Anupama 14th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Leaves Kavya’s House

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Anupama 14th December 2020 Written Episode

Baa asks Anu if she needs to work. Anu says sure, she wasn’t enable to work final time, however this time she has to work for the household; as Baa instructed, they need to enhance incomes as a substitute of slicing down on bills, she simply needs to observe that and can attempt. Devika voice messages her didi purpose behind Anu coming to highschool late and requests to provide Anu one other likelihood, says she’s going to assure her that Anu won’t repeat her mistake; hopes did agrees and Anu will get a job quickly. Rakhi whereas returning dwelling taking a look at Toshu’s engagement reminisces the occasion and thinks she is aware of they won’t agree even after being insulted by her, Anupama will plead and Vanraj will shout, she is ready to benefit from the drama. On the opposite aspect, Nandini asks Samar to debate his issues like a real good friend; already Anu has a number of issues to take care of, so he shouldn’t hassle Anu. Samar says he has 2 issues, one is job. She says she spoke to somebody and hopefully he’ll get a job quickly. He’s amazed and says he didn’t inform her about it in any respect. She says world waits to listen to issues, however not pals and asks what’s his one other downside. Samar says Rakhi aunty broke Toshu and Kinjal’s alliance and he’s unable to deal with it and vents out his frustration complete day on mummy as he’s unable to satisfy or converse to Kinja, and Rakhi is sending Kinjal to America inside per week. Nandini suggests him to not let Toshu alone as an individual feels extra lonely when he’s unhappy. Samar says Mr. Shah was solely Toshu’s good friend and he’s feeling extra lonely. Nandini says Toshu’s response is regular on this state of affairs, so he ought to maintain Toshu busy with an argument or dance or something partaking however not let him alone as he could hurt himself in despair.

Kavya orders dinner from lodge. Vanraj requests if she will put together chawal for him. She says she additionally works alongside him and can prepare dinner one thing in breakfast, however not now, then thinks he should be pondering Anupama would have cooked one thing, says she’s going to put together khichdi for him. He hugs and thanks her. Anirudh opens door and walks in smirking at them. They each stand pissed off.

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Anu affords tea to Toshu and asks him to not fear as she spoke to his papa and they’re going to discover a manner out. Toshu shouts that she and papa closed all his methods out, Rakhi canceled alliance, papa is roaming together with his girlfriend, leaving him and Kinjal endure. Samar asks him to cease venting out his frustration on mummy as Mr. Shah is the issue. Toshu shouts he doesn’t want his gyaan, solely he is aware of what he’s going via. Samar says he ought to perceive that mummy goes via and may cease rising her issues if not lower, so he ought to cease blaming mummy for his downside. Anu asks them each to cease and says she is attempting to unravel this situation. Toshu walks away they shouldn’t react when he and Kinjal take up some huge step. Samar suggests Anu to talk to Rakhi alone as Mr. Shah will spoil the problem extra. Anu says some points need to be sorted out collectively and as dad and mom she and Vanraj will resolve this situation collectively.

Anirudh taunts Kavya and Vanraj that he doesn’t thoughts as he’s habituated to see his spouse together with his girlfriend. Kavya shouts how dare he’s to enter her home with out her permission. He says one can get duplicate keys for 100 rs. Kavya shouts simply get misplaced proper now. He asks why she is shouting a lot, if she misplaced her morales together with disgrace, she ought to respect her visitor. Vanraj shouts what visitor, get out earlier than he kicks him out. Anirudh asks who’s he to kick him out of his personal home. Vanraj shouts shut up, that is Kavya’s home. Anirudh says his basic information can be unhealthy like his character, that is his home and even Kavya. Vanraj shouts shut up. Anirudh says Kavya threw his golden colour shirt saying its too loud, her boyfriend is far louder; he stays in his home every time he involves Ahmedabad, if anybody has downside, they will go away; he doesn’t have downside to stick with them as glad household, but when anybody has downside with it, he can go. He lies on mattress and seeing moist towel asks Kavya if she didn’t prepare her boyfriend to not throw we towel round, he by no means threw moist towel like this. Vanraj asks Kavya to ship her husband away. Kavya requests Anirudh. Vanraj asks why is she begging in entrance of this man. Anirudh says till he’s in Ahmedabad, he’ll keep right here and doesn’t thoughts Vanraj staying with them as he has barged into their lives since 8 years. Vanraj shouts once more. Anirudh warns to cease shouting as individuals will discover out that spouse’s boyfriend is staying in his home. Vanraj then shouts at Kavya for all the issues, asks why did she give keys to her husband, and shouts he left his home for her and now go away her home for her husband, he is sort of a laundryman’s canine/dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka now, he’s leaving this home. She pleads to not return to Anupama and to shift to a lodge room. He says she ought to hassle about her husband now and walks out. Kavya hopes he doesn’t return to Anu.

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Vanraj stops his automotive outdoors his dwelling reminiscing Anu’s phrases, Anirudh’s taunts, and himself shouting he’s dhobi ka kutta now. Shah household is busy having dinner when he enters in and greets them Jai Sri Krishna. Pakhi fortunately hugs him. Baa will get glad seeing him. He says he got here right here for Toshu as he doesn’t delay when its a query of kids; will get tempted seeing meals. Baa says he got here on the proper time as bahu ready baigan bharta. He says its okay. Baa insists adopted by Pakhi. Anu affords plate and pushes bharta close to him, and Pakhi brings chair. He begins consuming meals and says he heard Mrs. Dave got here right here, he thought he and Anupama ought to go and converse to her and he is able to go to that lady’s home for Toshu’s happiness. Anu asks if he got here right here to tell this and goes to get rotis. Samar follows him. Bapuji thinks if one leaves home’s lakshmi, even saraswati, annapura, and Lakshmi get indignant on him; Vanraj isn’t even getting correct meals; he was indignant on Vanraj, however now pities on him. Samar walks to Anu and asks why is she making ready meals for Vanraj. She says they at all times respect their company and affords rotis to Vanraj. Vanraj will get Kavya’s name, he rejects it and picks roti. Kavya will get indignant seeing him disconnecting name.

Anirudh says Vanraj isn’t a child to be nervous, he ought to have referred to as her and came upon if she is identical with me. Kavya pushes him away and shouts that she was getting happiness after a very long time and bought Vanraj, however he interfered between them. Anirudh says if there was another person than Vanraj, he would have trashed his girlfriend’s husband and took her alongside, however he walked away exhibiting perspective. He challenges her that Vanraj is egoistic and won’t keep in any lodge, so he’ll return to his father or mother’s home and should with Anupama now. Kavya stands nervous. Vanraj thinks he did a mistake leaving his home, now he doesn’t even know the place he’ll sleep tonight.

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Precap: Rakhi calls Anu and asks the place is her daughter. Samar informs Anu that Toshu met Kinjal final evening and now each their telephones are switched off. Rakhi warns Anu that if she doesn’t get b ack her daughter, she’s going to ship all of them to jail.

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