Anupama 17th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Misbehaves With Vanraj

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Anupama 17th June 2022 Written Episode

Anuj praises Anupama that his wife is the best. She emotionally hugs him. Anuj asks her to relax as everything is gone to be fine. Kavya tells Vanraj that she thought Anupama would go to her mother’s house crying and would conduct tuitions for the living, but she with her self-confidence moved ahead in life and got Anuj as a life partner; she made her own identity even in the middle age, which young girls thrive for. She suggests Vanraj to maintain a distance from Anupama’s family and says Anupama can never think of doing whatever happened today. Vanraj says he knows neither Anupama nor Anuj will do that, but Anuj’s family can, recalling Barkha and Ankush’s arrogance. Kavya says those are Anupama’s relatives and we don’t need to bother. He thanks her for calming him down. She smiles and goes to get milk and bread for him.

Anupama notices Hasmukh’s gift and gets happy seeing her favorite kaju katli in the box. Anuj walks to Barkha. Barkha jokes that boys can’t understand the pain of wearing heels footwear. Anuj says she cannot understand his pain and says it pains whenever Anupama’s wishes are not fulfilled and she doesn’t get happy, recalling Barkha’s misbehavior with Anupama and trying to overpower her. Barkha says she didn’t understand. He says she is intelligent and would easily understand. He leaves warning her that he fails immense pain when Anupama’s smile is snatched. Barkha stands stunned.

Next morning, Anupama gets very happy seeing tulsi plant in the lawn and performs pooja. She tells Suryadev that she got a new family, but she didn’t leave her both families. She prays to protect both families. Barka with Anuj returns from jogging and gets irked seeing tulsi in the lawn. Ankush asks her not to create an issue now. She changes her tone and tells Anupama that the tulsi plant is looking good in the lawn. Anupama gives a long speech on the benefits of tulsi plant.

During breakfast, Pakhi praises Anuj’s house and says she has decided to stay half the time at Anupama’s house and half the time at Shah house. Samar asks why would she stay there. Pakhi says mummy’s house also belongs to her. Leela says when her mother was staying in a 1-room house, she never visited her. Samar says she wants a big house and not mummy. Leela warns her that she will not go there and if Anupama wants to meet them, she will come here to meet them. She tells Vanraj that his daughter has gone mad seeing the lavish house and is talking only about it. Pakhi asks who is she bothering. Vanraj asks her not to misbehave with Leela. Leela warns her that she will maintain a distance from them as they are rich people. Pakhi says they are good people.

Anupama performs kitchen pooja and starts preparing breakfast. Anuj desires to help her prepare breakfast. He says whenever he has off from work, he can prepare breakfast. He leaves throwing flying kisses on her. A new house help Kamal walks in and introduces himself. She asks him to call her bhabhi and help her prepare bhog first. Kamal shows her automatic kitchen. She arranges things on the kitchen cabinet and misses her her masala box.

Pakhi continues to misbehave with Baa. Kinjal asks her to behave. Samar says her behavior with mummy suddenly changed once mummy got a big house. Pakhi then starts misbehaving with Vanraj. Vanraj is stunned to and says she was feeling humiliated by her mother till yesterday and today feeling humiliated by her father. He says he is still his father, this is her house, and she should understand that she is from a middle class family. Pakhi says there is nothing to feel proud about the middle class family. Vanraj says she is feeling embarrassed of a father who brought her up. Pakhi continues her misbehavior and says she will visit Anupama’s family at any cost even if they oppose. Vanraj stands feeling helpless.

Precap: Barkha scolds servants seeing the plastic masala boxes in the kitchen. Anupama says these belong to her. Pakhi looks Adhik and her pic in her mobile and keep her mobile aside. Vanraj walks towards mobile.

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