Akshay Kumar will be part of ‘Commando 2’ confirms Vipul Shah

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Friendship of veteran filmmaker Vipul Amritlal Shah and superstar action hero Akshay Kumar is known to all. Akshay has worked with him in couple of his films like Waqt: The Race Against Time and blockbuster Singh is King. The later was a big budget super hit film of the year. However everyone was surprised when Vipul choose a newcomer Vidyut Jamwal in his action flick Commando. It is an action movie where all the stunts are performed by the hero of the film Vidyut himself. Being a karate champion himself Vidyut has enjoyed working in the action sequences of the movie just like Akshay Kumar. The film Commando contains death defying and thrilling action sequences that will make audiences hold their breath.


Vidyut Jamwal and Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar will be advisor and consultant in sequel of the film Commando.

However we hear that the reason behind not signing Akshay Kumar for the film was his busy schedule. Akshay was not ready to do this film and hence Vipul had no other option but to look for an equally skillful and talented youngster Vidyut Jamwal. Akshay kumar was too happy to see Vidyut do this role. Vidyut was seen in his first action film ‘Force‘ where he played a villain opposite John Abraham. The film didnt do well on the box office but it gave Vidyut a recognition as an artist and action star. He bagged all the awards for new face that year.


After a success of Commando, Vipul is planning to make a sequel of the film named Commando 2. This time he wants Akshay to be a part of the film. Vipul has confirmed that Akshay has given a nod to the project and he will be there but in a different capacity and not as a hero of the film. We understand that Akshay will be a part of the film as a consultant and adviser.


Vipul Shah said, “Akshay is the best action hero in the country. He was the most excited when we started Commando with Vidyut and, in fact, we’d have liked Akshay to participate more in Commando.  But he was busy. Now in Commando 2, we definitely intend to bring Akshay in.”

We all are excited to see Commnado 2 in theatres soon!

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