Anuama FF – Holi celebration in the resort. Ep: 26

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Anupama and Vanraj helps Kinjal and Toshu. Kinjal joins them.Everybody have meals and goes to their allotted rooms.

Vanraj and Anupama goes to their room and speak about Toshu.

Vanraj: I had a doubt on him earlier itself.

Anu: Even I had however I by no means confirmed it out.I didn’t wish to interrogate him.I needed him to inform me instantly and he did so!But when we had caught him earlier he wouldn’t have informed us now.

Vanraj: Its not due to your thought its as a result of He needed to inform this to us to do away with my anger.

Anu: Cease boasting!It’s due to my tremendous ideology.Now sleep we’ve got to have fun Holi tomorrow.

Vanraj: I’m not boasting! You’re the who’s boasting now.

Anu: Okay!I agree come on sleep.

Subsequent day morning all of the family and friends members lined up in white the lounge for the celebration.The resort staffs have organized the Holi colors for the company. All the youngsters go and take the color and begin throwing at one another.Then the elders be part of them.All of them begin throwing colors at one another regardless of age. Toshu apply color on Kinjal’s face and he or she apply’s on his face. Toshu introduce Kinjal to everybody as his classmate and never his woman. All of them greet her holi.All run round and apply color on one another’s faces not solely on the recognized ones but in addition to the unknown folks.Everybody drinks Bhaang and different holi drinks.Kids drank jal jeera as an alternative of bhaang.

All of the elders have been out of their senses. Toshu went to baa and blabbered about his love after ingesting bhaang . Baa laughed heaps Toshu too laughed. All of the couple have cute fights.Seeing this all the youngsters together with Pakhi  Samar and Kinju have been laughing and having fun with. Toshu comes close to Kinju and asks her to drink bhaang.First she refuses so laughing Toshu began crying then she drank one glass. She then drank increasingly and he or she too misplaced her sense.

Pakhi: Winter.. drink some bhaang. I wish to know whether or not I can get my 2nd bhaabhi now itself or not!

Samar: Areyy hattttt!!Get misplaced I don’t have something in my thoughts apart from dance, so if I drink Bhaang I’ll begin dancing.

Pakhi: You large fats liar cease mendacity and drink it.

Samar: Oh you elephant shut up you might be crossing your restrict!I’ll thrash you!

Pakhi: Hooo..Come thrash me!

Samar: I don’t have time for losers such as you.So shut up and sit there!

Samar and Pakhi begins to combat. Pakhi places numerous color into Samar’s eyes.Unable to open his eyes he suffers and go and hit on a lady close to by.

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