Anupama 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Paritosh Insults Anuj Kapadia?

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Anupama 14th September 2021 Written Episode

Samar stops Anuj/AK from entering Anu’s dance academy with Anu and says students will be disturbed, hence they will send him detailed pics of karkhana. AK asks if he wants him to buy karkhana without seeing it personally. Anu asks Toshu to behave with their guest as guests are considered god. Toshu says AK is guest at home, it doesn’t mean can barge in everywhere and asks Anu why did she serve food to AK instead of sending waiter or Mamaji. AK warns him to behave with his mother. Toshu says who is he to advice him. AK says he is his mother’s friend and not his, he will not tolerate his misbehavior. Toshu asks him to leave. AK walks out saying he will neither buy this karkhana, nor pass their business proposal, nor let anyone buy this karkhana. Rakhi smirks at first and then scolds him for misbehaving with such a big businessman. Kavya also scolds him for ruining their life like his MIL. Toshu gets a message and gets conscious, realizing its his imagination. Kavya asks Anu to serve coffee to AK and sends him to see Anu’s dance academy. Toshu says AK came home yesterday and today to karkhana, its getting too much. Kavya asks how will they befriend a rich businessman else, all rich people are not like his MIL who always creates problems. Rakhi shouts shut up. Kavya replies you shut up, they are now friends of a bigger rich man, she wants Anu and AK’s friendship to be more stronger to solve their problem.

AK meets Samar and Nandini and suggests them not to fight often. AK looks at Anu’s photo on wall and clicks it pic reciting a shayari praising her beauty. Dil Hai Ke Manta Hi Nahi.. song plays in the background. Anu asks if he speaks alone. He says when there is no one with him and then praises her dance academy. She thanks him and says she didn’t do anything, its her children/Samar Nandini’s hard work and Baa Bapuji’s blessings. AK murmurs she is totally selfless and asks how to go out. Vanraj eagerly waits for AK and says don’t know what they are doing in karkhana for so long. Kavya says must be discussing deal. He says AK should discuss deal with him and not Anu. Kavya says they are friends. Vanraj says rich people are no one’s friends and fumes. Rakhi enjoys his jealousy and thinks she was tired of watching same Shah family old drama, now she can watch new drama. Anu drops AK outside her academy. He says his car is parked there and greeting her Jai Sri Krishna walks towards car. She stops him and asks if he felt bad when she asked him to pay. He says he is building a hotel and would feel bad if he had not paid. He slips on carpet. She holds him and herself slips. He holds her They both laugh, and she walks in. He looks at her pic. Dil hai ke manta nahi.. song continues playing in the background. Vanraj notices Anu teaching children and thinks once this deal is over, he will not let AK inside his home happily standing outside house.

Samar and Nandini romantically feed ice cream to each other and laugh. Samar notices a couple passing by and tells he was missing her so much when he fought with her, he has her, Toshu has Kinjal, Bapuji has Baa, but mummy is alone and deserves happiness; people think post 40, one’s life is just to live without any romance; he wants someone in mummy’s life and prays Kanhaji for mummy.

AK imagines Anu having imli candy sitting in front of him and cleaning his specs. He says she met him after many years and seeing her clearly is necessary. She asks if he wants to have halwa. He says if she feeds him with her hand. She says there is a spoon for that. He says halwa will be more tasty when she feeds him. He wakes up realizing its his dream and nervously calls GK. GK rushes in and asks what happened. AK says he saw a dream which he shouldn’t; earlier he used to see Anu in college dancing around and speaking to Devika, but he saw her in his life today. GK asks what is wrong in it. AK says it would be unfair for Anu, he lost her when there was time, but now he cannot spoil her happy life; he is even afraid of friend zoning as he was happy with his one-sided love. GK says when fate is in his favor and giving him another chance, he should accept it. AK says he can’t and wants to let thinks go as they are and will console his heart.

Baa orders Anu to oil her swing hinges and says it will lessen the sound. Mamaji jokes to put some in her mouth then. Baa scolds him to stop joking. Anu sensing his tension and asks if she is fine. Baa says yes. Bapuji returns home with GK and AK says while returning from meeting his friend, he went to have jalebi and found them there, so he forcefully brought them here. Anuj offers jalebi rabdi packets to Anu and walks into kitchen with her. Kavya with V, Kinjal, and Toshu returns home from morning walk and seeing Anu gets happy. Toshu fumes and says its getting too much, why don’t Vanraj say something. Vanraj says AK is Anu’s friend and he cannot anything. Toshu says he can though, mummies don’t have friends and he will not let that happen.

Precap: AK approves Anu’s idea and offers her contract papers. Anu asks if he is giving her a job. He says he is giving her equal partnership. Vanraj taunts Anu that AK approved her idea as she is his college crush and childhood love is blooming now. Anu angrily shouts Vanraj Shahhhh.

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