Anupama 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Challenges Kavya

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Anupama 17th July 2021 Written Episode

Shah family completes interior decoration of cafe. Vanraj says its perfect and gets emotional. Mamaji asks what happened. Vanraj says something fell in his eyes. Bapuji also gets emotional. Mamaji says even jijaji is crying. Kinjal explains that they got emotional. Mamaji says didi and Anu cry openly. Samar says they are girls. Mamaji gives some explanation that one shouldn’t feel weird if boys cry and they all like it. Vanraj thanks everyone. Bapuji says he shouldn’t thank dear ones. Vanraj signals Anu if its okay. She smilingly nods yes. Kavya gets jealous and asks if they will work or just sit. Nandini says people will visit cafeteria soon. Kavya asks without menu. Anu says menu is already prepared. Kavya yells that she selected menu without consulting her. Baa says she selected a menu. Kavya yells if she ever went to cafe, what does she know about cafe. Anu says Baa knows everything. Kavya yells that she went to cafe more than anyone here. Baa asks why. Kavya says to meet V. Baa asks not to boast about her shamelessness now. Kavya continues yelling. Kinjal says she has visited international cafe and in that sense she should decide menu, but when Baa has already decided menu they shouldn’t argue. Kavya yells Baa must have selected thepla menu and nobody will come to have decorated theplas. Baa asks should she select maide ki katori menu, then says she is right that they need to have some unique dishes. Anu asks Samar to read the first dish. He describes dish in long hifi way. Everyone stand amazed. Kavya says Baa must not have heard this dish in her life. Anu says its simple samosa chutney which every Indian likes. She asks Kinjal about different cuisines and says all these are good, but the best is mother’s cooked food and they will get mom’s food, so even in 5 star hotels they serve thali. Kavya yells why will people come to eat home cooked food. Vanraj says because their cafe is roadside with many colleges and offices around and people miss home cooked food and hence will visit their cafe; Kavya is expert in her field, but others are not fools and have decided menu carefully, so she shouldn’t object their decisions.

Anu asks Kinjal etiquettes of cafe. Baa says she heard some from the neighbor who visit her son in Australia, rest cook will manage, she has organized school’s fun fair earlier. Bapuji asks her not to get nervous as she did her best. Nandini tells Kavya that we have taken inputs from every age group so that they all can feel comfortable here. Kavya shouts if they all have gone mad, its a cafe and not temple and old people shouldn’t come here as nobody would like to sit with coughing olds. Baa and Bapuji are shocked to hear that. Samar says he and Nandini will sit and they have not so advanced that they will forget their culture. Kavya says she doesn’t know if this culture works or not, but nobody will visit this cafe and it will be shut in 2 days. Vanraj says let it be, but they will try at least. Kavya says he didn’t take any input from her, hence at least he should let her name this cafeteria. He says already selected the name. She asks if he named it Vanraj Ka Dhaba. He unveils Leela Ka Dhaba name plate. Everyone get happy seeing that except Kavya. Baa asks what is written. Vanraj says world’s most beautiful name, her mother’s name, he liked her suggestion of allowing elders in his cafe and making them feel comfortable like home. He gives a long speech on the sacrifice of mother and how they perform pooja before starting every auspicious work and hence starting cafe with god’s name. Baa says where is god’s name. He says for every child, his/her mother is god and she is his god. Baa gets happy and emotionally says her son gave her respect. Anu says her children respected her. Vanraj says this is nothing in front of what mother gives. Kinjal says cafe in papa’s mother’s name and Samar says dance academy in mummy’s name. Kavya gets jealous and thinks she will show them once she become a mothers. Baa says her son kept her name to his cafe. Mamaji jokes. Baa asks Vanraj to run the cafe properly. Kavya thinks they are emotional fools will soon go begging and even drag her along.

Rakhi fumes seeing Kinjal posting cafe’s pics in social media and says she has gone on her papa. Toshu says she is not even talking to her and went to cafeteria after checking pent house, she has gone on Anu. Rakhi asks him to use emotional drama and force Kinjal to change on the pretext of future and children and if she doesn’t agree use a brahmastra named Anupama. At home, Pakhi friend taunts her that she will win the dance competition easily as her mother is teaching her dance. She fumes that nobody knows that her mummy doesn’t have time for her.

Shah family fixes name plates of cafeteria and dance academy. Anu hopes Toshu and Sweety were present here. Kinjal says she will send them pics. Kavya yells that this cafe is a failure as nobody will come here to have decorated theplas. Anu challenges they will. Bapuji to lighten up the situation says cafe and academy are both in mothers’ names and hence barkat/luck and profits will enter easily in these paces. Vanraj and Samar at once say yes, leaving Kavya jealous. Back home, Kavya tells family that own business sounds good, but all small startups end easily and they should accept that their both businesses are risky and will shut down, so they shouldn’t invest much. Kinjal says they already have invested a lot. Kavya says they shouldn’t do much emotional investment or else they will be hurt most. Bapuji says they should give their best though. Anu says Kavya is right. Samar sees a trouble in karkhana via CCTV cameras and informs Vanraj. They both rush to the spot. Three goons get angry seeing cafeteria and dance academy and think of vandalizing it, one of them tries to tear Anu’s pic with a knife when Vanraj holds his hand. Samar trashes them with a bat and they all 3 run away. Samar says he knew something unusual would happen, hence he fixed CCTV cameras. Vanraj says CCTV cameras are costly. He says he took spare ones from his friend. Vanraj thanks him from giving a space for cafeteria to setting it up and says apologizes for considering him a loser. They return home. Next morning, Anu performs dance academy’s pooja with family.

Precap: Rakhi asks if they called someone for ribbon cutting. Anu says Shahruk and Kajal, she means Baa and Bapuji. They cut ribbon.

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