Anupama 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Forces Toshu To Confess The Truth

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Anupama 13th September 2022 Written Episode

Rakhi tells Toshu that Rakhi didn’t inform her about Toshu’s affair, but she found out even then. She plays Toshu’s girlfriend’s recording and asks what is it. Toshu blabbers in tension. Anupama warns him to tell truth or else she will trash him till he turns black nad blue, who is this girl and since when this is going on. Anuj thinks it has been some time since Anupama took Toshu for a ritual, so he should go and check. Toshu accepts that he has a girl in life, but he doesn’t love her. Anupama asks why did she send him this message. Toshu asks why she wants to extend this issue when Rakhi is keeping mum. Rakhi asks how can he have any other girl in his life other than Kinjal and warns him not to divert the issue. Toshu agrees that he met a girl 3-4 times and had a fling with her as Kinjal was pregnant and had health issue, he was tired of taking care of Kinjal and needed a break for himself and hence just for timepass he started talking to this girl and then rest she can understand.

Anupama says she doesn’t want to misunderstand and wants to hear it from his mouth. Toshu says then whatever happens between a man and woman happened, if she is happy to hear that. Anupama shatters hearing that and recalls Vanraj’s affair with Kavya. Shahs enjoy snacks. Leela asks what are Anupama and Toshu doing for so long. Kavya says she will go and check. Rakhi says she will go instead and walks towards room thinking god knows what must be happening there. Anupama asks whatever happens in rooms is not a life, men so easily divide their lives, these kind fo flings burn a house. Toshu says nothing of that sort will happen as he is not in a serious relationship. Anupama says she recited holy mantras in his ears during his childhood; he became worst than an animal and is a blot on her upbringing; she was proud of her upbringing, but Toshu broke her myth; how could he do such a big sin.

Toshu says he didn’t do anything wrong and not like Vanraj who had an affair and brought the girl home while married to Anupama. He says he had desire like any man and when he didn’t get what he wanted to at home, he found it from outside. Rakhi hesitates to enter the room and thinks if Anupama will support Kinjal or not. Anupama tongue lashes Toshu for his cheap thinking and says a woman will speak to him than a mother; his justification is whatever he did was because his wife was pregnant, what if Kinjal does same with him. Toshu frowns hearing that. Anupama asks if he is feeling bad just hearing this, Kinjal would have to live with this truth her whole life. She continues to tongue lash him saying he went ahead of her father who fell in love, but he had an affair. She gives a long speech on woman’s nature, her feelings, he wish from her husband, he is not disrespecting his wife but also his daughter, etc.

Toshu says there is no use of her 5-page lecture, she wanted to know the truth and he told it, he didn’t do anything wrong as a male and if Kinjal cheats on him, he would kill her or kill himself as woman and man are different and Anupama cannot consider them equal.

Precap: Anupama says she wants to inform Kinjal about Toshu’s affair and cannot keep her in dark. Rakhi gives her Kinjal and baby’s promise and requests her not to inform anyone about it.

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