Anupama 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Barkha In A Shock

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Anupama 15th July 2022 Written Episode

Little Anu cuts cake holding Anuj and Anupama’s hands. She then serves it to everyone. Barkha continues to feel frustrated. Teri Khusiyan Main Rab Se Mangoon Re.. song plays in the background. Sara says let’s dance. They all dance with little Anu. Anuj wipes his emotional tears. GK says their house’s happiness has increased with little Anu’s arrival. Barkha says they should show their house to little Anu. Little Anu asks Sara to show the house. Anuj says he has a special surprise for little Anu in her room.

Barkha confronts Anuj and Anupama for hiding such a big secret from the family. Anuj says people hide a lot and reminds that she hid her pregnancy when Sara was about to born. Barkha justifies that its a sensitive time till the pregnancy confirmation. Anuj says its a genuinine reason and she understands it better than them. Barkha says they should have taken their advice at least as a foster child is a big responsibility. Adhik backs her and asks when Anupama has 3 grown up children already, why she needs another child. Barkha asks why Anupama needs children at this age. Anupama says one needs desire and not age for a child. She says hearing a baby’s voice and taking care of it is an unique feeling, people pray in temples for the baby, etc.. She says she may not need a baby, Anuj needs it as he doesn’t have a child of his own.

Barkha asks what was the need for adoption. Anupama says who else can understand better about adoption than Anuj and describes the difficulties faced an orphan kid. Barkha says they are not in in their 20s to handle the stress of a baby. Anupama says there is a big age gap between Barkha and Adhik, even then her mother managed them, similarly she will manage. She says there is no age limit for responsibility, even Barkha is taking care of Adhik like a mother, one just needs motherhood for that. Ankush says that is true, they came together after years, then why a third person in their life. Anupama says their bonding will get strong instead. Barkha shouts whatever they say, she is not okay with it.

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Anuj says she should make it okay then as his daughter is part of their lives now permanently; he doesn’t want to share his happiness or defend himself, he just wants to enjoy his happiness. He says both Anu’s are important for him and everyone should mark it. He walks away holding Anupama’s hand. Anupama asks why was he stressing on that issue. Anuj says he is hurt with Ankush and Barkha’s act, he knows they are not happy with little Anu’s arrival, but wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction; he doesn’t want anyone’s interference in his happiness and doesn’t want to start the new beginning of his life with negativity or doubt. Anupama says forget it and let’s live our happiness.

Barkha shouts at Ankush next. Ankush says its their life and we cannot control it. Barkha shouts Anuj showed attitude and warned that only he, Anupama, and little Anu are his family and heir of his empire. Adhik says only Anus are there in Anuj’s life. Barkha recalls Anuj talking about hiding things and panics thinking if he found out about their secret. Adhik says Anuj’s tone was different. Barkha says Kapadia empire’s share is dividing into many pieces like this cake, and if everything finishes in Shah family and little Anuj, what will Adhik and Sara get. Adhik gets Pakhi’s message. Barkha warns him not to inform Pakhi about it.

Anuj asks little Anu if she didn’t see her room yet. She says no. He opens the room and surprises her with lots of toys and balloons. Little Anu asks if this whole room belongs to her. Anuj says yes even they will stay with her. Little Anu Kanha bro/god will also stay with them. Anuj tells Anupama that little Anu is definitely her daughter. Anupama says she is. Little Anu fixes god’s photo on a wall and thanks god for giving her so much happiness. Anuj says they are taught to thank first in orphanage. He then says let us inform Shah family about little Anu and see their reaction after seeing Kapadia family’s bitter reaction. He pampers little Anu and says she has one more house of her nanu papa. Little Anu says let us go there. Anuj asks Anupama if they should go tomorrow. Anupama today or tomorrow, they need to go anyways. Adhik hears their conversation and thinks Pakhi should know about it.

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Barkha pops in antianxiety pills. Ankush offers her strong coffee. Barkha says she needs a strong husband than strong coffee and asks if he saw Anuj’s attitude today. Ankush asks why is she feel threat by a little kid. Barkha says she has to stay at home toleratinng her till Anupama approves funding for her business and she feels every person related to Anupama is a threat, they came from USA to India and cannot go somewhere from here and hence Ankush has to do something.

Pakhi gathers family and showing Anuj and Anupama’s photo with little Anu informs that they have fostered a child. Kinjal explains its meaning. Kavya says they must be helping a poor kid. Pakhi informs that they had applied for adoption when they had visited Mumbai for honeymoon this time, Adhik said they even decorated a room for the girl. Toshu asks how can mummy do this when she is becoming a grandmother. Kavya says Anupama woudln’t do this stupidity. Barkha says Adhik informed her and even his family didn’t know about it and there was a lot happened there. Anuj in car gives each family member’s description to little Anu. Anupama thinks little Anu has relationship with Shahs because of her and prays god to take care.

Precap: Anupama introduces little Anu to her children.
Vanraj says they didn’t inform before and hence there is no need to inform now. Anuj says his daughter is his pride and he doesn’t need anyone’s permission for that. Vanraj says he became a father, but Anupama has to suffer. Anupama says her husband is there to worry for her and Vanraj shouldn’t interfere between them.

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