Anupama 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Feels Disheartened

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Anupama 15th December 2021 Written Episode

Anupama and Anuj look at each other nervously like teenagers. Anuj pinches himself to check if its real. Bin Tere Sanam Marmiten Hum.. song plays in the background. She offers him food and then give a note stating she wants to give their relationship a chance. He excitedly dances with her and then shows heart in their wrist. She the realizes it was her imagination and smiles looking at her hand. He feels headache. She nervously says she wants to say that.. He feels dizzy. She gets tensed and makes him lie down. GK and Toshu help her. Next morning, she performs pooja and spread holy smoke around the house. Bapuji visits her and thinks she is opening her friend’s door today and by god’s grace should open her own door soon. She serves him water and asks how are everyone at home. He says fine. She asks what about Kavya. He says she is same and even Vanraj; they consider her wrong, but however she is is because of Vanraj; she had handled their relationship for 26 years with her calm mind, but Kavya doesn’t compromise and fights; Vanraj is always self-centered and even today is going for some business meeting leaving Kaya in frustration.

She informs that she wants to give her and Anuj’s relationship a chance, but fears that she may become an old dependent Anupama. He says everyone are dependent on each other; if she was dependent on Vanraj and that house, even Vanraj and that house wee dependent on her; dependency is not bad, but in limits; one has to learn from their mistakes and move on; Anuj is a person who believes in taking everyone along and its good for her, etc. GK returns and gets happy seeing jalebi fafda. Toshu joins them. Anu asks them to sit in her room till she brings tea and jalebis for them. She then wakes up Anuj. Anuj gets happy seeing her and thinks this is his life’s best good morning. She serves him medicines. He says she will spoil his habits, she is serving him tasty food and helping him in other chores, but soon she will go away. She says she will not and nervously walks away. He thinks she must have told without thinking like he does, then gets tensed seeing Malvika’s news in a news paper. She nervously says she wants to say something, but seeing him engrasped in news paper stops. He thinks his Malvika is in Ahmedabad and sends Anu to bring water.

Anu carries water and flowers for him. Bapuji hopes they both express their love for each other soon, GK thinks its difficult with MAlvika’s entry. Anu enters Anuj’s room and feels disheartened hearing him speaking to Malvika and expressing how much he loves her and was missing her. She drops flowers and walks away. Anuj asks Malvika when is she meeting him. She says tonight at 7 p.m. at Ahmedabad Haveli Hotel and asks him to bring GK along. Kavya sees Vanraj happy and picking his mobile asks this is what happening behind her. He says has changed his mobile passcode, so she should stop acting and asks her to receive his black suit and her gown from drycleaner. She asks if he is taking her out. He says she will find out soon and walks away smiling. Anu washes dishes remembering Anu expressing his love for Malvika and finds her heart tatoo on hand washed away.

Precap: Vanraj wears black suit and taunts Kavya that Baa says he looks handsome in suit, what if some woman falls for him.
Anu meets her at a restaurant and says he looks different. Anuj nervously rushes to meet Malvika.

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