Anupama 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj And Leela Question Anuj and Anupama’s Decision

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Anupama 16th July 2022 Written Episode

Pakhi informs Shah family that Anupama and Anuj are brought an orphan girl home. Leela asks if they both have gone mad. Vanraj says Anupama was mad in love, then married in grandmother’s age, and now becoming a mother in grandmother’s age; its looks like they want to go against the world; Anupama is competing against her own children, etc. Leela says people sacrifice their desires at this age, but they want a baby at this time. Toshu joins them and they all badmouthing about Anupama. Door bell rings. Vanraj asks who must have come at 10 p.m. Pakhi says she forgot to inform that Adhik informed that Anuj and Anupama are coming with the foster girl. Vanraj opens door. Little Anu hugs him calling him moustache uncle and introduces herself. Shahs stand speechless. Little Anu asks if moustache uncle doesn’t speak. Kavya smiles Vanraj introduces himself.

Vanraj asks Anuj and Anupama if they are mad to foster a girl at this age. Theylook at him in surprise. Vanraj says Adhik informed Pakhi. Anupama introduces Little Anu as her and Anuj’s daughter. She introduces Hasmukh as her naanu papa. Little Anu touches Hasmukh’s feet and asks if he got cream roll. Hasmukh blesses her and says he did bring cream roll fearing Anupama. He says every child has Kanhaji in it, but every elder doesn’t have Nandbaba and Yashoda maiya in them; he is proud that Anuj and Anupama are giving back to the society, etc. Little Anu asks why are they talking like elders. Hasmukh says he got emotional seeing 2 Anus. Mamaji introduces himself with a joke. Little Anu touches his feet and he blesses her. Anupama introduces little Anu to her children as their sister.

Ankush informs Barkha and Adhik that he checked company records in Anuj’s absence and learnt that Malvika transferred everything in Anuj’s name, Anuj took the company to great heights with his hard work, its a multimillion company and he is just an employee there. Barkha asks him to do something before its too late. Adhik says if Ankush doesn’t do anything, he will.

Samar, Pakhi, and Kinjal introduce themselves to Little Anu. Toshu stands frowning. Little Anu asks Anupama who are these angry people. Anupama says he is Toshu bhaiya and she is naani baa. Little Anu tries to speak to them, but they ignore her. Kavya introduces herself as moustache uncle’s wife. Vanraj frowns . Little Anu hugs her. She then notices a swing and rushes towards it pushing Kinjal unknowingly. Kinjal stumbles. Family rushes and holds her. Leela yells that she created problem as soon as she came. Anupama says she is a kid and tells Little Anu that they need to take utmost care of Kinjal as she is pregnant. Little Anu interacts with Kinjal and asks Anupama if she can see the house. Anupama sends her with Kinjal and Samar.

Anupama tries to speak. Vanraj says its okay as they didn’t inform them before and now its of no use. Hasmukh says they both must have thought well before taking this responsibility. Leela says Anuj’s decision is okay, but Anupama has 3 grown up children. Kinjal shows her and Toshu’s room to Little Anu. Little Anu asks if Toshu stays with her and always stays angry. Kinjal says no and offers her chocolate. Pakhi tells Samar that they have a little readymade sister now, its awkward and she doesn’t know how to inform her friends about it. Toshu joins them and asks if they are not hurt that mummy didn’t inform them about Little Anu.

Leela questions Anupama if she can take up responsibility of a kid at this age as Kapadia family is not supportive like Shah family. Anupama says a child needs a family to grow and they gave a family to Little Anu. Anuj says even he spend his childhood in orphanage, he wants to give a better life for Little Anu. Kavya says Little Anu looks intelligent and will grow up well. Vanraj says he and Anupama were separated, even then she was his children’s mother, but Anuj divided her in 2 parts. Anuj says if mother is divided, then there won’t be a second child in the world. He asks if Toshu’s mother was divided when Samar and Pakhi were born. Vanraj says his children are different.

Anuj says even his daughter is different, its a normal human emotion that every human wants his own child, why Vanraj feels right when he loves his children and wrong when I love my child. He says he never tried to become Vanraj’s children’s father and never tried to snatch his right, his daughter is his pride. Vanraj says Anuj became a father, but Anupama has to suffer. Anupama says whatever happened is with her wish and an outsider doesn’t have to worry about her as her husband is there for that. Vanraj says they all know her well, she would have agreed to Anuj’s wish, they will tolerate it. Anupama warns him to not joke on motherhood and dare not interfere between her and her husband.

Precap: Anupama holds her children’s hands and asks them say whatever they want to but not leave her hand. Toshu says when she holds so many hands, one or two will slip away. Pakhi says when Little Anu called Anupama as mummy, they felt jealous. Vanraj tells Leela that Anupama is a smart businessman and brought a girl to devoid his children of Anuj’s property, but he and his children don’t need Anuj’s property.

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