Anupama 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Visits Anuj’s Office

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Anupama 10th September 2021 Written Episode

Anuj Kapadia/AK smiles looking at Anu’s give halwa box. GK asks what is he looking at and taunts singing Chupana Bhi Nahi aata.. song. He then asks what is he thinking. AK says Anu is like his mother who who immensely loves his children and family and even after divorce staying in that house for her children. GK says only a woman can do that. AK says Anu hasn’t realized her true potential yet and can do a lot. GK says he is ther for her. AK says a woman doesn’t need a man’s help to succeed and is self-sufficient. GK says she needs support though and he is there for her. AK says he has one-sided track. GK sings jab ladka stupid hai to jeeke kya karenge..

Next morning, Vanraj asks Samar if he is fine. Samar nods yes and walks away. He then asks Anu if she spoke to Samar last night. Anu says yes. Kavya excited informs V that she took AK’s number via Devika, they should wear formals for a meeting and asks Anu to join them. Anu says she doesn’t to. Vanraj says let it be as she doesn’t have any work there. Kavya insists saying she is needed there and reminds AK’s words. Anu says she has work. Kavya says she will call AK and fix a meeting now. Bapuji and Kinjal sense Kavya’s wicked intentions.

At GK’s office, he applies perfume for meeting with Anu. GK taunts again singing Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata. AK gets receptionist’s call and asks her to send guests in. AK takes out Anu’s halwa box and says women don’t want to lose their utensils. GK jokes to fill it with love and return it. Kavya touches up her makeup to meet AK. Vanraj asks her to stop overacting in front of Anuj and call him as Mr Kapadia instead of AK as this is his office. Employee informs them that boss is calling them in. They enter and seeing AK sitting on sofa Kavya asks who is sitting on boss’ seat. GK turns. Kavya says she must say he is too cool to let a domestic maid on his seat. AK gets angry and warns her that she must have not paid attention when he introduced Gopi kaka last time, he is his friend, philosopher, father, mother, guide, and everything. She says she forgot. He says he forgets people who forget Gopi kaka. GK calms him down. AK asks her to take GK’s blessings, and Kavya nervously greets GK.

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Vanraj apologizes AK. AK says its okay, lets get to the point. Anu knocks door and asks if she can come in. AK gets happy seeing her. Anu says she is late as her hired auto broke down midway. AK says its okay, have a seat. She greets Jai Sri Krishna to GK and AK. AK gets a call and goes aside. Vanraj taunts Anu if she if her pride was decreasing if she was accompanying them. AK gets angry hearing that, but GK calms him down. Anu replies his pride may decrease and increase like moon, not hers, she came here on Bapuji and Kinjal’s insistence. She goes into flashback where Bapuji insists her that she has lived a life and has ideas. Anu says she doesn’t know how to present it. Kinjal says she should tell her idea, she will make a presentation. Out of flashback, Anu says if Vanraj is feeling bad, she will go. Kavya asks her to stay. AK rejoins meeting. peon serves tea to guests hot chocolate milk for AK. GK signals its time for milk.

Baa fumes hearing Anu visiting AK’s office. Bapuji says she herself doesn’t know why she is angry, she can tolerate Vanraj’s affair and not Anu’s friendship with AK; they should upgrade their thinking like mobile or else world will move far ahead and she will be far behind. Back in AK’s office, he asks to start her meeting. Kavya excitedly says she has many ideas and walks near him to show presentation. AK says she can sit and discuss. She says a successful business needs ideas and money, she has ideas and he has money. Vanraj says our ideas. AK says he hasn’t agreed yet. She says he will after seeing her presentation. On the other side, Samar looks at Nandini’s house. Bapuji walks to him and says one shouldn’t forget 2 things in life. Samar asks what. Bapuji says love and another he forgot, they forget everything in front of love and says his mother got everything but not love, he got love and should respect it, and continues explaining importance of love in life.

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Vanraj says he plans a multicuisine restaurant and a Gujrati restaurant. AK says interesting, it showed Vanraj’s experience in this whole presentation. Vanraj says thank you. Samar sees Nandini teaching students and remembers Anu’s advice not to lose the love he got and remembers Nandini’s helping nature. Kavya tells AK thank you for giving them a chance to discuss their ideas, he should inform his decision to them. AK says he didn’t listen to Anu’s ideas and jokes he will start shayari if she doesn’t. GK says he frightens people with his shayari. Anu laughs. AK says he is waiting for Anu. GK says since 26 years. Vanraj hears him and asks if he said something. GK says nothing.

Precap: AK tells Kavya and Vanraj that their ideas are unique and he will think about it; he sends them out, stops Anu and returns her box. Jealous Vanraj asks what was AK saying. Anu says he wanted to return her tiffin box. He asks if box was in locker. She walks away.

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