Always there for you-episode 1

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Thank you so much for the love and support wish this shot satisfies u .. so here is the first shot.

Abhi was talking to some old lady.
Abhi : dadi today also she didn’t took the food immediately why cant she just take the food and eat it when she is hungry? I just hate that fearfulness in her. She doesn’t face anything in her life boldly I am just scared about the child what would my princess think that her mom is a scary cat?
Dadi: my princess it seems.. haan( with a teasing smile)
Abhi : ( embarrassed) dadi u too know na I love her a lot even though she do not love me and carrying someone’s child I cant stop my self from loving her and that idiot doesn’t even give her food or care which she needs in this time and the promise I made to tanu haunts me often and I don’t know why dadi I believe that unborn child is going to unite us soon.
Dadi : I know abhi u love them a lot or else u wouldn’t have accepted someone’s child as yours.. but tell me you don’t have anyone in family u lived in an orphanage but how did u love her?
Abhi ( blushing) : who.. who.. dadi
Dadi : come on abhi stop blushing like a girl and say ur love story I am waiting..
Abhi : u r my house owner but orders me like u r my owner fine I will tell you but don’t share this with anyone.. dadi nodded and said: wait I will get popcorns so that it will be interesting.
Abhi : dadi u r not less than a youngster this is my love story not a bollywood movie.
Dadi : come on abhi don’t be a grumpy kid.
Abhi nodded. Dadi came with a bowl of popcorn. She sat before him. Abhi started telling her with dreamy eyes as if he was reliving it.

“ dadi u know when I was 7 my parents died in a accident I was left alone. I had no on in this life wxcept me and me for myself. Some people joined me in an orphanage. There was a friend to me TANU she was a very good friend of me and u know what she was once my crush too I liked her but she loved another guy. So I left my hopes on her. When I was 16 I left the orphanage as I can work on my own to get my necessities I worked as a waiter in a restaurant. Then I started working in various places and stayed in a one room apartment. But still I stayed in touch with tanu as she was one and only friend who understood me. I always expect love from others as I know love is the biggest weapon which makes us successful. I want that weapon with me forever. I was longing for it and tanu showed it to me in a different way so I liked her. When I was 18 I met her at a café as we met after a long time we spent some good time together. I asked tanu seeing the glow in her face.
Abhi : tanu why r u so happy today? Did Nikhil marry u secretly?
Tanu : shut up abhi not like that that idiot will marry me like really? Come on abhi u know abt him.. I am happy because it is my little sisters birthday.
ABhi : hey mousey as fas as I know u don’t have any sisters.
Tanu : abhi how many times I told u not to call me like that u idiot. U don’t know about her na?
Abhi : obviously I don’t know unless u tell me.
Tanu : aarghh .. she joined in the orphanage a 3 months back she was one silent kid who doesn’t even know to talk to others she doesn’t know who are her parents and she is still a kid. She is 13 years old but by her mind she is like a 5 year old. She also longs for love. At first when she came she was scared of everyone. She wont talk to others. But slowly I talked to her and made her normal. So she is too much attached to me. I love her a lot abhi. She is one little child whom I want to protect the whole life. Being myself an orphan she is the only ray of sunlight in my dark life. Her smile makes my day. Today is her birthday so only I am happy but abhi I am scared she still don’t act like a 11 year old but I am sure she will grow up after all she is my little sister
Abhi ( smiling cutely) : hmm. I love that kid seems u love her a lot more than a sister..
Tanu : yes.. she is like my daughter and she too loves me like her mother abhi.. I don’t want to leave her.. see here is her photo her name is “pragya”

Abhi repeated the word “pragya” and smiled at the cute little kid with two pony tail in a white skirt and pink tops smiling cutely. He fell in love with that kid instantly.
Abhi : she looks so cute.. she will be a beauty when she grow up. so will u give ur daughters hand to me for marriage.. maa?
Tanu : maa?
Abhi : yaa u only told na u r like her mother so if I marry her u will be my sasuma na so only maa..
Tanu : abhi.. u r such a spoilt brat..
Abhi : thank u..
After coming from the coffee shop, I told tanu to wait and went to a gift shop to buy a gift for her. u bought a teddy bear for her and smiled as it has “ always there for you” written in it. I went to tanu and gave the gift packet.
Abhi : here you go.
Tanu : what is it?
Abhi : u only told na that today is ur daughters bday so maa. Pass this gift to my to-be-wife from her to-be-hubby
Tanu laughed at this : sure son, I will give this gift to ur to-be-wife and will also tell her that her to-be-hubby loves her a lot.
Abhi : thank u so much maa.. bless me ( he acted like bowing to her)
Tanu : my blessings are always with u son. We both laughed heartily and parted our ways. Sometimes I think about pragya and tanu I even asked about her to tanu sometimes. Tanu was surprised that I still remember about pragya. She even teases me as I asked pragya’s hand for marriage.
When I was 20 after finishing my degree, I went to the orphanage where me and tanu resided that’s where I came to know that tanu died in a road accident. I was hell shocked. I even grabbed the collars of our manager and shouted at him not to lie. But the manager calmed me down and said, when tanu and pragya went to Mumbai outskirts for touring. While they were returning a huge lorry crashed with their scooty and tanu pushed pragya away to save her. The police informed as tanu had the visiting card of our orphanage with her. We did her last rites and took pragya with us. I asked them where is pragya. The manager took me to a room which was dark. There I saw pragya for the first time. Her face was mature enough but she was child byher heart. She was curled in a corner holding her and tanu’s photo in herhand silently crying. Manager informed me that she didn’t ate properly after that accident. Yesterday night she saw a bad dream and she was hell scared so she didn’t eat anything from yesterday. In informed the manager to get fruits and milk for her. I went near pragya. First she was really scared by seeing me. I rubbed her back to soother her then she got comfortable with me. I started talking to her.

Abhi : hey sweetie why r u so sad? It doesn’t suit ur beautiful face
Pragya : tanu dii only calls me that but u can also call me sweetie.
Abhi : thank u for giving permission madam now tell me why u r sad?
Pragya : tanu dii Is not coming to see me. She is not talking with me, playing with me. I miss her a lot the manager uncle said that she wont come ever will she never come to play with me? ( she asked with tears inher eyes)
Abhi : no sweetie she will come for sure but for that u have to smile tanu dii wont like u seeing sad k now smile for me please sweet heart
Pragya : but who r u ?
Abhi : I am ur tanu dii’s friend she told me about u so only I came to meet u sweetie.
Pragya : so will u be my friend also? ( with a flicker of happiness in her face)
Abhi : sure sweetie so.. friends?( I held my hand for her. She took my hand and we shaked it)
Pragya : friends..
That time manager came with her fruits and milk. She shrinked her face seeing the milk. I chuckled inwardly seeing her childish antics. This girl definitely stole my heart. I took the tray from him. I started to feed her. She was continuously talking with me about her and tanu how they rocked together while touring Mumbai. I was feeding her the slices while shaking my head according to her animated story. After eating slowly, she started getting sleep. I was sitting on the floor next to her. She slwly climbed over my lap and leaned her head in my shoulder. I gave her the glass of milk. She looked at me disapoointedly.
Pragya : do I have to drink it?
Abhi : yes u have to sweetie. If u drink it u will become strong. We will have our own wrestling match. From her speech I came to know she liked more boys games than girls. She got excited and drank the glss of milk but she asked me to hold her nose while drinking it. I obeyed her and held her nose. After drinking. She again leaned on my shoulder and slowly slept as I was patting her gently to sleep. I saw her slept calmly I tried to pull her away from me. But she didn’t leave my t shirt. So I carried her to her room and put her in the bed. Slowly I relieved my tshirt from her. I kissed her forehead gently she smiled in her sleep. I left switching off the lights. I met the manager to ask about anything they know about pragya’s relatives. The manager told me “ abhi u r the only one pragya let to talk with her. Even many children of her age came to talk with her even the elders tried to talk but she didn’t let them in her room but she easily let u talked with u made friendship with u and ate with ur hands and slept on u too. U both are destined abhi take care of her. Her past shouldn’t haunt her again abhi.” The last line confused me but i smiled and nodded my head assuring him. Then I went home.

Next morning, I woke up with a call from the orphanage I took it hurriedly worrying about pragya. But what they told made my heart contented. The manger called me and said “ abhi come fast to orphanage please pragya is crying hysterically for u she wants u by her side she wants u to feed her I have tried saying that u will come after work but she didn’t obey me come fast abhi pls.” I immediately told I will be there in 10 mins. I quickly got ready and went to orphanage. There I saw pragya crying loudly to make her meet her friend. I went near pragya and patted her shoulder . she turned and saw me and immediately hugged that feeling was eternal for me. There was someone in this whole world who wants to be with me who cries for me that moment I promised myself and on tanu that I will never ever leave pragya. Then I fed her and spent time with her. Like this 2 weeks spend those days were the memorable days in my life.
I had to go for business trip for 4 days. I had to literally fall on her feet to let me go. By this time we both have became habituated to ourselves. She finally let me go. When I came back from that trip I went to the orphanage directly there the manager hit the death nail of my coffin. When I asked where is pragya as I didn’t see her the manager informed me that she went with her uncle and uncle’s son. I wondered how did she go without informing me. They spoke with pragya for sometime and took her with them adopting her. I didn’t had enough words with me. Tears were falling down without my consent but I felt happy for her atleast she found her family.
2 years passes, i was working but whenever I was free my mind would be thinking of pragya. My pragya. And pragya wouldb be 17 by now. Still I bought gifts for her on her bday. One day when I was wlking froma mall. I saw which brought my whole life back.

Probably this will be the very big episode have ever written for the readers of love makes life beautiful I am so so so sorry I cant update by any time by now I will try my level best and kristy u have judged me well I am literally a lazy one and also I didn’t even thught that u guys will like this story I just scribbled today I am now typin sneaking away from my mom she doesn’t like me that I spend most of my free time in tellyupdates so she stops me from using it so I am typing this without her knowledge as u know I am in 12th state board so its rather difficult to give board exams I just thought to give it as a three shot but I don’t think it will be finished by it so I made as a ss. Hope u all will enjoy it. This shot is abhi’s journey of love on pragya. Next shot will be on pragya’s pov and how abhi came in pragya’s current life. Present ur views on this both positive or negative both welcomed and thanks for all those who commented on this story sry don’t have time to reply all but one thing I love u all stay blessed and keep smiling SAYANORA TO ALL…..

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