Anupama 17th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Determines To Punish Dholakia

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Anupama 17th August 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj suggests Samar that he understands his point and even he couldn’t take a decision to stay away from his family, but he should take a decision after thinking well. Anu says she would be happy if her son and dance academy prospers, she just wants him to listen to his heart and decide whether he wants to take up this job or not. Vanraj says Anu is right. Nandini says Samar has 1 day to think as interview is tomorrow. Vanraj says whatever decision Samar takes, he is sure he will be a winner. Anu gets emotional seeing their bonding. Kinjal in her room panics seeing Dholakia’s call and thinks why Toshu is not with her when there are so many families at home. Anu asks Samar and Nandini not to fight again. Mamaji jokes. Anu asks why didn’t Kinjal come out yet. Kinjal walks to them. Kavya asks if she doesn’t want to go office today. Kinjal says yes and hugs Anu tightly. Anu sensing something is wrong asks what happened. Kavya gets Dholakia’s who offers her project head position in place of Kinjal. She taunts Kinjal that she must have made a blunder and being kicked out of job. Kinjal says she herself resigned from the job. Kavya continues humiliating Kinjal. Kinjal suggests her not to take up this job. Kavya says she will meet Dholakia today itself and take up the job today itself. Kinjal continues suggesting not to. Anu asks her if something happened. Kinjal says Kavya is right that she made a blunder and is kicked out of job and walks to her room. Anu says she is lying. Vanraj asks why. Baa suggests Anu to go and check.

Anu walks to Kinjal and says even if every accept, she cannot accept that she made a mistake and was kicked out of office; nothing can be hidden from a mother and asks if Dholakia did something. Kinjal says Dholakia used to act as her mentor at the beginning and then she started feeling uncomfortable with his presence and as she knows a woman can feel it. Anu asks if he used to call her near him with excuse, discuss her and his personal issues, look at her lustfully. Kinjal asks how does she know. Anu says all women of the world know about it, being a maid, working woman, housewife, old woman, or kid. Kinjal says she used to feel as if he will touch her, though he didn’t. He says even looking lustfully is a misbehavior and women feel humiliated. Kinjal continues describing her feelings. Anu completes her words. Kinjal says she will not go to Dholakia’s office and will join another office. Anu says there would be Dholakia’s in every office who will try to physically and mentally molest her. Kinjal asks what should she do. Anu says she should slap him or at least speak, complain against him in office or in social media, do whatever she can for her self-respect, etc. Kinjal says she doesn’t want to. Anu says even if she wants to, Dholika will not end this issue and will speak about her work and character repeatedly in front of everyone. Kinjal says even then she doesn’t want to and end this issue right here. Anu calms her down and makes her sleep. Kinjal asks her to go to her dance academy and not discuss about it to anyone outside. Anu asks her to stop thinking much and close her eyes. She thinks she can understand Kinjal’s fear, but she need not until her mother is alive; she takes oath to make Dholakia shed blood tears.

At cafeteria, Vanraj asks Anu if she spoke to Kinjal. Anu nervously says she has some office tension. A customer calls Vanraj, and he goes to attend her. Anu walks into her dance academy remembering Kinjal’s request. Nandini notices her tension and thinks maybe she is tensed regarding bhabhi. A student asks water, and Anu offers ghungroo/anklet instead. Samar walks in and informs that bank officers have come regarding business loan. Anu asks to inform Vanraj. He says Mr Shah has gone to market. She says it would have been better if Toshu or Vanraj had been here for paper work. He says they had invited officers at this time. She asks to video call Bapuji or Vanraj. He checks and says their phone is not reachable. They both attend officers who explain the process in English. Samar asks officer to explain in Hindi. Officer explains her. Nandini calls Samar and he rushes to her. Officer insists Anu to sign the papers. Anu sees a boss with his employee entering cafe and imagines Dholakia and Kinjal in them.

Precap: Anu informs Vanraj about Dholakia misbehaving with Kinjal. Vanraj angrily determines to punish Dholakia. Anu tells Kinjal that they will think well and punish Dholakia. Kavya taunts if Anu who couldn’t stand up for herself for 25 years will stand up for Kinjal.

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