Anupama 12th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Bapuji Promises To Perform Anupama’s Kanyadaan

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Anupama 12th March 2022 Written Episode

Anuj drops Anupama outside Shah house and leaves. Anu thinks why only woman should always divide herself between parents, husband, in-laws, children and can’t get everything at once. She remembers Vanraj and Baa’s allegations on her, she proposing Anuj, Kinjal informing about her pregnancy, and Vanraj ordering her to stay at Shah house till Kinjal’s delivery and thinks whether a woman bends or not, a mother can fight with the whole world and even herself. She prays Kanhaji to take care and walks into Shah house thinking its only a matter of few days. She touches Bapuji’s feet and wishes him happy Mahashivratri. Bapuji wishes her same and says she flew out of the cage with great difficulty and has to return back into it. She says she is free to walk out whoever she wants to this time. Bapuji if Kinjal had not needed her, he wouldn’t have let her stay here. Anu says a person is mostly caged by the mind and not by the body.

Samar says people will taunt that Anupama’s story is regressive and back where it started. Anu says it’s a same place with a new story and new Anupama; she left from here with tears but returned with price; people will taunt, but she is a mother and will do whatever she has to do for her children. Bapuji says after Kinjal gets well, he will tell everyone what she wanted to tell during her birthday celebration; fathers just don’t read newspapers, they read daughter’s mind; he will announce her wedding and will perform her kanyadaan; Kanhaji sent her back so that he can farewell her doli/palanquin from here. Anu feels shy. Bapuji blesses her. He prays god to give him courage to get his daughter’s happiness, he trusts god, but a father is afraid that something wrong may happen.

Anuj video calls Anu. Anu says he just left her here and already is missing her. He recites shayari for her and talks about marriage. She feels nervous and asks after marriage what will he do if she visits her maika. He says he would visit there as a damaad and will not let his wife go away from him even for a second. Vanraj barges in and wishes happy Shivrati to Anuj. Anuj replies him same. Vanraj says his shivratri is happy, but unfortunately their shivrati is sad as they separated on Mahadev and Parvati’s union day. Anu tells Anuj if Vanraj is feeling so bad, why don’t he come here with his bags. Anuj says its a brilliant idea, he can see anything but not Vanraj’s pain and will come there right now. Vanraj warns him not to come there. Anuj warns him to stop troubling Anu then as he will not tolerate that. Anu disconnects call and warns Vanraj to stop his nonsense as she is here only for Kinjal and will not tolerate his misbehaviors.

Vanraj gets ready for pooja. Toshu informs him that contract results will be out today and hopes they win the contract. Family joins them for pooja. Kinjal feels guilty that she has to stay here for her sake. Anu comforts her. Vanraj performs Shiv pooja and performs aarti with Kavya followed by Toshu Kinjal, Baa Bapuji, and others. When Anu performs aarti, Anuj joins her leaving Vanraj frowning and Anu happy. Anu says starting pooja is a virtuous deed, but end pooja is a good luck. Jealous Vanraj says its his pooja. Anuj says its Bholenath’s pooja and anyone can attend it. Vanraj says if its in temple and not at someone’s house and strangers are kicked out. Anuj says what if he is a guest as Bapuji invited him. Vanraj and Baa angrily look at Bapuji.

Anuj and Vanraj get a call at a same time. Anuj rejoices and Vanraj stands shocked. Anuj informs that he got a business contract. Vanraj says he snatched it from him. Toshu says this is the same contract which they were working hard on. Anuj says he didn’t know they were also bidding on it, its a business, and wishes them better luck next time. Vanraj alleges that he used wrong means to get that contract. Anuj says he doesn’t have money but has truth, courage, experience, discipline, gratitude, friends, brain, heart. Vanraj continues alleging and asks why didn’t his company get that contract. Anuj says its Mukku’s company.

Precap: Anuj suggests Vanraj to accept his defeat gracefully. Vanraj says Anuj accepts defeat easily as he is habituated to tit. Anuj says its not a habit but nobility. Anu says Anuj didn’t know Vanraj is also bidding that contract.
Vanraj asks what he would have then. Anuj says he would have worked hard twice.

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