Anuama FF – Good times for Anu! Ep: 13

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Outcomes of her exams had been about to publish.

Anu: I’m certain that I’ve not performed effectively.

Vanraj: Don’t say unfavourable issues. Be constructive.

Anu calls Kavya and Devika for a leisure.

Kavya: Arey even I’m tensed.Arts isn’t that simple as you assume.

Devika(Making an attempt to deviate from the subject) : The one distinction is we didn’t take the identical course.We studied in the identical faculty from grade 2 and now we’re graduating from the identical faculty.

Kavya: Sure!! These had been good olden days.Want to return to these days.

Anu: Weren’t you the one who mentioned that you just didn’t need these instances then?

Kavya: That was as a result of I by no means favored my academics again then!Now it’s all a reminiscence.

Devika: I need these days again in my life. These dance packages,musical chairs,and haaa…. Anu do you keep in mind that man who used to bother you?

Vanraj(Listening to this): What!Actually?Who’s that man whose sense is that this dangerous?(He laughs however felt jealous)

Kavya :Let’s meet on the new espresso store tonight .Vanraj jiju be a part of with us Anirudh can be there. You each can chit-chat whereas we recollect our outdated reminiscences.

Devika: Can I carry my hubby too?(Mocking)

Kavya: What??

Devika: Oh my god!! Cease yaar. I used to be simply kidding.

Kavya: Ohh…..

Devika: You’re unattainable.I’m wondering how Anirudh jiju is tolerating your stupidy.

Kavya: I’m not a silly… and he’s not tolerating my stupidity. I’m tolerating his stupidity.

Vanraj: Sure! I feel she shall be more experienced than him. He’s having such a infantile character.

The 4 of them laughs collectively.They get relaxed and nearly forgot about their outcomes.

The principal known as Anupama. She began to fret.She thought that her outcome was dangerous and principal known as her to fireplace her.She gave the cellphone to Vanraj and he spoke the principal. He lower the decision with pleasure. The gang asks why was he excited. He tells that Anu has topped the exams. Everybody will get excited and begins to point out their pleasure by leaping and dancing.All of the members of the family are additionally pleased and excited when Vanraj tells the information to them. Leela permits them to go exterior with mates.

Vanraj and Anupama get able to go to the espresso store.

Anu: Let’s take Toshu alongside?

anupama spolier alert vanraj exits shah house brings most terrifying  challenge for anupama big twist in upcoming episode bud | Anupama Spoiler  Alert : बड़ा ट्विस्‍ट! वनराज ने छोड़ा घर, अनुपमा के

Vanraj: No want.Generally Maa gained’t like that.Let’s go

Anu: Okay!

They each go to the espresso store and meets them. Vanraj and Anirudh have a while collectively whereas the opposite 3 have their very own time recollecting their reminiscences. After that they get together with Anirudh and Vanraj to have meals. They spent their time there. Then from there they go to a hill like place and sits there for someday.

Vanraj: Life is unpredictable. A few years earlier than after we got here right here we by no means imagined coming to this place once more along with our wives.

Anirudh: However at the moment I needed to be right here with my spouse and now I don’t want that.(Mocking)

Vanraj: We by no means pressured you to marry!(Mocking again)

Anirudh: My dangerous luck!

Vanraj and Anirudh laughs collectively and listening to this Kavya comes there and asks what the joke was.

Anupamaa: Kavya to share her worries with Anirudh - Tellyexpress

She understood that she was being mocked.Anirudh and Kavya star their cute combat and the opposite 3 enjoys watching it.

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