Always there for you-episode 4

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Hii all thank u so much for ur lovely comments feeling blessed with ur love now back to the story…

Abhi hugged pragya with tears in his eyes.
Abhi (in thoughts) : how much my sweetie has suffered? But still now she didn’t forget me she didn’t forget her buddy that shows her love for me this one thing is enough for me to give my life for her. I will do anything to bring the same smile in ur lips which I adored the most. I will bring the same happiness which u spread like a sunlight to others I will bring the same sweetie whom I love like anything in this world.
He came out of thoughts when pragya parted away from him embarrassed for hugging him.
Pragya ( embarrassed) : sorry.. I .. didn’t think.. hmm.. sorry
Abhi : its ok sweetie.. oops pragya think me as ur friend so friends?? ( showing his little finger like how pragya did with him)

Pragya smiled at this and interlocked her little finger to his and said : friends
Abhi : ahh finally.. thank u sweetie ( looks at pragya fearfully as he was again and again saying sweetie) well.. I didn’t.. mean,,
Pragya : its ok u can call me sweetie
Abhi not able to control his happiness kissed her cheeks,
Abhi : thank u so much sweetie love u…. wait I will surely get u another dairymilk for this
And went away to buy it with a wide grin on his face. All the way he was jumping like a kid

Pragya who saw this sat shocked as it was her first kiss with her conscious.
Pragya : what is this weird feeling in my stomach? Why myheart is racing when he is near me ? why I wqant to be with him the every minute of my life? Does he really love me as he said ? she was asking to herself rubbing her cheeks.
That time abhi came with another dairymilk lest not say another one another pack as he got all flavors of dairymilk for her.
Abhi : here it is this is my first gift to u after starting our friendship. Have it sweetie
After seeing the chocolates pragya forgot her thoughts and they started fighting over the chocolates. At the end of the day, they started liking their new bond. Pragya liking her new confused(for her) friendship and for abhi his long lost love.
Abhi and pragya had become the thickest of his friends. After all their relationship started at a tender age. This time also it didn’t took more than 1 week for them to know each other. They started spending time with each other.
Pragya started showing pregnancy and abhi was her constant support. And rakesh and arvind are trying to get infromations on abhi. And abhi was also trying his best to know about rakesh’s involvement in his fathers’ death.
One day,
Pragya was as usual waiting for abhi to meet her. She was sitting on the same bench where they used to meet everyday. Nobody in her college acknowledged her presence as they have been instructed to. Yes rakesh and arvind played this cheap trick to make her feel alone. But they didn’t know that her buddy her abhi is here. As pragya was waiting. Abhi was alking towards her with a file of documents. She smiled at him but what she saw next was enough to boil her blood.
Abhi was walking to see pragya to their usual place. That’s when tanu entered the frame. She saw abhi walking with the documents. So she went to abhi and talked to him for sometime and after that she could have went simply but she didn’t she kissed him in his cheeks and hugged him tightly and left.pragya who saw this was so angry she itself didn’t know why she got angry but she know that if abhi comes an talk to her cheesily he is gone. Abhi wiped his cheeks where tanu kissed him and walked towards prgaya.
abhi : hey sweetie..

Pragya glared at him without saying a word. Poor abhi didn’t noticed it.
Abhi : sweetie did u ate something it is way past ur juice time. Did u drink or do u want me to get it?( by looking at his watch)
Pragya : why r u worrying for ir MR. mehra
Abhi : what??
Pragya : didn’t u hear me clearly? Let me tell u again why r u worrying?
Abhi : coz I am ur frind and u r pregnant girl..
Pragya : ohh just because I am pregnant u r helping me right.
Abhi didn’t realize the sarcasm behind her words said
Abhi : of course sweetie come on why r u asking this much questions now its getting late as…
She didn’t let him finish his talk before that she bursted out

Pragya : why ur so called bamboo stick is waiting for u?>
Abhi : what??(with shock) bamboo stick who is that?
Pragya : don’t act like this ok I know u I shouldn’t ave trusted u u betrayed me ( suddenly crying aloud) mummmyyy he betrayed me.. aahh…
Abhi who didn’t know why she was angry and he panicked as hesaw pragya crying suddenly.
Abhi : sweetie sweetie please don’t cry please I am begging u tell me what happened? I will solve it ok pls don’t cry
Pragya :u will solve it?(with puppy face) why that bamboo stick was hugging u
Abhi : who bamboo stick?

Pragya : that tanu.. bamboo stick
Abhi who was worrying for pragya when he heard her saying tanu as bamboo stick laughed out loudly. He tried to control and keep a straight face seeing pragya but he failed
Abhi(laughing: like really.. u was saying tanu as bamboo stick.. hahah why wat hpnd why u r this much angry on tanu?
Pragya : yes she is a bamboo stick (under her breath) trying to bend u towards her.
Abhi : what?
Pragya : nothing.. what I was saying haa how can she kiss u
Abhi (realizing): ohh yaa yaa how can she kiss me only u have the right right?
Pragya (without realizing) : yes I will kill her
Abhi : yes definitely
Pragya : and u don’t switch sides Mr. mehra u were also enjoying it right
Abhi didn’t say anything to her to know what is her reaction. Pragya who thought it as he enjoyed it started crying again loudly

Pragya : hey home theater shut up u r in college all r looking at u as If I had made u pregnant and ditched u stop it
Some student who were passing by stared at this couple weirdly. And one professor was passing by. He saw this commotion and he tried to walk towards them to scold abhi before that abhi sadi

Abhi : sir.. harmones… professor nodded smilingly and went. All students who were also seeing went understanding the situation
Pragya who was continuously crying stopped her crying when she saw a box full of chocolates, she broke into a wide smile and asked childishly
Pragya : for me?
Abhi : no for tanu.. to propose her

Pragya ( pulling his collar) : what?
Abhi : ( acting feared) : chodo meri maa yes it is for u if u don’t want give it I will give to tanu
Pragya : no no I will eat it after all my best friend bought me this
Abhi : ya ya if u want I am best friend if u want I am ur worst enemy right
Pragy amade faces and continued eating it and suddenly as if she remembered the important matter she asked abhi who was reading the document
Pragya : abhishek..
Abhi without seeing : hmm
Pragya : what that bamboo stick was speaking to u that much time?
Abhi : ohh that was about cultural

Pragya : ohh and what did she want?
Abhi : she asked me whether she could become the leader of arts group representing our college
Pragya : arts group? It plays the major part in our cultural right and whoever the leader will get reputation when they win riht?
Abhi : hundred marks..
Pragya : what did u say to that bamboo stick I am sure she would have put magic on u to accept it right?
Abhi : zero marks wrong I said I wont put her as I already selected the leader.
Yes being the old student and a gold medalist of that college abhi became the college representative as he has been in this post in his UG itself all girls had this crush on him and all boys were equally jealous on him as he was the best in the college
Pragya : so what did she say how did she accept it easily?
Abhi : well I said she could become leader for singing and oh she can be my assistant too( and again looked at the document)
Pragya thought : this tnau will never leave a chance to woo my abhi.. my abhi.. what is I am thinking.. leave it but I wont leave her I will see how she become close to my abhi.. my abhi.. come on yaar I cant again agin give explanations my abhi means my abhi ok
Pragya : abhishek
Abhi : what yaar sweetie first eat ur chocolate without bickering me wait till I check the last list.
Prgya pouted and was in the verge of crying. Abhi who saw this dropped the file down cupped her face and gave a light kiss on her forehead and said
Abhi : ok ok don’t open ur dam ask me whatever u want I will answer so lets play kaun banega crorepati
Pragya : hmm who is the leader of arts group

Abhi : for this u r making fuss ofcourse its YOU
Praggya “ what?
Abhi cupping his ears : yaar pragya stop shouting
Pragya : sorry.,. mee??
Abhi : yaa
Pragya : why
Abhi ; why matlab?

Pragya : how did I become and who chose me?
Abhi : obviously its I who chose u
Pragya : but abhi..
Abhi : sweetie I know u have immense interest in art and u could make excellent sand art and I know ur talent this is just a platform for ur talent why r u making abig deal out of it
Pragya : but abhi.. in this college no one knows me and no one trusts me and u know.. I .. am..u know na.. this( showing her stomach) pregnant (with tears in her eyes)
Abhi : wiping her tears- no sweetie don’t cry it hurts me and FYI I trust u I trust in ur talent u are the leader I finalized it and I will see who is not gng to obey u I will see them they will be able to see abhishek mehra’s power
Pragya : ok abhi but.
Abhi : no but wut aur haan u r hvng a special san performance u can choose the theme urself it’s a discount for u
Pragya : what??
Abhi while cupping his ears : if u r gng to shout like this tell me I will speak to u from a hundred metre distance my ear drums are sensitiveit cant tolerate a loud speaker
Pragya rolled her irritatingly : then what r u gng to do
Abhi : I am gng to perform on a song too
Pragya amused : really??

Abhi nodded his head. Prgya jumped from her place and started jumping crazily shouting
Pragya : yaay my buddy is gng to sing. Whoo hooo
Abhi smiled at her and suddenly realized she was jumping pulled her dowm
Abhi : oh Ms. Bungee jumper stop it I said stop sweetie
Pragya : why?? Continuously jumping
Abhi irritated: because u r pregnant she stopped jumping. Abhi again said
Abhi : I think u r gng to be one hell of a mother don’t know what pain and irritations my baby is gng to face
Pragya realized she was jumping and after knwing she could harm the baby she again started crying. Abhi who saw this sighed loudly
Abhi : she and her stupid harmones. He held pragya by her shoulders and hugged her sideways.

Pragya : yes abhi u r right I am gng to be one hell of a mother ( she started wailing loudly) I am sorry baby I didn’t thought I am harming u (raising her cry) I am sorry baby
Abhi smiled at her concern on the baby : arrey arrey my baby leave it my princess wont mind after all she knows her momma is a crazy woman
Pragya : what I am crazy
Abhi : of course( smiled inwardly as he could distract her mind)
Pragya : how dare u abhishek mehra
Abhi: ok ok cool down ok u r one less crazy woman ok?

Pragya : good… ( and realizing) what? I wont leave u .abhi started running. Pragya started to follow him but he ran and hid behind a pillar.pragya was shouting at him not knowing he hiding behind the pillar
Pragya : listen carefully Mr. abhishke prem mehra if I see u again then make sure u r gng to die with my hands how can u say me as crazy u r crazy idiot.. ( talking to herself) come baby we will go we will scold him after wards I am so hungry come..
Abhi was continuosly smiling at her childishness and thought to himself
Abhi : whatever u irritate me whatever u scold me just think that I am always be with u only as u r the only light of my life sweetie.. love u..

Precap: rakesh arvind’s true face revealed to abhi

Didn’t proof read so bear the mistakes sorry worst typist I am…
Hii all I know I am late as always but couldn’t help with it sorry I have been typing this episode for days but still I don’t think I got it well I don’t know if it will be upto ur expectations if it is not pls forgive me will try to give a worth reading episode sorry I also couldn’t reply to ur comments as I am in a hurry nw as no one should see me typing ff thank u so so so much for ur lovable comments I was overwhelmed with ur love cant express it with words thank u so much again love u all stay blessed aur haan keep smiling…..

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