Anupama 16th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Valentine’s Day Celebration

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Anupama 16th February 2022 Written Episode

Anupama and Anuj’s cute nok jhok starts. Anu asks Anuj to get into his house. Anuj says he will go in sometime. She asks why is he standing here. He says the view of opposite house from here is really good, she can go in instead. She says okay then. He asks how should call someone in the evening. She says he has to wait. He thinks he is waiting since 26 years. She thinks he will hear what he wants to in the evening and closes the door. He rings bell and asks sugar. She says take it in the evening. He says tea, curd, heart. She says take it in the evening and gets conscious. He repeats tonight.

Kavya grinds chutney on stone grinder and thinks don’t know how people grind chutney so easily. Baa says its simple, MIL should think of DIL and DIL should think of MIL. She grinds fast. Baa asks if she is thinking about her, why she is grinding chutney. Kavya says today is valentine’s day and she wants to impress V with his favorite chutney. Baa says she is making an effort for reconciliation, had got 10 changes and this 11th one is last. Kavya thinks she will not lose this chance and will convince V at any cost today. Kinjal comes to them dancing and asks to select a dress for her as she wants to take Toshu on a valentine date tonight. Baa criticizes her dresses and suggests to wear her red sari. Kavya says Kinjal is going on a date and not keerthan/religious gathering. Baa says her sari is awesome, she should complement it with pashmina shawl. Kinjal says she will wear her dress only. Kavya says she will give her matching earring. Kinjal feels drowsy and falls on Baa. Baa gets worried. Kinjal says she is dieting as she is gaining weight. Kavya says take care Kinjal. Kinjal walks away thanking her, holding her head.

Vanraj calls Malvika, but she sitting in a shock doesn’t pick it. He fumes that missing doesn’t want to attend important meeting. Toshu says let us attend it if she doesn’t want to. GK offers tea to Mukku and informs that Vanraj had called on landline. Mukku says she doesn’t want to attend office without bhai and Anupama. GK suggests to meet them on the way to office. Anuj discusses his business plans with Anu and says he wants to scale up her dance academy and focus on it. She looking at him thinks she is focus. He says she should record her dance videos on important festival days and post them on social media, it helps to create a buzz. She thinks today is also a special day and he is busy working instead. He says he decided to focus only on work. She thinks she will focus on him and continues staring at him. He asks what happened. She says even she was focusing on work. He says he wants her to represent Ahmedabad in a Delhi’s cultural dance festival and will make a video to inspire people. He continues chatting and says I love you. She continues staring smilingly. He says how is it possible that he doesn’t wish her I love you on valentine’s day. She says even she.. He says she shouldn’t say something else. She says she is tensed because of him and walks away thinking he should wait till the evening.

Kinjal books at table at a restaurant and thinks of reconciling with Toshu today. She feels drowsy again and sits down. She then voice messages Toshu to come soon as she needs to tell something important to him. Vanraj returns to his room and sees room decorated by Kavya. Nandini also sees dance academy decorated by Samar. Samar holds her and says lots of love on our first and last valentine as boyfriend and girlfriend as they will marry after this. Kavya holds Vanraj romantically, wishes him happy valentine’s day, and asks if he will give her one more chance. Samar tells Nandini that when he went away from her, he realized he cannot stay away from her even for a second, he loves you. She says she lol him, lots of leaving him. He asks not to prank him. She says she is really leaving him, she loves him but leaving him. He asks why. She says she loves him and wants to save it as she knows their marriage will end their love; she calmly thought about them after their temporary breakup and realized that marriage bonds them with whole family, his family is entangled with many bad relationships which affected their relationship and she doesn’t want to be a part of his family politics after marriage as she saw Kavya and Vanraj’s love vanishing after marriage and Toshu Kinjal fighting each day, etc. He stands teary eyed and heart broken hearing that.

Anuj prepares cake for Anu and hopes she likes it. Anu messages him to come on terrace as water pipe is leaking. He walks to terrace and searches Anu. Anu walks to him smiling wearing a beautiful sari and shows decoration she made for him. Ek Din Aap Humko Miljayenge Maine Socha Na Tha.. song plays in the background. He recites a shayari in his mind meaning his fate has come to meet him.

Precap: Anupama dances around Anuj singing Aye Ho Meri Zindagi Me Tum Bahar Banke.. song. She says one has right to live their life at any age and he gave her this right, he made his place in her heart and life. Anuj gets happy hearing that.

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