Anupama 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Brings Out Toshu’s True Colors In Front Of The Family

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Anupama 15th September 2022 Written Episode

Meenu asks Dolly if they can go out and have buddhi ke baal/candy floss. Hasmukh jokes if Jignesh was present here, he would have told Leela that he wants to have buddhi/old Leela’s hair. Everyone laugh on his joke. Toshu announces that they all forgot to select a petname for his daughter. Leela says what else than Aru. Toshu says Pari, Paritosh’s and Kinjal’s Pari. Samar jokes there will be papa ki pari memes created. Pakhi asks him to shut up. Rakhi thanks god that Anupama is silent and not reacting. Toshu tells Kinjal that he will be the world’s best husband and best papa, will get whole world’s luxuries for them, and will work so hard that he may come home late or may go out of Gujarat on tour and stay from them. Rakhi and Anupama recall his fake promises. Toshu asks Kinjal not to doubt or get angry on him. Kinjal says never ever. Toshu says he can sacrifice his life but cannot betray his Kinjal.

Anupama warns him to have some shame. Rakhi tries to get her from there saying Anupama is unwell. Vanraj stops Rakhhi and says let Anupama speak. Kinjal asks if something happened. Anupama says sorry to Anupama. Anuj asks if she is alright, what has happened. Rakhi tries to stop Anupama. Vanraj says let Anupama speak. Everyone insist Anupama to speak. Anupama starts her long speech. She says giving good morales is a mother’s duty, but accepting it or not is in child’s hand; her son didn’t accept her morales. She hopes her son wouldn’t have born and says Toshu brought a disgrace to her, did a sin and doesn’t even repent on it. She says he had called her characterless and she had felt ashamed of him then, now she feels disgusted on herself that she gave him birth.

Kinjal asks Anupama what did Toshu do. Leela asks Anupama why is she cursing her son. Anupama says she would curse more if she hears what Toshu did. Leela asks Rakhi to take Anupama in. Vanraj stops her and says Rakhi was upset on Toshu and now Anupama is, he wants to know what Toshu did. Toshu says he didn’t do anything its nothing. Anupama asks having an affair with another woman, spending time with her in a Rajkot hotel room lying as going for a Mumbai interview, and not being around Kinjal when she needed him the most is nothing? Kinjal shatters hearing that and asks Toshu if its true. Rakhi blames Anupama for ruining her children’s lives. Toshu warns Anupama to stop lying.

Anuj says Anupama never lies. Toshu shouts at him to stay away from their family issues. Anupama warns him to behave with her husband or else he will bear her wrath. Vanraj says Anuj is right that Anupama never lies. He says Rakhi’s silence and Anupama’s words revealed Toshu’s sins, how could he betray Kinjal. Rakhi says Toshu is following Vanraj. Vanraj says his issue was different. He asks Toshu why he learnt mistakes from him instead of hard work and respecting parents. Toshu says there is nothing like that and tells Kinjal that he loves only her. Kinjal asks him to take their daughter’s oath. Toshu stands silent. Kinjal says it means its true. Anupama says thank god that Toshu didn’t take his daughter’s false oath; men are amazing that they lie on other’s daughters but don’t on their own daughter.

Toshu shouts at her to shut up and says he doesn’t even know that girl’s name, he was frustrated without a job and Kinjal’s pregnancy and mood swings and he slipped off; he didn’t have any affair like Vanraj and Kavya, it was just a manly need; he loves only Kinjal and just got carried away like Vanraj and anyone would do, its normal and every man does it. Anupaam gives him a tight slap. She holds his collar and asks if its normal for men, then why isn’t it normal for women; he doesn’t even consider infelidity as a sin, its a big issue for a woman; a betrayal is a betrayal; his acts scratched her old wounds, she will not let him betray Kinjal; wife is not a footwear that he wears different ones inside home and outside, wife is a tilak which is worn on forehead.

Precap: Vanraj slaps Toshu for his sin. Kinjal says even she will have a fling. Toshu shouts at her. She warns him to dare not shout.

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