Anuama FF – Nandhini and Samar are at loggerhead! Ep: 28

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A drunk Kavya shouts Nandhu!!! Why are you right here?

Nandhini: Maasi !!Why are you right here?? Take a look at you state!

Kavya turns into unconscious and falls into the pool. Aniruddh stands there and giggle and Vanraj places him into the water.

Seeing this Samar stands and giggle and Nandhini goes to him and asks

Nandhini:When somebody is about to die you might be standing right here and laughing at it?Can’y you go and assist them out?

Samar:Why ought to I? Nobody is drowning!They’re having fun with their time. Let or not it’s! You don’t intrude in my household issues.

Nandhini:Whatt??Your loved ones matter?How come?

Samar: Kavya aunty and Anirudh uncle are our Household mates on your variety data!

Nandhini: On your variety data she is my very own aunty!

Samar: How can such a stunning aunty have a niece such as you!

Anirudh shouts assist!!Kavya is drowning!!

Samar was the one man who was in his senses.He jumped into the pool and took Kavya out and laid her on the bench there.

Nandhini: You possibly can have listened to me earlier itself! I noticed her drowning and that’s why I requested you to assist!

Samar:Why can’t you open your mouth and say that Kavya aunty was drowning,In any other case you may have lengthy tongue to speak.At this time the place was it?

Nandhini: Oh!I used to be nervous that’s why!

Samar:Cease mendacity and assist her.At the moment I’ll put together contemporary juices in order that they get again to their senses.

Nandhini: How can contemporary juice convey their senses again?

Samar:Cease questioning me and do what I stated!

Nandhini: Why ought to I hearken to you?

Samar: Okay then see your maasi die.It’s not my maasi.

Nandhini: Why are you want this?

She press Kavya’s abdomen and water comes out of her .In the meantime Samar prepares contemporary juice and provides it to everybody.



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