Anupama 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Gets Upset

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Anupama 16th June 2022 Written Episode

Barkha apologizes Hasmukh for insulting him and asks her guest to apologize him. Guest apologizes Hasmukh. Barkha says she will arrange food for them all, walks aside, and apologize Anupama for the unwanted incident. Anupama also apologizes for criticizing her act in front of everyone. Anuj says Anupama always supports truth and he feel in love with her because of her that quality, she never can see anything wrong happen to anyone and will support even Barkha if she is wronged. Ankush says let us forget it and move on. Barkha asks Anuj and Anupama not to take serious about whatever happened. Anupama says even she shouldn’t and goes to serve food. Ankush says he didn’t think Anumpama would be so strong.

Anupama invites Shah family for the dinner. Vanraj refuses and says they are leaving. Anupama asks how can they leave from a pooja house. Vanraj says they had prasad and didn’t perform pooja, hence it’s not necessary for them to have dinner. Anupama says ups and downs happen in new relationship and they need to manage it, she cannot let her parents and children go from her house without having food. Leela says her jethani Barkha insulted them wholeheartedly, they want to return home with at least the remaining dignity they have. Hasmukh blesses Anupama. Anuj requests them not to go without having food. Vanraj says they cannot stay here after so much happened in this house and leaves with family congratulating him for his new house. Anuj and Anupama stand upset seeing that.

Anupama says she lived in a small house, even a beggar didn’t leave her house without having food, but her family left her house without having food. Barkha and Ankush thank god that the weird family left. Upset Anupama cries looking at the food she prepared for Hasmukh and family. Anuj apologizes Anupama. Anupama asks him not to be sorry and says her family must be having milk and bread and sleeping by now. Shah as Anupama predicted have milk and bread. Pakhi misses Anupama’s prepared food. Anupama continues to express out her emotions and says she needs both family and she doesn’t want to choose between any of them. Anuj says a bungalow is on sale nearby and he wants to buy it for Ankush and Barkha.

Barkha complains Ankush that they returned to India for Kapadia family, then why there is no news about them in media. She shows social media pics of Anupama and says they are not seen in it at all, why is Anupama in limelight and not them, she wanted Sara and Barkha to be highlighted at least. Ankush says Anupama had only 7-8 guests and rest of the guests were from their side; even if she had a cordial relationship with her family, they would have attended their party. She asks if he remembers what her brother did to them. Ankush says even Anupama went through a lot, but she maintained a cordial relationship with her family; asks what did his parents do that she broke her relationship with them. Barkha asks why he blames only her for the troubles. He asks her to accept that Anupama and Anuj are too good and she shouldn’t compare herself to them. Barkha asks why only Anupama gets limelight and not her.

Anupama asks Anuj not to think about separating Ankush and Barkha. Anuj says they are from USA and he is sure they would like to stay separately, its better to state in 2 different houses than broken relationships. Ankush asks Barkha to learn to manage family as he is living separately from his parents and doesn’t want to stay away from his brother at least now. She gets more frustrated. Adhik asks her to think wisely as she is more mature than Ankush and has a better business sense, she can speak to Anuj about the business. Barkha says she can’t as sibling bonding is there not only in films but even in real life. She vents out her anger on Anupama. Adhik says Anupama is emotional and not stupid. She says even she is not stupid and is waiting for the right time.

Anupama says she just met with her family and he is talking about separating. Anuj says joint family don’t usually work, usually the most emotional person suffers and comprises, he doesn’t want her to suffer again in the name of living in the joint family. Kavya notices Vanraj bringing gift back. Vanraj says seeing the lavishness of the house, he thought his gift is so small. Kavya says Anuj values emotions and not gifts. She asks if he is happy for Anupama. He says a lot. She says that is the biggest gift for Anuj and Anupama. Anupama asks Anuj not to worry about Barkha and Ankush and says living with joint family is like a teerath/holy pilgrimage and one has to pass through the difficulties to attain peace, similarly they have to work hard to build a better family; he waited for 26 years for her and should have some more patience to have a better family.

Precap: Pakhi tells Shahs that she will stay 50% of the time at Shah house and 50% with Anupama. Samar questions she was feeling ashamed of Anupama till yesterday and now wants to be with her. Vanraj asks if she is feeling ashamed of her father now. Pakhi says they can do whatever they want to, she will visit her mummy at any cost.

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