Always there for you-episode 2

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Thank u all for ur lovely I didn’t expect it now I am feared coz whether I will present this story to ur expectations or not.. so back to the story..

Abhi’s pov:
After 2 years, when I was walking outside the mall , I saw one thing which brought my dark life in the world of sunshine. Yes it was PRAGYA MY PRAGYA. she has turned out to be a beautiful lady. T just made me love her like a mad. I went near her to talk to her to tell her than I am your abhi for whom u cried all night I am ur abhi whom u considered as ur anchor I am ur abhi who loved u unconditionally. But before I could reach her she boarded her college bus. And to my surprise it was my college where I did my degree.
I followed her in my bike and when she entered the college gate, I waited for her to disappear as I don’t want her to know that I am following her. When she sees me she will jump up and down to the earth in joy. I chuckled at the thought of her jumping like that.

I went to the principal room greeted him and asked details about pragya first year student. As I was the college rep. and had a nice reputation among the staffs the principal agreed to help me. He told me that pragya studies in B.Com I though “ oh that’s my course” she joined in this college in the second sem. I asked about her family details. Prinicipal told that she is an orphan and an NGO run by Arora industries sponsors her. I was like “ what the hell? The orphanage manager said her uncle took her to her home but the principal is saying something else”I thanked him and went with confusion. I noticed a gentleman with a boy of my age enter into the principal room right after my visit. I saw them giving a bundle of rupees to the principal. I was doubted with this action. I waited for them to come out so I can confront the principal. As soon as they came out I saw that man and the boy talking to each other which was audible to my ears. I heard,

Man : arvind, now u may know why I changed her college from there?
Arvind : but papa this friend of hers, I don’t think he will leave her. We have to keep her under strict observations or else she will try to escape again
Man : yes arvind u r right unless pragya opens her mouth to him we will never be in trouble keep doing ur love drama make her believe that u r her savior who came to rescue her from me u should continue until she surrenders herself to u but remember arvind u should not cross ur limits ur fiancé is waiting for u in france the only daughter of Malhotra industries. Riya is waiting for u remember that arvind
Arvind : yes papa I do remember and I will do ur work perfectly soon pragya will be in my hand and u will become the sole owner of th Arora industries officially
Man : that’s my son.

While they were talking one peon came and gave a letter to that man
Peon : MR. rakesh patel here is the letter sent by our principal.
Rakesh thanked him and went with his son arvind. Abhi who was behind the pillar hearing all this was so much confused now. He was walking through the corridor trying to connect all the dots.
Abhi : why this rakesh patel and his son arvind trying to trap pragya and she has been enrolled as an orphan but she is staying in their house it seems and that blo*dy idiot trying to trap her with love and pragya earns for love she will surely will be trapped by him. No I should not let that happen. I will follow her closely from today I have to keep her safe I have promised my mother in law mousey that I will protect her. And why this name rakesh patel seems familiar to me.
Flashback ends.

Abhi : that’s why dadi I am following her to not let her be trapped by that damn arvind.
Dadi : but abhi u told that u left ur job for her right then how did u mange ur expenses and u have been sponsoring her how did u spend for her?
Abhi : dadi wohh.. how can I say it?
Daid: come on abhi u respect me as ur dadi right tell me
Abhi : dadi don’t take me wrong dadi I donated sperms and my blood to manage my expenses. Sry dadi
Dadi : abhi don’t be sry u tried to help pragya but in that course of event u even helped someone don’t be sry
Abhi : thank u dadi.
Soon after that confrontation abhi started to follow pragya closely, his work was at night shift so it was comfortable for him. He had to change his work place from a reputed company to software company even though he is a gold medalist he worked in a normal salary to look after pragya.

After six months,
When he was following pragya, suddenly she went unconscious. Abhi panicked, his eyes flowed with tears, he immediately carried pragya and took her to the nearby hospital. There the doctor hit his nail in his heart.
Abhi : doctor what happened pragya? Is she ok?
Doctor : Mr. abhi don’t panic she is alright now its so common in this stage take care of her and the new life
Abhi : what do u mean doctor? What happened to pragya?
Doctor : Mr. abhi Ms. Pragya is 4 weeks pregnant didn’t u know that? Please take care I have prescribed some medicines give it to her daily in correct time now I will take ur leave.
Abhi : what? ( in thoughts0 she is pregnant but how? Surely it must be one of that acts of that arvind) thank u doctor I will take care.

Then he went to pragya’s room and saw her unconscious. He kissed her forehead gently.
Abhi : how much will u suffer sweetie? I promise I will take care of u come high hell or water I will be there for u. he kissed her forehead again and took her hands in his hold and kept his forehead in her hand. Pragya stirred in her sleep and snuggled closer to abhi just like her old days she mutteres in her sleep.
Pragya : I miss u buddy pls come back to me they r torturing me.
Before abhi could react anything she again went to deep sleep. So abhi also slept beside her snuggling closer to her. Next morning, before pragya abhi woke up and freshened up in the hospital. He thought of informing rakesha nd arvind as the hospital authorities wont allow him to take her. He told the receptionist to call pragya’s relatives. By then he received a call from their orphanage manager Mr. mohan chowdary.

Mohan : hello is this abhi?
Abhi : yes sir what is the matter u called me now at this time?
Mohan: abhi an important news to u I don’t know whether it is good or bad to u
Abhi : sir pls tell me I will take care
Mohan : abhi u once asked me to investigate about ur parents death as I was in the spot and u asked me to know who is rakes patel right?
Abhi ( with doubt): yes..
Mohan : well I found the anwers its upto u to connect the dots.
Abhi : tell me sir I am desperate..
Mohan : before that I came to know od ur dad’s will last will to u his son ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA from his company’s board of directors. And his company nae is MEHRA GROUPS
Abhi : ok..
Mohan : u know this company right now this company is under Arora industries and soon to be under Malhotra Industries too

Abhi was silent trying to remember those names.
Mohan : then about rakesh patel ur assumption was right u heard his name he was pragya’s uncle and u heard his name lastly at ur parents death spot by ur father try to remember.
Abhi remembered his fathers lst words” rakesh patel I will never leave u”
Abhi : so do u mean to say..
Mohan : yes abhi its that now u try to do what u have to bye abhi take care and.. take care of pragya too.
Abhi : what the hell……
Screen divides with abhi’s shocking face pragya’s sleeping face.

Precap: “ u r pregnant with my child” “ no I am not”” yes u are” someone is running someone is following…

So guys here is the second episode I would like to thank all my readers who spent their precious time to read this and sry for the late update as u all know jallikatu protest is gng on her and me and my bro are also participating in it so it took a bit lte for me to update ir sorry for that and so so so sorry for not replying ur comments I will try to reply to u in this episodes thank u for reading and sry if u find this story somewhat not in track it was purely my dream which I dreamt one day so pardon me for the mistakes and do tell me what u like in this story what u not.. so sayanora to all love u all stay blesses keep smiling…..

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