Anupama 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Breaks Her Promise Made to Gurumaa Malati Devi

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Anupama 16th July 2023 Written Episode

Choti Anu/CA tells Vanraj that she came to orphanage without informing anyone as she thought mummy left her forever, but mummy came here and found her. Anuj supports Anupama and takes her along. Anupama recites a poem that her family and motherhood own over her dreams and she had to return back for them. She looks at a window. Anuj asks what is she looking at. Anupama prays god for Maaya’s mukti with a long dialogue. Anuj says there is no one there. Barkha panics seeing Anupama and CA’s pic and says Anupama is back. In car, Anuj thinks why did she come back, how did Gurumaa let her go, what will be the consequences now. Malti Devi’s interview plays on FM. Anupama calls Gurumaa.

Gurumaa dances angrily recalling Anupama’s promise to always be a loyal student to her and will not do anything which will make her repent her decision, Anupama creating drama in flight and getting out of it. She thinks explained her many times, but Anupama did whatever she shouldn’t have done; guru/teacher’s blessings can make one’s life and curse can destroy it. Anupama thinks guru is divine and she disobeyed gurumaa. Barkha tells Ankush that she can’t believe Anupama did such a big blunder just for her daughter. Ankush says she can’t understand a mother’s emotions. Barkha notices Shahs walking in and comments that waste bodies came to create drama. Toshu says they got Vanraj’s call and came here. Leela thinks what must have happened there. Kinjal fears Malati Devi’s action. Gurumaa messages Nakul to find out where Anupama is and fix a meeting with her as she wants to talk to her directly.

Anupama with Anuj, Vanraj, and CA returns home. Kavya asks CA why did she leave home uninformed, they were all worried for her. CA says sorry for troubling them. Kavya says its okay and asks her to go and freshen up. CA asks Anupama if she will leave her alone again. Anupama promises to never go anywhere without her. Leela tries to speak to Anupama. Anupama stops her, walks to Maaya’s photo, and asks her not to worry about CA as her Yashoda maiya is back to her. She promises on a lamp fire to always be with CA and never leave her alone. She tells everyone that they all are having many questions for her, but she wants to live alone for some time. Hasmukh says she should. Anupama leaves.

Barkha and others ask Vanraj and Anuj why did Anupama return and how did she reach orphanage. Anuj says they really don’t know, he tried to call Malati Devi and she didn’t pick his call. Toshu says Gurumaa must be angry and planning to take legal action against Anupama. Hasmukh says gurumaa will understand a mother’s situation. Leela says Malti devi is very dangerous, and just like they won’t spare anyone if their family is hurt, Malti Devi will not spare anyone if her art is hurt. Gurumaa burns all the articles related to Anupama. Anupama recalls her promises made to Gurumaa and the recent events and says surri surri surri..

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