Anupama 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Samar And Nandini’s Lives In Danger

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Anupama twelfth April 2021 Written Episode

Samar prepares himself for dance competitors. He injures his leg on a nail whereas warming up. Nandini will get fearful for him seeing that. Host asks Samar and one other contestant to be able to carry out on stage. Toshu yells at Kinjal understanding about her being pregnant and says they’d determined to not have child for five years and focus on inheritor careers. She says he can’t blame solely her as they each are equally accountable. Pakhi hears their argument passing by and and thinks of informing Vanraj to clarify Toshu. Nandini bandages Samar’s damage and asks him to not carry out with it as even Anu would say him identical. He says mummy wouldn’t have given up if she was in his place. Host calls Samar’s title.

Pakhi brings Kinjal blindfolded to front room and makes her sit with Baa, Bapuji, and Rakhi whereas they’re video chatting with Anu, Vanraj, and Toshu. Kinjal asks Anu what’s all this. Anu says that is household; no person has proper to talk between husband and spouse, however when problem will get uncontrolled, household has to intrude, not with authority however with love. Bapuji says their era, they used to marry first after which love and in Kinjal’s era, they love first after which marry. Baa says they married, then had children, after which considered love if there was time left. Bapuji says no matter the reason being, kids are most essential. Toshu says there’s time for household planning and he isn’t prepared proper now. Vanraj says when Toshuw as about to born, even he was not prepared and in dilemma as he didn’t have a job, no saving, and so on., however when he held Toshu in his hand, he forgot all the pieces. Anu says even they agree that they need to turn out to be dad and mom when they’re prepared for it. Ba says after they get god’s shock blessings, even then they need to have fun. Rakhi says Baa is true, she didn’t wish to turn out to be a mom, however when she discovered, she cried fortunately; when dad and mom hearken to youngster’s coronary heart beat, their life modifications. Anu says then a journey of parenthood begins by weaving socks for youngster, in search of prams, and so on. Vanraj says loads of happiness enters their lives when child comes. Anu says immense happiness. Rakhi will get Kinjal’s being pregnant report and informs everybody that Kinjal shouldn’t be pregnant. Kinjal will get unhappy listening to that. Anu says so what if its not in the present day, they each must be ready for future happiness.

Pakhi sees Nandini’s name and consists of her in convention name. Samar exhibits his trophy. Anu emotionally congratulates him. He says its her victory and he’s coming residence quickly with trophy. Pakhi jokes with him. Bapuji says after so many days, they’re collectively, even whereas they’re away. Vanraj says they’re returning residence. Samar says even they’re. Toshu says he doens’t know until when his flight will probably be delayed, however he’s additionally on his means too. Whereas returning residence in taxi, Nandini kisses Samar’s trophy and says its very particular for him. Samar says mummy used to kiss papa’s bonus quantity and preserve it safely, why ladies are so emotional, he’s so fortunate to have her and mummy in his life. He asks to not reward her or else she is going to achieve weight with it. He says she shouldn’t be overweight however wholesome and could be very fairly. She asks to not reward a lot. He romantically kisses her brow. Two bikers observe their taxi.

Pakhi will get her class mate Kabir’s name who asks why didn’t she attend faculty since 3 days. She asks if he observed it. He says sure and invitations her for get together at his residence as his dad and mom are out and he or she is particular like his different particular mates. She says he’s busy with Sheena in school all the time. He says Sheena is his greatest good friend and Pakhi is his particular good friend. Pakhi says she can’t. He asks to offer some excuse and are available. She says she needs to, however her dad and mom and brothers are usually not at residence and no person is there to drop her. He says as she needs, however he could be glad if she comes. She will get excited pondering class’ most good-looking boy invited her and messages that she is going to attempt. Kabir exhibits Pakhi’s message to his good friend and challenges that he’ll lure her and even kiss her to win their problem. Pakhi asks Bapuji the place is Baa. Bapuji says Baa wen to Dolly’s home as Dolly has gone out, so Baa wil not come till Dolly returns. Pakhi thinks its good and discusses about Anu and Vanraj. Bapuji speaks and calls Mamaji to go for vegetable buying. Karan repeatedly messages her Pakhi to come back. Pakhi tries to take Bapuji’s permission, however Bapuji walks away busy over telephone. She thinks whose permission will she take now.

Samar and Nandini’s romance continues. He asks her to not put on ring. She says its particular as its his first reward of affection for her. Tu To Sadi Care Nai Karda..tune performs within the background. Two bikers proceed following them, sstop taxi, and at knife’s level warn them them to get out of taxi. Kavya on the opposite facet thinks she must get out Anu and Vanraj’s divorce discover someway from home someway. As soon as Samar and Nsandini are out, thieves threaten to offer them cell and all their belongings. They do identical. They lastly see Nandini’s ring and demand to offer it. Nandini reminisces Samar gifting it and denies to offer it. Thieves threaten if she is going to give her life or ring. She says she can provide her life however not ring.

Precap: Vanraj whereas returning residence asks Anu when shall they inform household about their divorce proceedings. Kavya thinks of informing household about it and spoil their happiness. When Anu and Vanraj return, Kavya taunts that they’re world’s coolest couple who went on picnic simply earlier than 3 days of their divorce.

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