Anupama 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Fails To Control Anupama Again

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Anupama sixteenth June 2021 Written Episode

Anupama informs Baa that her faculty will begin from tomorrow, she needn’t fear as she is going to end family chores after which go to highschool. Baa says okay. Samar says how is it okay as she used to inform that bahu performs all of the family chores. Kinjal says he’s proper, she and Kavya will do the chores and reminds Kavya that she can not take additional depart as workplace will begin from tomorrow. Samar says she can not even take depart from job. Kavya says she is aware of as she can not afford to lose it as a result of Vanraj is jobless now. Vanraj walks down listening to her remark, however doesn’t react. Anu tells Samar that she is going to begin on-line courses from tomorrow. Vanraj yells that she is displaying off that she has job and he’s jobless. She asks why he thinks that she does all the pieces to make him jealous. He shouts that’s the reality. She says it his mistaken notion and there’s no therapy for that, they fought earlier than divorce and now after divorce he ought to cease combating together with her. Kinjal tells Vanraj that Kavya spoke about his job and never mummy. Kavya yells at her to cease upsetting her husband towards her. Vanraj walks away, and she or he walks behind him asking to have meals. Anu suggests Kinjal to cease creating a problem. Kinjal says Kavya provoked her first. Anu says to keep up peace within the household, one has to disregard many points and she or he ought to respect Kavya as a MIL from hereon. Baa feedback to present her gems of information to even maide ki katori Kavya. Anu jokes she is going to give all her gems to Baa. Baa replies could god save her from her data and asks everybody to go and sleep now. Bapuji seems to be at Anu. Anu asks if he’s pondering that he made a mistake by maintaining daughter in his home, she is going to go if he desires. He warns to dare not say that. Baa says maide ki katori ought to go and never her. Anu says her title is Kavya.

Kavya locks room door and tells Vanraj allow us to eat child. Vanraj scolds her to cease calling him child and humiliating him in entrance of household. She says she was reply Kinjal and never humiliating him. He says she creates a drama all the time. He says if he feels so, he ought to discover a job and shut his household’s mouth. He says he’ll. She says that is the one technique to give a befitting reply to Anu.

Within the morning, Anu performs tulsi pooja. Newspaper man throws information paper in the direction of her as regular. She thinks her entity modified, however just a few issues ever modified. Neighbor girls gossip about her, name her and ask why is she doing right here when she has divorced Vanraj and Vanraj has married Kavita. Anu says its Kavya. Neighbor says how can she keep in sasural after divorce. Baa enters and asks how stays in maika after marriage, asks when their daughter can keep in maika for months after marriage and son stays out of home for 1 week, what downside they’ve with Anu. Neighbor says he goes to ashram. Baa asks if there’s ashram in Bankok and warns that if she tries to sneak into different’s home, even their home windows are open to point out their household points. Neighbor says she was simply curious. Baa asks what downside they’ve if a daughter stays in her guardian’s home, they need to take a look at their household first. Neighbor says complete locality desires to understand how can Vanraj stick with 2 wives, they won’t let this grime of their locality. Baa if she is a protector of the locality and threatens to present her a good slap. Anu stops her and says she just isn’t Mr. Shah’s spouse and they’re divorced, he’s married to Kavya, she stays within the floor flooring together with her mother and father and kids and Mr. Shah stays in first flooring together with his spouse, so when she, her mother and father, her kids, her brother don’t have any downside, why are they bothered; during which ebook it’s written {that a} divorced girl can not keep in her husband’s life. Neighbors stroll away humiliated, and Baa continues taunting them. She says neighbors are proper, they can’t shut everybody’s mouth. Anu says allow them to query, we’ll proceed to reply.

Vanraj listening to their dialog says she satisfied Baa, however how will she shut society’s mouth. Anu says she simply spoke fact. He continues yelling at her to cease her lectures as she is all the time mistaken. Baa informs Bapuji what simply occurred. Bapuji praises her and says he’ll throw Leela named tanker on folks in the event that they hassle Anu. She says she won’t spare if anybody tries to hassle her household. He says she shouldn’t. Anu affords them tea. He says why she began working once more, he simply desires his beloved daughter to be close to him. She says she likes serving them. Vanraj walks to them and touches their ft. Anu asks him for tea, then getting aware walks away. Baa asks why didn’t his spouse come down. Kavya sporting a brief nightie walks down wishing good morning to everybody and asks Vanraj tips on how to put together his protein shake. Anu says 1 spoon protein powder in 1 glass water. Kavya yells if she requested him and asks Vanraj once more. Bapuji feeling shy walks away saying he can have tea within the garden. Baa scolds if that is broad mindedness, Bapuji felt embarrassed, their kerchief is larger than Kavya’s costume. Kavya says she introduced this beautiful nightie from London. Anu says costume is dangerous, however the place is. Kavya yells if she requested her opinion. Anu says similar to she can not put on house garments at workplace, she can not put on bed room garments in lounge, so she must be cautious from hereon. Baa feedback Sweety and Gudiya’s attire want extra fabric than this costume. Kavya apologizes Baa and blames Vanraj for not informing to not put on nightie exterior and goes to alter. Baa says she ought to change herself together with garments.

Vanraj walks to Anu and says he is aware of Kavya made a mistake, however solely and his mother and father can scold her and never her. Anu says that is additionally her husband and one has to remain in limits in a household. He asks if a divorced girl will educate him about household. She asks if an untrue man who betrayed his spouse will educate her then. She says when she got here on this home, she learnt type Baa and Kinjal learnt type her. She doesn’t wish to appropriate Kavya, however he didn’t say something even after noticing Baa and Bapuji’s embarrassment, so she needed to. He says after grabbing the home, her perspective has modified. She says perspective is similar, however his view has modified. He fumes that he has to take heed to spouse and ex-wife each, however he won’t allow them to management him and can do no matter he desires.

After someday, Kavya walks down preparing for workplace and asks the place is breakfast, she is hungry. Everybody take a look at her. Baa says that they had aloo and gobi paranthas and completed them. Kavya asks what about her breakfast. Baa says they thought she can have uncooked veggies and fruits. Kavya asks what about Vanraj. Baa says she instructed her V can have no matter she is going to serve him, so that they thought she would have served him wholesome meals. Kavya says she ought to have requested her as soon as earlier than assuming. Baa says she ought to have managed her tongue. Kavya says she is late for work and Vanraj late for job interview, who will put together breakfast for them. Baa says she ought to put together it herself. Anu says there’s thepla and inexperienced chutney. Vanraj says no thanks and asks Kavya to organize bread toast for him. Kavya does. Everybody depart for his or her job. Anu picks her bag, touches Baa and Bapuji’s ft and says she is going to go now. Baa asks her to complete her tiffin field and never share it with college students. Anu sees Vanraj having bread toast angrily her. She prays god and leaves house smilingly.

Precap: Vanraj offers job interview. Interviewer says they want younger blood and folks of his age lose ardour for work. Vanraj says he is aware of a girl who’s 46 years previous who just isn’t effectively educated, however is instructing at a college, taking dance courses on-line and is quickly opening dance academy, and if she will do all this, why can’t he.

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