Anupama 12th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanta’s Advice To Anupama

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Anupama 12th April 2022 Written Episode

Pakhi recalls Samar’s words that when mummy can fight with the whole world for them, why can’t they support mummy. She notices the lamp, that Hasmukh lit for Anupama at home temple, about to blow off and saves it by pouring ghee in it on time. Anupama notices that and thanks her. Pakhi leaves. Kinjal says Pakhi is a kid and soon she will understand. Anupama says she thought about her, that is more than enough for her. Kinjal says first step is the toughest one and Pakhi took it, now she won’t take long to step towards her. She hopes Toshu also changes like Pakhi soon. Kavya while exercising thinks about Rakhi’s offer. Vanraj walks in. She ignores him.

Anu visits Kanta’s house and is surprised to see Anuj already present here having food from Kanta’s hand. She cries emotionally. Kanta says in their society, daughter-in-law/DIL becomes a daughter in a day, but son-in-law/SIL takes years to become a son and when he comes home, girl’s parents think god is visiting them; however elder girl’s parents are, they always feel small in front of SIL; when a SIL serves MIL before marriage and presses her feet, daughter would obviously cry.

Anupama says she never imagined that Kanta would ever get that. Anuj asks what. Kanta asks Anu not to shy and say SIL. Anuj says a son. He jokes, and Kanta laughs. Anupama says it was a lame joke. Anuj says maa will attend wedding from his side. Anupama says she is his mother. They argue. Kanta cries emotionaly and says sori sori in Anu’s style. Anuj jokes he now realized how Anu learnt Englislh. They all 3 laugh. Kanta emotionally says since 26 years her daughter’s sasural was just 2 lanes away, but her daughter would never visit her and she craved to see Anupama happy; she blames herself for that and says a mother should teach her daughter to express her sorrows, she should have taught her to speak against wrong. She continues to explain her ordeal. She then thanks god that he gave a second chance to Anu. She says she will consider Anuj as her son from hereon and asks him to promise that he will keep Anu happy. Anuj wipes her tears and promises to never let Anu get sad. Kanta asks Anu to promise her to Anuj happy always. Anu promises.

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Kanta says a mother followed the society till now but will follow the time from hereon and will make her daughter’s happiness as her first priority. Hasmuk with GK walks in and says she is 100% right. He says even he made a mistake and wants to correct it; he wants to invite her for his daughter’s wedding. Kanja gets happy and receives invitation card. Hasmukh says she was working hard during Anu’s first marriage and this time, she should just enjoy the wedding. GK jokes to groom herself and look like bride’s elder sister. Anuj asks Anupama not to start crying again now. Hasmuk says he doesn’t want Kinjal to strain herself, so he made Samar and Mukku an official wedding planner and Kinjal a consultant. GK says they 2 teenagers will handle rest of the work and jokes. Kanta asks what will she do then. Hasmukh asks her to shift to his house and live the moment to the fullest. Anu gets happy seeing her mother getting the respect she deserves.

Samar brings mattress for guests. Leela says relatives are not attending the function and rejected Hasmukh’s invitation. Samar says Kanta, Nihar, Mehul, Rakhi, and Devika are staying. Leela says they will not stay here and asks who will serve them if they stay here. Samar asks her not to worry about that. Leela thinks its not a youngster’s wedding and thinks her curse will not go waste and Anupama’s wedding will not take place smoothly. Back to Kanta’s house, Kanta performs Anuj’s shagun ritual and blesses him. Anuj asks her to promise that she will visit Anu whevever she wants to and even take Anu home. Kanta recalls Leela’s taunts and gets emotional. She then asks Hasmukh about Leela and Vanraj. He ignores her question and walks away greeting her. Anuj goes to drop GK and Hasmukh out.

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Kanta tells Anupama that everyone are seeing her happiness, but her mother is seeing her fear. Anupama informs about Leela’s curse. Kanta says her blessing will ward off Leela’s curse and says curse and blessings are just words and she should just think, curse will never hit her. She warns her to beware of Leela and Vanraj as her wedding is taking place at Shah house. She asks her stop worrying and think of her happiness; she is teaching everyone that there is no time for love and marriage.

Precap: Anupama promotes Namaste America Anupama 2007 hotstar special series from 25th April on Disney+ Hotstar. Toshu informs Vanraj that he found an investor and shows Rakhi. Vanraj says he will not accept help from this woman. Toshu tongue lashes him that until he changes his attitude, nothing is going to chance; he was a fool to wish to become a loser like him.

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