Anupama 14th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti Devi’s Unusual Demand From Anupama

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Anupama 14th May 2023 Written Episode

Gurumaa Malti Devi asks Anupama to prepare a dance story in 5 minutes and present it in front of her. Nakul asks Gurumaa if she will not get tired if she meets so many contestants in a day. Gurumaa says she knows her job. Nakul asks if 5 minutes aren’t very less to create a story. Gurumaa says maybe for the world, but not for a woman; a woman can make a child sleep with lullaby at night and wake up god in the morning, prepare 5 times tea in 5 minutes and take decisions in 5 minutes, then why can’t a woman create a story. Bhairavi asks Anupama what will she do now. Gurumaa asks who is this girl. Nakul says she is a vegetable vendor’s daughter and is staying with Anupama since her father’s death. Gurumaa asks how does he knows. Nakul says he enquired. Anupama nervously prays Kanhaji for an idea and then thinks she has to find inspiration within herself. She closes her eyes and recalls all her life’s events. Gurumaa says its time up, is she ready. Anupama says yes.

Leela continues to call Anupama and thinks if she has gone to meet Malti Devi or a prime minister. Anupama dances on Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Meri Maa…song beautifully describing a child and mother’s bonding. Bhairavi supports her. Gurumaa gets emotional seeing Malti Anupama’s dance and stops her. Nakul sends students and Anupama away from there and makes Gurumaa sit. He says he saw such a mesmerizing performance after years as if lord Natraj himself is dancing and was engrasped in Anupama’s performance so much that he didn’t realize Gurumaa must have got emotional seeing that. He says its difficult to get a diamond like Anupama and she should think about her for their grand USA tour.

Anupama nervously waits outside and hopes Gurumaa selects her. Bharavi says she must have not performed her and Anupama’s performance got spoilt. Anupama says Bhairavi performed really well. Nakul informs Anupama that Gurumaa is calling her. Anupama walks to Gurumaa. Gurumaa says she had a lot of hopes on her and she performed more than her expectation. Anupama feels excitedly and says if she can touch her feet now as a student. Gurumaa permits her. Anupama touches her feet and says she feels as if a 12-year-old Anupama is dancing in front of her gurumaa’s photo, today her dream came true. She continues to describe her excitement when Gurumaa stops her and says a student is her guru/teacher’s shadow and shadow accompanies its body always, so Anupama will go whever she goes; her gurukul’s main branch is in USA and she needs to stay in USA with her and give all stage performances on her behalf, she can take Bhairavi along her, Gurukul will take care of Anupama and Bharavi’s expenses, so Anupama has to sign a 3-year contract and cannot meet her family till then. Anupama stands speechless.

Leela notices Samar excitedly informing Dimpy that their wedding is fixed after a month. Dimpy also rejoices hearing that. Leela continues to call Anupama. Gurumaa says people make woman a devi/god and establish her inside home forever. She describes how woman is forced to sacrifice by a man and how she should learn to break the shackles and grow by a man. She says if Anupama can break the shackles of family and move on, only then she can join gurukul; dance is a penance and she can’t perform penance with a burden of MIL and children on her head. She offers her contract documents and says she has to carry a bag of talent and not an emotional baggage on this journey. Bharavi informs Anupama that she got a call from Leela. Malti looks at Anupama and says she can inform if she needs time to think. Anupama says she always chose responsibilities between dreams and responsibilities, but today she will choose her dreams. She signs contract recalling the past event. Lakshya Ko Har Haal Me Paana Hai… song plays in the background.

Precap: Leela informs family about her USA visit. Family celebrates. Samar informs that Anupama messaged that he is attending wedding with Maaya and Little Anu.

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