Anupama 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Apupama’s Social Message

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Anupama 11th January 2022 Written Episode

Anupama sings a lullaby Chandaniya Chupjana Re.. for Malvika and makes her asleep. She then walks to Vanraj and Anuj. Anuj says Mukku. Anu says she slept. Vanraj says they don’t know how will Malvika react when she will wake up, they need to keep them prepared. He suggests Anu to rest for sometime as day may be more tougher than night. Anu vents out her frustration and questions how can a man torture his wife after taking an oath to protect her; people normalize physical torture and think its okay as he returns home at night at least; women suffer silently and hide their physical and mental injuries, etc. Vanraj remembers treating similarly to Anu. Anu says GK was reading Dr. Imoto’s book in which he wrote about his experiment on water in which he scolds one bottle of water and pampers another bottle of water and later finds the scolded bottle’s ice crystals broke while the pampered ones didn’t, it shows when love affects water so much, it affects a person much more. She continues venting out her frustration and asks till when men will consider women as a punching bag forgetting that even women have a lot of work at home and are equally frustrated like them. Vanraj says till men don’t change themselves. Anuj then discusses about domestic violence and ways to control it.

Anu then goes to prepare tea. Pakhi video calls her. Anu apologizes her for not attending new year party and asks to call other family members. Family joins and asks what had happened there. Anu apologizes even them for not attending the party and says she really wanted to, but couldn’t. Bapuji says something serious must have happened there. Kavya insists to inform what happened. Bapuji stops her. Kavya then asks about Vanraj and asks her to send him back if situation is normal then. Bapuji scolds her not to be so stubborn. Baa says they can celebrate new year after some time. Anu thanks them and gets busy in other household chores

Vanraj returns home and doesn’t see Kavya in room. He hears Kavya’s voice message wishing him happy new year, talking about the issues the faced last year and hoping their new year would be problem-free. She informs that she is going out for sometime and would return soon. He hopes she never returns. After sometime, he walks to Baa and Bapuji ready and asks if they will attend new year party. Baa says they will get ready soon. Vanraj says Kavya went somewhere uninformed irresponsibly, she should have informed them before going. Bapuji says she informed them and will return in 3-4 days, she will call and inform where she will stay, so he need not worry. Vanraj goes to inform children. Baa tells Bapuji that Vanraj and Kavya have gone a way apart. Bapuji says they were close and now going away from each other. Baa asks what about the words Kavya told before leaving.

Malvika wakes up and feels tensed remembering last night’s incident and Anu, Anuj, Vanraj finding out about her depression pills. Anu rushes to her and asks her to come out soon as Anuj. Mukku worriedly asks what happened to bhai.

Precap: Anuj dances on Chakde Chakde song and cheers up Malvika. Shah family goes on a picnic where Anu hopes their new year would bring positivity in their lives. Anuj accompanies Vanraj for a business meeting. Anu fears something may happen again if they are together again.

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