Anupama 16th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Toshu And Kinjal Marry Without Family’s Consent

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Anupama sixteenth December 2020 Written Episode

Rakhi continues her drama. She shouts that Shah household boasts about sanskars, their son took away her daughter and don’t know what he have to be doing together with her. Baa asks why she is spoiling her personal daughter’s dignity. Rakhi says she is simply telling reality to public, Shah household’s reality, a boy whose father is a playboy will clearly elope with a woman. Vanraj shouts Rakhi Dave is crossing limits. Rakhi says his son crossed the boundaries, its not his mistake as his father has a spouse and a girlfriend. Individuals document the drama. She tells inspector that she had damaged alliance seeing father’s affair, pleads to avoid wasting her daughter or else this low cost and grasping household. Anu shouts to cease..says her household is her satisfaction and if Rakhi hurts her satisfaction, defending her satisfaction is her obligation. Rakhi complains inspector and cries to get again her daughter Kinjal at any value. Anu says Kinjal can be like her daughter and as an alternative of combating, they need to search each children. Vanraj backs Anu and says in the event that they don’t search children, don’t know what they may do. Rakhi yells to close up and asks inspector to arrest Anu for kidnapping her daughter. Inspector orders constable to arrest Anu. Mamaji says they cant arrest Anu like this. Baa backs him. Inspector says he’ll arrest even her. Samar asks to arrest even him. Vanraj warns that inspector can not arrest Anu or else he’ll complain in opposition to Rakhi for kidnapping his son. Rakhi shouts to arrest Anu quickly. Vanraj says no lady from Shah household will go to jail, he’ll come alongside to police station however along with his lawyer. Baa asks to arrest even her as she slapped Rakhi. Inspector asks when. Baa says now and tries to slap Rakhi, however household stops her. Rakhi’s drama continues when Toshu and Kinjal enter and say no have to arrest anybody as they married one another with mutual consent and are adults. Inspector tells Rakhi that her daughter is grownup and married with mutual consent, so he can not arrest anybody. Rakhi yells her daughter is manipulated. Inspector leaves along with his workforce.

Toshu says they didn’t assume that they must marry in court docket with out mum or dad’s permission. Anu asks them to come back inside dwelling and converse. Rakhi walks to Kinjal and raises hand to slap her when Anu holds her hand. Rakhi shouts she held her hand, how dare she is to intervene between her and her daughter. Anu says she is interfering between Rakhi and her bahu and says possibly they’ve ritual of beating kids, however we don’t; if Rakhi had accepted their alliance fortunately, she wouldn’t should see this present day. Rakhi shouts she is going to make their life a hell and warns Kinjal that she noticed her mom’s love and now will see her anger. Baa warns her to cease her drama or else there isn’t a police to cease her. Rakhi walks away. Public talk about that Mr. Shah’s on eloped and married, what sort of a sanskar he has. Anu asks Baa, Bapuji, Mamaji, Toshu, and others besides Vanraj to stroll in. Rakhi walks on highway shouting she is not going to spare Shah household.

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Anu performs Toshu and Kinjal’s aarti. Kinjal says her mom needed to ship her to US, so she needed to take this step. Vanraj shouts at Toshu if he didn’t have belief on his mother and father and why did they take incorrect steps. He blames Anu that her pampering spoilt Toshu. Anu says no matter occurred is correct, however the way in which was incorrect; asks Toshu if he didn’t have belief on his mother and father. Kinjal says they have been afraid and didn’t know what to do; Toshu says they felt as if all routes are closed and have been actually afraid. Vanraj claps and says didn’t they see Rakhi’s drama, Kinjal is aware of how her mom is. Anu asks to cease scolding kids now. Baa says Rakhi will attempt to hurt them repeatedly like earlier than and attempt to insult them. Baa asks her to cease as already they noticed an enormous drama. Baa says if Kinjal stays right here, Rakhi will come repeatedly and create a drama. Kinjal says she is going to go from right here. Toshu holds her hand and says they may go from right here if they’ve drawback from them, anyhow everybody are bothered about dignity and happiness, he forgot that they will do no matter they need, however not we. Baa scolds that he made a mistake and is arguing with them. Toshu says papa made a mistake and he or she accepted him again even then, he made a relationship, however Baa broke one. Baa stands shocked. Toshu says allow us to go from right here. Anu stops him. Toshu says Kinjal left her mother and father and luxuries for him, earlier they used to cry for one another and now will cry for household. Anu warns him to cease and asks Samar and Nandini to take them inside.

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Kavya thinks Vanraj is just not choosing her name or replying her messages, he’s neither in workplace or with a buddy, if he’s nonetheless with Anupama. Anirudh needs her good morning and referring her as wifey presents her espresso. She throws away espresso and says she is just not his spouse. He says formally she nonetheless is like Vanraj is Anupama’s husband, bin painde ka lota/container with no base proverb fits nicely for Vanraj. Kavya stands fuming.

Kavya tells household elders that kids made a mistake due to elders’ adamancy; Toshu and Kinjal weren’t the issue on this relationship from earlier than, earlier issues have been due to her training, Rakhi’s adamancy or..appears to be like at Vanraj.. She says Kinjal and Toshu needed to marry with their blessings. Vanraj asks if they need to settle for their relationship, its their want whether or not to just accept or not. Bapuji says marriage is just not a rumor to just accept it or not. Anu says Bapuji is correct, Toshu and Kinjal married after taking 7 pheras in entrance of god and taking oath; marriage is just not a baby’s play to finish once they get bored, relationship might be weak however not a joke.

Precap: Baa tells Anu that she was a spouse, DIL, and mom until now and have become MIL now, her duties elevated 4 folds. Kinjal prepares kheer and presents it to Baa. Baa yells her mom splashed chilli on them and he or she is providing candy. Kinjal asks if she will probably be punished for her mom’s mistake.
Baa yells she is elder on this home and everybody ought to obey her.

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