Anupama 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Supports Anupama

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Anupama 15th October 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj asks Anu what are she and Samar hiding. Anu says a lot is happening, but for now if Samar and Nandini need his help, he should stand with them without any question as a father. Anuj remembers Devika’s words that Anu is great and hence unhappy most of the time, he should keep her happy; he thinks he shouldn’t do this to himself and accept right and wrong. Anu tries to leave home for cooking competition when she sees climate changing and hopes rain doesn’t spoil cooking competition and Anuj doesn’t incur losses. Neighbors Sarla and Vimla walk in and yell at Anu that because of her, their bahus are demanding to participate in competition and work after that. Anu asks what is wrong in that, every woman deserves dreaming. They warn Baa that their family life shouldn’t be affected because of Anu or else whole society will bycott them and will not invite them for any functions. Baa tells Anu that Sarla is right and she should stop all this. Anu says she will not and not let even a loser lose competition. Vanraj with Kavya walks in and asks Baa to let Anu do what she wants to. Kavya says she is also joining AK’s company, so Baa shouldn’t interfere. Vanraj with a smile wishes Anu all the best followed by Kavya. Anu thanks them, takes Baa’s blessings, and leaves. Kavya asks Baa to maintain her calm and goes to prepare coffee. Baa asks Vanraj why is he also supporting Anu, Kavya is supporting her for job though. He says Anu will do whatever she thinks and nobody an stop her. She says he accepted defeat. He says its okay if his children are happy with him accepting defeat; anyways both Anu and Kavya are working for Anuj and until Anuj stays away from their house and personal lives and respects Anu and Kavya, they shouldn’t bother. She says she bothers though and seeing climatic change says its good as Anu has organized cooking competition in open. Bapuji passes by and hears their conversation.

Anu organizes cooking competition in her dance school and thanks Kanhaji for solving her problem, she also thanks Bapuji for letting her organize competition in karkhana. Anuj says she is right and hopes Vanraj doesn’t create any problem. Anu says Bapuji assured he will handle Vanraj and feels emotional thinking if competition was canceled, many women’s dreams would have shattered. Anuj says he has made transport arrangement to bring women here. At home, Baa asks Bapuji why he allowed competition in karkhana. Bapuji says its his wish and tells Vanraj that he had to permit due to rain. Vanraj says its okay and he will not visit cafeteria until competition ends. Bapuji says he doesn’t need any drama neither here nor there. Baa yells that today Anuj barged into karkhana today and soon will barge into their house. Samar excitedly shows his payment to Baa and Bapuji. Bapuji blesses him to succeed well in life. Baa asks if he got so much money to dance in just 1 event. Kavya says they pay handsome money, its because of Anuj’s support. Samar says there were many big people in the event and gave him many more events, thanks to Anuj, but he will move ahead independently like mummy. Vanraj wishes him all the best. Samar thanks him and says he and mummy will perform during next event as per Anuj’s idea; people have seen siblings, brothers, and MIL-DIL dancing but will see mother daughter dancing for the first time. Baa yells if they will dance in Anuj’s party. Vanraj says they will also watch mother-son’s performance and walks away smiling. Kavya thinks V is not reacting, but boiling with anger within; let her see till when he can control his anger.

Anu gets nervous seeing only 2 women attending competition. Devika and Anuj ask her to relax as its till 1 p.m. Anu hopes remaining competitors reach soon. Anuj asks her to learn patience from him and let things happen at their own pace, she should just focus on her dream, etc. Anu remembers Vanraj humiliating her before but now supporting her and thanks Anuj. Anuj points at door. Anu gets happy seeing women entering. Anuj says its impossible that her plans fail, she is a rockstar as Samar says. Anu happy greets competitors and interacts with them. On the other side, Samar reads Nandini’s letter that she is going without informing him as she cannot risk his life via Rohan and feels she is doing right. Bapuji with Kinjal and GK enters competition venue and gets emotional seeing Anu interacting with women. GK jokes old people are so emotional. Vimla’s bahu and other women praise Anu that she is her inspiration, she taught them to dream and get out of their nest, her in-laws degraded them, but Anu gave them a good platform to show their talent, etc. Anuj seeing that gets happy. Devika says Vanraj always stopped Anu, but Anuj became her charioteer. Anu cries emotionally followed by Anuj. Anu tells women that she was standing where they are standing now, she had come to sasural from maika and spent years cutting onion, earlier it was her and family and then only family and she was bounded to only kitchen, its story of all women since 1000s of years and she needs to write her own story and her name on life’s page, women can do multiple tasks and hence they show Devimaa having multiple hands, they should give whole time to family and keep one moment for themselves, etc.

Precap: Samar shows Nandini’s letter to Anu.
Anuj accompanies him to search Nandini. Anu informs Vanraj, but Vanraj says jhe will not support Samar as Samar gave his father’s place to someone else. Samar and Anuj stand shocked seeing mob gathering around someone on road.

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