Anupama 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya And Baa’s New Bonding

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Anupama 12th July 2021 Written Episode

Kavya fumes in anger seeing Vanraj accepting Anupama’s idea of opening a cafe in her dance academy and yells that V will consume poison as long as its Anupama’s idea, she cannot understand why family blindly support Anu’s ideas and get excited as if monkeys saw bananas. She thinks she has to look for a job as she cannot trust on V’s cafe idea, she has to get a job for financial security and cannot sit like a loser. Anu walks to Samar’s room and sees him angrily throwing a dart on board. She asks him to calm down and listen to her. He says he will not as she took a wrong decision, she is so good that she gave Mr Shah a permission to open cafeteria in her dance academy, dance academy is her dream and prayers. She asks him to listen to her once. He says he cannot forget Mr Shah insulting her repeatedly and what he thinks about dance. Anu reminisces Vanraj brutally humiliating her and kicking her out of house, breaking her ghungroo, calling Samar as nachaniya/cheap dancer, etc. He says Mr Shah can himself find a solution for his problems, she should stop thinking about Mr Shah and Kavya as they don’t deserve her goodness.

At office, Toshu informs Rakhi that he spoke to whole staff and everything is under control. Rakhi says she is proud of her and is different from her remaining team as he thinks about future in business, its high time he thinks about personal life also. He says he opened FDs. She asks why his family thinks only about FDs, insurance policies, etc., like a middle class; he has to change his attitude and address to get out of middle class tag; he and Kinjal married recently and should change their house instead of living with extended family, even Anu agrees to her point. He has already thought about it, there is a nostalgia among people regarding joint family, but only a young couple can understand how it is to stay in joint family.

Baa tells Bapuji that she feels bad for maide ki katori Kavya as a wife doesn’t want to share her husband with anyone else, but she has both saas/MIL and sautan in this house and is irritating because of this; she lied on her lap and cried. Bapuji is surprised to hear that. Anu says Kavya is arrogant and got angry hearing Anu’s idea. Bapuji says its because its Anu’s idea. Baa what can they do when god wants them to grow via Anupama and hopes Vanraj’s cafe idea becomes successful. Bapuji asks if Kavya really cried lying on her lap.

Toshu tells Rakhi he is tired of family’s daily drama and doesn’t have privacy. Rakhi says if he stays alone, he will have better space and when he grows in business, he can invite his friends home and hence should speak to Kinjal regarding this. He says he will. Rakhi thinks a best bahu in the joint family is the one who doesn’t stay in joint family; she wants Kinjal to be a good bahu who visits her husband’s family twice in a year and follow her relationship from a distance; there is a lot of entertainment in Shah House, but she cannot ruin her daughter’s life for that. She calls her aide and orders to get the pent house ready for Toshu and Kinjal.

Vanraj is busy planning his cafeteria budget when Bapuji offers to help him. Vanraj asks him to calculate the exposes. Bapuji sends Pakhi to bring tea for them. Vanraj asks if Samar said something as he didn’t seem happy with cafeteria idea as he opened a dance academy for his mother with so much difficulty, he will not open cafeteria if Samar doesn’t want to. Bapuji asks him not to worry about Samar as Anu will handle him. Samar angrily and aggressively dances in dance academy on Aaj Koi Dua Karo Mere Liye.. song. Nandini asks what is wrong with him, there is nothing wrong if uncle opens cafeteria in dance academy. Anu walks in wearing Vanraj’s mask and says she is his papa now. Anu asks if he wants her to become like Vanraj and do whatever wrong Vanraj did with her. Vanraj says she can never be like Mr Shah. She asks then why he is stopping her. He says helping Mr Shah is wrong as he is a wrong man. she says Vanraj’s situation is bad and he has more right on this factory as this factory belongs to Bapuji; fighting is bad whether its at home, road, or on border, its more worse at home than border as people get hurt at home. Vanraj says it would be difficult for her. She says they will manage.

Baa consoles crying Kavya and asks not to worry about Vanraj’s cafeteria idea or about Anu as she will not snatch back Vanraj, etc. Kavya says her hands burnt while tonging her hair. Baa says she thought she was sad and hence she came to console her, but she is busy here dressing her hair. Kavya asks if she want her to wander crying wearing a white sari. Baa says she ordered tea for her and will have it with her. Kavya says Baa behaved like her mother yesterday, let us do some girly thing. Baa asks what is it. Pakhi brings tea for Baa and is surprised to see Baa ready in heavy makeup like Kavya and mimicking Kavya that she doesn’t have any right to look so beautiful. Pakhi clicks pics and rushes to show them to Bapuji. Baa hurriedly asks Kavya to remove her makeup. Kavya does. Baa gets silent. Kavya asks if wants to taunt her. Baa suggests her to stop insulting her husband and stop him from pursuing his dream and instead support him if she wants to win her husband’s heart. She says she doesn’t like her, but they have Vanraj in common and they want Vanraj’s happiness. Kavya smiles and messages all the best to Vanraj. Vanraj replies give him 3 months and if he fails, then he will do whatever she orders him. She agrees. He gets happy. Pakhi shows Baa’s pic and says Kavya got Baa ready. Vanraj says she is looking pretty. Pakhi goes to show the pic to Bapuji. Vanraj thanks Kavya for being nice with Baa. Kavya replies she was nice to her too.

Anu returns from dance academy. Vanraj asks if Samar’s mood is fine now. She nods yes and asks if Kavya is fine. He says yes and says he feels weird that even after being separated, they are staying under same roof. She says yes. He says he couldn’t respect her when they were related, and when he is respecting her, he cannot name their relationship now; they are supporting each other without any relationship; its weird that they fail to follow most important relationships and follow the one which cannot name. Anu says however it is, it is good. He smiles at her.

Precap: Toshu tells family its normal for newly wedded couple to stay away from family. Vanraj says it may be normal in big cities, but not here. Toshu says even divorce in not normal in big cities, but Vanraj did; when they can’t separate, why can’t we stay separately. Anu says family cannot be tight together forcefully, so he is free to go. Toshu and Kavya walk away. Anu cries.

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