Anupama 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Barkha Insults Shahs

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Anupama 11th June 2022 Written Episode

Anupama and Anuj reach their new house for the housewarming ceremony in their car. Reporters throng their car and click their pics. Anupama feels nervous seeing the crowd. Anuj makes her feel comfortable and gets Anupama out of the car. Barkha and Ankush join Anuj, leaving Anupama behind, and take over the limelight. Reporters question them and ask about their family. Anuj thinks her family hasn’t arrived yet, waiting for Shahs. Vanraj with Leela, Hasmukh, and Kavya drives car towards Anupama’s new house. Kavya gets mesmerized knowing the house is Ahmedabad’s one of posh locality.

Barkha continues dominating without letting Anuj to answer. Anuj waits for Shah family, but Barkha takes the media inside saying let them come whenever they want to. Anuj feels upset that everyone went into the house before performing a ritual/ppoja, wearing the house inside the house. Anuj asks he will call everyone out if she wishes to. Barkha feels irritated and says its okay as media is called to know that Anuj and we have returned to Kapadia business empire. Anupama says they would have know even if they had left he shoes outside the house. Barkha asks if she should have asked media to remove their shoes. Anupama asks if media people walk into the temple with shoes on. Barkha says this is a house. Anupama says house and temple are both same.

Anuj explains Barkha that this house warming ceremony is arranged for the family and not the media. Barkha acts that she didn’t know that this house dons’t belong to her. Anupama says its not like that. Barkha then feels happy and rushes back into her house. Anupama takes out god’s stickers. Anuj asks her to fix them near the door. She does it happily and tells Anuj that they are just going inside the house and graha pravesh will start when panditji performs the pooja and then owner of the house/Anuj carries a kalash/pot inside the house. Anuj says as she says, holds her hand and walks inside the house. Door gets closed.

Shahs reach the house and feel happy seeing Anupama’s lavish house. Pakhi says they should have got ready as they are looking middle class and mummy would feel humiliated in front of her new family. Vanraj says they are what they are. Pakhi reminds even he never took mummy anywhere before. Hasmukh says they should look at the people’s heart and not their clothes. Event organizer stops them, checks guest list, and informs their name is not in the guest list. They are in shock. Samar says its my mummy’s house. Organizer says he is just performing his duty and cannot let them in. Vanraj gets angry and asks him to go and check in. Organizer says he doesn’t have to. Pakhi calls Anupama, but her phone is not reachable. Vanraj gets angry and questions Hasmukh if this is the way his daughter would treat them.

Anupama feels sad and tells GK that everyone came wearing footwear, she needs to clean the house after they leave. Anuj senses her displeasure and signals her to calm down. GK asks Anupama to do what she thinks right. Anupama says he is the elder of the house and whatever he says will happen. Servant informs Barkha about the mess outside. Barkha walks out. Anupama tries to follow her, but Anuj stops her and takes her to introduce her to guests. Barkha walks out and shouts at Shahs who the hell they are. Hasmukh tries to speak, but Barkha humiliates him and says it doesn’t look if he barges into rich people’s party without invitation. Vanraj gets angry. Barkha shouts at Bapuji who the hell he is.

Anupama walks out and says he is her Bapuji, they are her family and her pride. Barkha apologizes Hasmukh and Leela and says she didn’t know who they are. Vanraj says he realized who she is though. Anupama warns Barkha to never mess up with her family and apologizes Hasmukh and Leela, describing the importance of parents. Barkha requests them to come in, but they stand silently expressing their anger towards her.

Precap: Anuj welcomes Shahs. Vanraj notices Barkha ordering servant to hide Hasmukh’s gifts and starts party. Anupama stops and says she can continue after the pooja.

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