Anupama 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Feels Guilty After Kavya’s Attempt At Suicide

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Anupama tenth Could 2021 Written Episode

Kavya shatters remembering Vanraj’s phrases that he’s leaving her home and coronary heart, Anu slapping her, Vanraj telling she did what she favored and now will do identical. Mujhe Mat Roko.. music performs within the background. She continues reminiscing Vanraj’s bitter phrases and breaks a dancing globe. Nandini tells Samar they need to cancel the engagement as mummy, papa, and maasi are in ache. Samar if he cancels this engagement, mummy’s coronary heart will break and he won’t do this. She asks if they need to develop into insensitive, ignore somebody’s ache, and revel in. He says our happiness solely can clear their ache. She asks what’s the usage of happiness which is simply to cover tears.

Baa confronts god that if he’s of stone doesn’t imply he’s actually a stone, why can’t he cease her beta and bahu’s home from breaking. Kinjal consoles her. Baa cries that even Thakurji doesn’t take heed to her like bahu. Kinjal says no matter occurring is god’s want, god can both take heed to Baa or mummy.

Samar reminisces Vanraj’s phrases that the battle has simply begun and so they shouldn’t settle for defeat so simply, Anu fought for them for years and now its their flip. Nandini asks what occurred. Samar says for the primary time Mr. Shah is fearful for mummy. Nandini says he’s proper. He says he doesn’t assume mummy ought to forgive Mr. Shah, however their divorce is hurting him; he can not assume like Pakhi, however he’s seeing his dad and mom’ bonding for the primary time. She says when he can not even converse correctly, how can he anticipate it to occur; he ought to assist his mummy in her choice. He hugs and thanks her for displaying him a path.

Pakhi her bracelet in frustration. Baa consoles her that typically they struggle lots and even then every thing shatters. Pakhi says they tried lots, even then didn’t succeed. Baa says she has referred to as her naani with a misplaced hope to persuade Anu and prays god that she reaches on time. Anu walks to Baa and massages her fingers. Kinjal presses Anu’s fingers. Samar enters with Bapuji’s video name. Bapuji asks Baa why she is getting therapeutic massage by Anu even when she is at resort. Baa asks if he’s jealous. He says sure as she left him at her mom’s home. Baa says she had tp for Anu’s sake. Bapuji says they should maintain Anu joyful all the time as per physician’s recommendation. They snicker and disconnect name. Vanraj returns and complete household rushes to Kavya’s cottage listening to Nandini shouting Maasi. Kinjal will get her mom’s name that papa just isn’t properly, so she informs Dolly and leaves for her mom’s home. Household enters Kavya’s room and are shocked to see her unconscious after making an attempt to commit suicide with sleep capsules. Vanraj shocked holds her and shakes her to get up. Baa asks Nandini to deliver salt water, and Anu holding Kavya in her lap feeds salt water.

Samar informs Dr. Advaith that Kavya tried to commit succide. Advaith rushes to Kavya’s cottage and asks what did she devour. Vanraj reveals sleeping capsules. Anu says Kavya vomited after having salt water. Advaith checks Kavya’s pulse and says she is alive and desires therapy instantly. They rush Kavya to his clinic and he begins her therapy. Kavya eagerly waits exterior. Samar insists Anu to have her medicines. Anu consumes her medication and hopes Kavya will get properly quickly. Toshu rushes in and asks Samar about Kavya and Anu. He rushes to Anu and asks if she is ok, why did Kavya tried suicide. Anu says as a result of Kavya doesn’t have household to assist her emotionally. Nandini blames herself for Kavya’s situation. Samar asks to not blame herself as neither she nor them thought Kavya would take such a giant step. She asks if Maasi will likely be high-quality. He says she has to for his or her engagement.

Vanraj stands apart feeling responsible for his bitter phrases for Kavya. Anu walks to him and asks what did he inform Kavya that she tried suicide. He asks her to settle down as she is sick. She says she won’t die immediately, he needs to be involved for Kavya, and repeats what did he inform Kavya. He stands with bent head resulting from guilt. Anu blames males for breaking ladies’s coronary heart and belief and asks if he’s betraying Kavya by breaking any promise, its waste to like him, why ought to a lady who loves him die, she doesn’t wish to combat for her sautan although. He asks why is he combating then. She says for love, Kavya loves him nonetheless she is and he or she is aware of the way it feels after they don’t get love in return; Kavya is her sautan who broke her home, however god gave her coronary heart which can not tolerate injustice; she acquired one more reason to divorce him now and won’t let him do injustice to Kavya. Samar calls them and so they rush to Kavya’s room. Advaith says she is ok now and is awake, good that Anu fed her salt water on time, they’ll meet her now. Vanraj walks to Kavya. She shouts at him to go away from her as she doesn’t wish to see him proper now. Advaith alerts Anu who says she is going to converse to her and Vanraj can exit. Advaith thanks god and says he can not yet one more particular person committing suicide in entrance of him. Household walks in.

Anu slaps Kavya, leaving everybody in shock. Anu says she informed Kavya that she is going to slap her every time she makes errors, that is her life’s largest mistake, and the way dare she is. Kavya cries hugging him. Dolly tells Baa that she can not perceive Anu typically, how can a girl be involved for her sautan a lot. Baa says as a saas, even she can not perceive and get offended, however as a girl she does. Dolly asks how can Anu do that. Baa says Anu can. Anu scolds Kavya that the get a human life with nice issue, she ought to know the worth of life from a dying particular person or from her, everybody on this planet is tensed; if her ache is larger than her, her life shattered in a second; whom she was sacrifice her life to; even Radha didn’t get her love however continued loving Kanhaji; love just isn’t sacrificing one’s life, however getting up after falling down.

Precap: Anu and Vanraj signal divorce paperwork. She returns him mangalsutra saying till their relationship was, it had worth and now its only a regular thread.

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