Anuama FF – Everyone back to their senses Ep: 29

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Everybody nearly come again to their senses.

Pakhi goes to Nandhini to satisfy her personally.

Pakhi: Hello didi! I’m Pakhi,Samar’s sister.

Nandhini: Ohh!!..Hiii I’m Nandhini. By the way in which who’s Samar?

Pakhi: Soooooooo…………..You don’t know Samar?

Nandhini: Noo!! Who’s he?

Pakhi: He’s the individual whom you have been preventing with all this time.

Nandhini: Ohh that fool! Is his identify Samar? Wow such a pleasant identify for a pig head like him.

Pakhi laughs so much.They’ve a while collectively and get to know one another extra.

Physician comes and deal with Kavya and he or she is sort of okay. The elders go to their rooms and get contemporary and takes Kavya to a hospital close to by and provides her the injection which the physician prescribed. Nandhini goes to Anu and greets her. Anu didn’t perceive that it was Nandhini.

Nandhini: Aunty you don’t bear in mind me?

Anu: Truly  I can’t recollect!!

Nandhini: I’m Nandhu! Manya’s daughter! Kavya’s niece!

Anu: Oh!!You could have grown a lot it has nearly been 15-16 years since I’ve seen you..

Nandhini: Haa aunty it has been a very long time.

***********scene shifts to the resort****************

Kinjal: What have been doing and saying Toshu?

Toshu: What did I say?

Kinjal: You weren’t speaking to mummy you have been speaking to your daadi.


Samar: Haa bhaaii….You have been speaking with daadi.

Toshu:Did I say something about Kinju?

Pakhi: Ofcourse! You stated every thing to her. I don’t suppose that she have registered it in her head as a result of she was additionally drunk.

Toshu: Thank God!!


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