Aisi deewangi kahi nahi dekhi part -3

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Pr:yes purab..iam ready for what you said.but i want to check what you say to me..

Pu;ofcourse you can..i havent thought that you will give yes for it thanks alot pragya ..he moves..

Pr; are too poor are his friend thats why still belive him and think about that he is good at heart..but its not like that purab..he is the most worst person which i have ever seen and even i will prove you about that..pragya smriks and leaves …

She was in kitchen and cutting was that time abhi enters and open the door of fridge to take water..but his eyes was on her ..suddenly ouch…ah..

Are you dreaming pragya..cant you do it carefully..look you have hurt your hands na…abhi panicked and search for first aid box..

Ram..ram…where is that first aid..

Ram,the servant reached there with first aid box..sirji,here it is..

Abhi take that box from him and started to take care of wound.. can you leave her alone here..i told you na..dont allow her to enter inside kitchen..

Look ..dont scold him..its not his mistake..its me only compeled him for that and dont show off this much care towards me..the pain which i felt now is nothing thinking about what you given to me..

Abhi just look at her and after doing the first aid leaves from there…

Ram, just take rest ..i will manage this..

Pr; do other works..i will do all cooking as it make me somewhat easy…

Ram,k and leaves..

Pr;how can this hurt as i did this purposefully…why the hell he behave..the person who havent show any justice to me showing this much care..i just hate you man..

After sometime..pragya is coming down through stairs..and abhi is sitting there by watching tv..suddenly pragya falls down.

Abhi screams pragya..and rush towards her..ouch..ouch..ah…she screaming in pain by holding her leg..when abhi tries to check her legs she take off her legs.abhi forcefully check it..

It got sprained pragya…

Its k ..i will manage..she tries to getup but cant do that..abhi who suddenly take her in arms and leaves to their room..pragya holds him tight as she was in fear that may be he will make her fall..
Abhi smiles seeing her antics..

He slowly place her on just wait here..i will bring spray for this…he moves out and come back with spray..

Give that to me..i will do that..

No..need of that..its me who bring here so i will..he spray it on her sprain and slowly press her legs too..

Pragya why are you too careless..??

What is there to be care now..what i all have now is waste..its better to be die…

Abhi whi heard this takes his hands from her legs..then go and just die …why are you waiting for..??

I wish to do so..but i cant do now as i want to take care of my mom and sis..may be you will go to an extend for that action..

Pragya…he shout back..

Why are you shouting man??when you are hearing truth its hurts you right…

Pragya..look i dont want to make you stress it better you should take rest now…he leaves from there..

Again you thought you escape then dont think so abhi…look today i will take a decision ..i will prove purab that you are wrong and with his help i will leave from here..but why..he cares for me..that the question which make me confused..what will happen if what purab said was it wont if it so…is this the way .i think you are thinking alot just think about next level..pragya takes her phone…

Hello purab..its me iam pragya..i need your help…just do like as i say….

Conversation muted..

During night,abhi enters room ..its almost dark..he just switch on light and sees pragya sleeping…he moves to washroom and Change to night wear..he comes out and just comb his was that time abhi noticed pragya..she was shivering..abhi soon move towards her…..

Her body temparature was so high..pragya ..pragya..she is not at all responding ..he got panicked and call purab..

Purab..i need a doctor now..

Doctor ..what happened abhi..

Purab..pragya is not well..please bring him soon and ends call..he started to rub her hands as well as leg..but she is not at all responding..

Pragya..just wake up..look nothing will happen to will come soon..meanwhile purab enters with doctor..

Doctor checksout abhi… is she?if you say we can shift her to hospital too..

Hey need of getting panic yaar..its usual fever..i think it happen because of her stress and just make her stress free..i have noted some tablets.just give it to her..she will be okay by morning…

Thanks alot doctor .

Its k abhi…

Abhi..give me that prescription i will get medicine i will drop you…

Purab and doctor leaves..abhi sit beside pragya…he hold her hands..

Soon tears started to brim out from her eyes…

Iam sorry pragya..really sorry..i knew iam the reason of your fate now..its all because of me..pragya…but i dont have other options…i dont knew how to get you rather than this..i cant lose my love which i started to build up ij my heart from my childhood..i knew you havnt aware of this..still i remember the day when i met you..when i was sitting on street for waiting my was that time i see you reach near me and buy kulfi …do you knew how you ate that..(abhi is smiling)
Your cute antics curved my lips..again i met you in same place..then it happen my daily routine to watch you..i always follows you till your school..then it continue the same in higher secondary and even in college you knew for you only i too attend at the same college..i always tries to be in your attraction..but everytime i i tried in another the reason for your hate is my family background i myself change into don..i see you looking at me in fear…i wish to see your eyes filled in love..but atleast i can get happiness that you are looking at me was that time your family looking for can i lose you pragya..if i came directly to ask your hand will you accept me no i have no other option left…as my uncles plan..i did everything..i have seen you coming from library..thats why i act to get close with a girl.i knew you will respond and everything happen as my plan…i dont want to lose you..afterthat too..for that only i ..again tears coming from her eyes..i eyes at you lustfully ..and do everything even knewing that iam stabbing you in your heart..pragya..iam really sorry yaar..i cant lose you and cant live without you..

Abhi gets up from bed and take a glass in his hand..he just break it by holding tight..

Suddenly a person enters..

Abhi..whats are you doing…look blood just come with me..

He takes abhi with him..

He do first aid at him wound..

Abhi..are you hurting your uncle..

Uncle..then what will i do..its all because of me she is at this state..

Look abhi..whatever you did is because of me right..look abhi..its me who force you to make a husband wife wife will be under the control of men only after that..

Uncle…i dont want to control her ..i dont want to heart her…i love her and care her alot..but my love is hurting her only…why uncle..why??

Episode ends..

This part is not upto mark ..just forgive me..

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