Anupama 10th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Pakhi Win A Dance Competition

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Anupama 10th August 2021 Written Episode

Anupama apologizes Pakhi for not leaving the auditorium as per her order and asks about Kavya. Pakhi cries that Kavya ditched and left her at the last moment. Anu fumes on Kavya and consoles Pakhi. Host announces that they will start the last performance in 5 minutes. Pakhi reminisces humiliating Anu repeatedly, emotionally hugs her tightly, and says she is punished for insulting her and now she will be a topic of joke in her school. Anu says she is her daughter and cannot accept defeat. Pakhi says she cannot even win. Anu calls Samar and asks him to change Pakhi’s song. Toshu joins family. Kinjal gets happy seeing him. Toshu says he came here for Pakhi and not mummy. Kinjal says he came at least.

Anu and Pakhi walk on stage. Family is surprised to see Anu instead of Pakhi. Pakhi remembers telling Anu that Anu doesn’t know the steps which she learnt with Kavya. Anu reminds her the steps which she taught her in childhood and says a mother is a child’s first teacher and they will fight the world. They dance on Mil Gayi Aaj Aasman se.. song. Kinjal asks when did they practice on this song. Bapuji says when Pakhi was 5 years old, nobody can replace a mother. Baa says mother is a girl’s first teacher and best friend. Kavya returns and gets jealous seeing Anu dancing with Pakhi instead. Audience clap after Anu and Pakhi marvelous performance.

Pakhi happily hugs Anu again and takes mic. Audience start gossiping. Baa shuts them all and orders to listen to her granddaughter. Pakhi apologizes Anu and introduces herself as Pakhi Shah, her brother calls her a stupid girl, she is really the most stupid girl and hurt her mummy. Baa tries to stop her. Bapuji says let her speak as if she learns to realize her mistake and apologize today, her life will change. Pakhi continues explaining how rude she was to her mother and apologize Anu for being so rude while Anu just showered love instead of scolding her. Anu says a mother forgives a child whatever child does. Pakhi tells judges that she may be disqualified from competition as she had enrolled with Kavya and performed with mummy instead, but she is her mummy’s best daughter. Anu emotionally pampers her. Audience clap for them. Host announces that they gave a stellar performance, but since they broke the rules, they are out of the competition. All students insist that Pakhi and her mummy should win the competition. Baa says only good is happening. Mamaji jokes. Pakhi says only good is happening because mummy is happy.

Host announces that Pakhi and her mother are included back in guru-shishya competition on audience demand. Audience clap. Host announces Ms Preeti and group as junior level winner, special award for Anu and her students’ ribbon dance performance, and Anu and Pakhi as winners of senior level guru-shishya duo. Audience clap. Whole Shah family rejoices. Kavya burns in jealousy. Anu and Pakhi happily walk on stage to receive trophy. Host says its proved today that nobody is the best teacher than a mother. Anu backs off from receiving award and walks to Kavya. Kavya gets afraid thinking Anu is coming to slap her for ditching her daughter. Baa comments maide ki katori Kavya will be slapped by Anu for sure today. Mamaji jokes. Anu holding Kavya’s hand take her on stage. Baa says she will slap Kavya on stage. Vanraj thinks Kavya deserves a slap, but not on stage.

Precap: Toshu argues with Vanraj that he is not allowed to fly freely in this house. Vanraj says he gave him feathers and taught him to fly. Samar asks him tell all the expenses he made on him, he will repay it with interest. Anu scolds him. Vanraj asks if he will clear his parent’s debt. Toshu says yes. Vanraj asks to clear his mother’s tear’s debt, his father’s hard work’s debt, his grandparent’s blessings’ debt.

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