj remembering Anu and Anuj together thinks just like holika burnt today, he will burn Anu and Anuj’s happiness tomorrow. Anuj opens door excitedly thinking Anu came, but sees Vanraj instead and asks why did he come here. Vanraj says people visit friends during festival and he is visiting an enemy. Anuj says he is not interested in his borderline psychotic talks and asks him to leave. Vanrajasks if he will not listen what he will say. Anuj says he has only 3-4 repeated dialogues, Vanraj Shah is back, I will not leave Anupama, I will change the table, etc.; he is not interested in his blah blah.. Vanraj says its mannerless to kick out a guest, they don’t let their guest leave until the want to; he has called a guest and is forcefully holding her. He says Anu and Anuj love each other, he will not let them reunite again. He asks Anuj to react, but whatever he does Anupama will not return to him. Anuj wakes up from sleep and realizes it was his nightmare. He thinks Anu will return home definitely after some time; its his and Anu’s first holi and he will not let Vanraj ruin it.

Next morning, Baa applies color to Radha Krishna’s idol and wishes happy holi. Bapuji wishes her happy holi and applies color to her. Jignesh says he wanted to apply color to jijaji first. Bapuji and Baa apply color to him. Kavya brings snacks to Vanraj and says since he doesn’t get out of room today, she brought snacks for him there. She applies color to her cheek and wishes him happy holi. She asks how it feels when someone has bhang. He says once mamaji had bhang and rode cycle to Jamnagar, but forgot to remove the stand and pedaled his cycle whole day. She laughs. He reminds Anupama’s reaction last time. Kavya says it was more funny. He smiles. She says she forgot that he looks handsome smiling. Baa calls her. She tries to leave. Vanraj holds her hand and gets romantic singing Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyaar Aaya Hai.. song. She asks him to come out and play holi with everyone. He denies. She asks him to lock the door well and not let Anu apply color to him like last time. Vanraj remembers Anu and Anuj’s promise and thinks he will ruin Anu’s holi this time and picks holi packet from the drawer.

Shah family apply color to each other. Anupama gets ready in a white dress and admires her own beauty. Samar says she is looking very happy and prays the color of love stays in her life forever. She prays he gets his love soon. He asks her to out with him. She shyingly informes him that she is waiting for Anuj and blesses him. He asks her to lock the door from inside until Anuj comes. Anu eagerly waits for Anuj. Anuj sees kids playing outside his house and thinks if he gets out, they will apply color to him, what should he do now. Anu hearing door knock feels excited thinking Anuj came. Vanraj holding color waits thinking they both ruined her happiness, he will throw color on her and ruin their happiness. Anu smells Vanraj’s scent and says she knows he is here to ruin her festival, he must have heart her and Anuj or Samar’s conversation; he ruined her 25 holis and she will not let him ruin this holi, etc. He walks away frustrated. Anu hopes Anuj comes soon.

Anuj covers himself with a raincoat and helmet and thinks nobody can color him now. He walks towards Shah house happily. Toshu sees Kinjal coughing, offers her water, and asks if she is fine. She nods yes. He apologizes her for his mistake and says he is feeling guilty and shouldn’t have said those words. She says a few words pierce in the heart forever and will never come out, it will take time to heal and only he can do that over time. Anuj messages Anu that he has arrived and is waiting for her at garden. Anu thinks Mr Shah will not give up so easily and must be waiting outside hiding.

Precap: Anu and Anuj color each other. Ye Laal Ishq.. song plays int he background. They then throw color on Vanraj and wish happy holi, leaving him frowning.

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