Anupama 10th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Warns Vanraj

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Anupama 10th October 2022 Written Episode

Anupama feels upset after Toshu’s drama. Vanraj walks to her and asks if she is fine. She nods yes. He says children make mistake and even parents do, its easy for children to react and punish parents, but its different for parents to dod same; a person can scold a small child, but how will they punish a grown up married child; he is thankful to god that Kinjal gave one more chance too Toshu. Anupama not a chance but forgiveness, so he and Leela shouldn’t think that everything would be normal again between Kinjal and Toshu; Toshu may become a good father, let Kinjal decide if he can be a good husband or not. Vanraj says if Kinjal wishes to. Anupama says if Kinjal wishes to or else no, they shouldn’t force Kinjal as Kinjal is staying here as Pari’s mother and not Toshu’s wife, etc.

Anupama returns home and notices Anuj’s letter and a pillow suggesting that one should vent out their frustration sometimes to make themselves feel light. Anupama holds a pillow and recalls all the recent incident. She cries loudly and tears pillow into pieces. Anuj watches her and thinks it is important to get her frustration out. He walks to her and comforts her.

Pakhi and Samar try to cheer up Toshu offering him coffee and snacks. He asks them not to hate them as he sometimes acts weird and does insane things, but can never harm his daughter. Samar says he is hurting himself and Kinjal instead because of his anger. Toshu says he knows, now he would spend his time trying to be Pari’s good father and working hard to make her life better and expecting Anu’s forgiveness one day. Leela notices 3 of them and smiles.

Anuj comforts Anupama and says she need not worry about Kinjal as he already spoke to her. Anupama thanks him and says his idea works wonderfully and hopes Toshu also uses such technique as he needs it badly. Anuj says he spoke to Devika about Toshu’s problem and she suggested her friend’s wellness center which helps people which such issues, so he can refer Toshu there. Anupama thanks him for his help and asks what can she do for him. He says she can romance him. She asks if he is free tomorrow. He says sure. She says she wants to sleep peacefully today and talks about Little Anu.

Vanraj wakes up from his sleep and tries to leave his bed. Kavya stops him and asks where is he going. He says to check Kinjal and Pari. Kavya asks him to relax as Toshu’s delirious phase has passed on. She lies on his chest and notices his heart racing. Vanraj says he is worried for Toshu, he had to face humiliation in front of Anupama and Anuj and now everyone must be laughing on him. Kavya says with dussehra, everything will be fine soon. Vanraj says Leela has organized satyanarayan pooja and hopes all their evils and pains end with ravan dahan.

Next morning, Leela and Hasmukh make pooja arrangements. Hasmukh says in their age, one retires handing over responsibilities to children, but he doesn’t think it will happen soon for them. Leela says she doesn’t think Kinjal will stay at Shah house for long, she was proud of her fate thinking of having a good daughter-in-law and grand daughter-in-law and even her friends used to admire her fate, but her own nazar/evil eyes fell on her and their family is suffering now. She says she doesn’t want such a situation in her family again and hence she will select a girl of her choice for Samar. Anupama enters and reminds her not to make any mistake as Samar is close to her heart. Little Anu wishes Leela happy dussehra and hugs Hasmukh. Anuj wishes them happy dussehra and asks Leela if she is fine. She nods yes.

Samar and Paki make pooja arrangements while Kinjal comforts Pari. Anupama wishes them happy dussehra and asks Kinjal if she is fine. She nods yes. Samar tells Anupama that they haven’t forgiven Toshu but also not letting him alone. Anupama informs him about Leela searching an alliance for him. Samar says Leela is too much, he is not yet ready for marriage. Anupama says final decision shall be his. Toshu walks in. Anupama asks if he read her message, will he go to a wellness center. He says he will after Satyanarayan pooja. After pooja finishes, Toshu takes elders’ blessings, hugs Pari, and says papa will miss her. Vanraj says he shouldn’t get Pari out of his heart as this feeling will help him reform himself. Toshu says he will try his best. He walks to Kinjal and promises her to reform himself as a good father and a good human.

Kinjal takes Rakhi and other ladies to a hotel to celebrate Rakhi’s birthday where they find Pakhi getting out of a room with Adhik.
Leela tells Anupama that her daughter crossed all the limits today. Pakhi says she knows her limits, she is going to be 21 years old and can take her life’s decisions herself.

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