Anupama 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Baa’s Anger Outburst

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Anupama 16th November 2021 Written Episode

GK suggests Leela/Baa that a mother has her house, a wife has her household, and a man has a pride of running the house, hence she shouldn’t snatch her husband’s pride or else he will shatter. He fulfilled his responsibility of proving them food, they get a dry roti with hard work and ghee-laced roti with faith, he worked hard and left rest on faith; he fulfilled all his responsibilities loyally, so she should stop humiliating her husband. Baa shouts being a bachelor how will he know what kind of husband Hasmukh//Bapuji is. GK says he knows what kind of a father Bapuji is seeing Dolly and Anupama and what kind of a father Baa is seeing Vanraj. Baa shouts she doesn’t talk to servants. Anuj warns her to stop humiliating GK. GK says when this woman is not in her senses and can insult her husband, why should they bother.

Anu pleads Baa to vent out her anger on her and spare Bapuji. Anuj says same. Kinjal says children learn from elders and what if she similarly mistreats Toshu. Samar asks what if Kavya mistreats Mr Shah. Toshu asks Baa to stop as its getting too much. Dolly confronts her next that she will not keep quiet if her Bapuji is insulted more. Baa says she is not her daughter anymore, so she should shut up. Sanjay speaks next, and she shuts even his mouth. Mamaji tries next, and she slaps him and warns that he is born to forget and not confront. She shouts at everyone to shut their mouths. Mamaji says people will spit on her, he will forget that he had an elder sister. Baa gets out of control and breaking things around shouts everything belongs to her. Kavya thinks good this oldie is breaking things before she could take over karkhana.

Baa then orders Bapuji that there will be her role on her house from hereon and he will just nod yes on her order like a puppet without opposing her and her son’s decisions. She drags his hand and orders that he will not meet Anu from hereon. He frees his hand and says he will not return to that house, what will she do taking a living dead body home, there shouldn’t be a place for him at house if he is bad father and husband. He breaks down and says he gave her respect and love for years and didn’t realize that she values money more than love; he will stay on street, beg in temple, polish shoes, but will not stay at her house. He falls down crying. Anu and others rush to him and console him. Pita Se Hai Naam Tera.. song plays in the background.

Baa yells at him to stop his drama and return home. Anu warns him to dare not speak a word against Bapuji now or else she will cross her limits. She then consoles Bapuji that she is lucky to have a father and FIL like him, his daughter is still alive to care of him. Baa yells if she will become a son now. Anu says being a daughter is enough, if a son is pride and lineage, daughter is dignity and life, she will take Bapuji to her home. Bapuji agrees. Toshu asks Baa to stop Bapuji. Baa shouts let him go when he doesn’t value her, they all should go to hell. Anu with Anuj lifts Bapuji and says she made mistakes before and sin today, she will have house and karkhana and will be very wealthy from today, but will be most poor in the world. They all except Kavya and Toshu take Bapuji from there. Baa shouts get out. Anu takes Bapuji to her house. Anuj tells her that one who don’t have parents can understand parents’ value. Anu says she cannot see her Bapuji shatter and wants to get back his dignity, which he has right on; he gave her respect till now and she will get back his lost smile again.

Baa swinging on her swinger remembers Vanraj leaving house and shouts let everyone go away. Kavya remembers Vanraj’s warning that he will not spare whoever troubles Bapuji in her absence, so she has to calm down Baa and bring back Bapuji home before V returns. Anu makes Bapuji lie on bed and breaks down seeing his condition. She says Bapuji always says that a house needs both sunlight and shadow; if a mother is shadow, father is sunlight; her sunlight is shedding; Baa humiliated everyone; she would have killed her instead of humiliating Bapuji so badly.

Precap: Anu tries to cheer up Bapuji but fails. Mamaji leaves Shah house cursing Baa that her days will be dark from hereon. Kavya tells Baa that they should sort out things and bring back Bapuji home before V returns home.

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