Aisi deewangi kahi nahi dekhi part -1

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Hello everyone..thanks a lot for your support and love.actually before peeping into story I want to tell something. Soon iam going to finish my I was recently got a selection to work in icici bank and by end of this month I will have 6 month training during that period I cant be iam taking a break from you all..all my stories will end by this month only I will make you mine will stay like that as I will upload that during Sundays.before leaving I will be upload stories continuously as lot of stories are still in my mind..i have got a lot of friends here ..thank each and everyone as all your comments really make me smile…so authors pov end here…

    One more thing…karthu(karthing abhi) this story is only for you…as everyone asking me why iam making abhi bad now..its all because of her..she loves him madly..and I loves to tease her by this name badly….k now back to story happy reading…

A college is shown..its name is written as Christ college…the college which is famous by aceivements,studies,extra caricullar activities. Not only that by fights and there is a don studying in this college..oh god its time for his entry….

Suddenly there hears a huge sound of bullets..yes the don is coming in his bullet..he and his company landed in a hero he takes out his helmet and coolers too..yes its abhishek prem mehra…the person in other bike is purab khana…they both get down ..and sit under a tree..

Ab:purab..why there is no masti today …why no good looking girls are entering into our college..looking at gate…did they all get fear to study here..

Pu:abhi..what are you upto now..why you serach for girls

Ab:puru..just chill man..just for a was that time abhis eyes falls on two girls entering into college…(do you guys have any idea)

Purab read from his face that he has seen his prey…he look into that direction…oh god…now this innocen girl will be got trapped..i must some how divert him..

Abhi…can we go to canteen..i feel so hugry..

Yes man I too feel so looking into her…

Then..come with me lets go…

Ab(in mind) I knew puru you are diverting me from her..but I eyes at her n..then how can I leave..but I wont do now..he smriks..

Abhirab leaves to canteen..purab was smiling in happiness that I saved a girl today..

Purab..i didn’t take my keys frm bike..i will come back after taking just order something..

Abhi..whats the problem one will take it from your bike…

Purab..just one minute yaar.

K come soon….abhi leaves…he was moving through corridor..for his good luck and that girls bad luck she is coming opposite to him..abhi walks as he doesn’t care for he approaches close to her..he pinned her to wall and going to grab her lips with his..suddenly a slap sound is heard…

Flash back..

Abhi pinned her to wall and moves towards her all was a sudden the girl didn’t get time to respond..meanwhile pragya who was coming from library sees this and make him turn gave a slap

Fb ends


How dare you to do this with a girl..dont you feel ashamed..if she is your sister then..are you that much cheap to do like that with sister..


Hey don’t shout man..when it comes about your sister you feel pain right..

During this time whole collge has arrived spot and watching the scenario.

Girls are not meant for lust man..they have their own ne have the right to touch her without her will..i think you may understand everything by this slap..i knew its not your fault..there is no one for you to tell all this and make you understand..

Suddenly..di…di..what are you doing come with me…

Look bulbul..dont you knew what he did..

di…you just come with me now.we can talk about this later

bulbul forcefully taken pragya with her meanwhile purab reach the spot…

abhi…you come with me and make him leave..mean while abhi look at everyone who is just laughing at her..

purab take abhi to one of a tree side…abhi..listen..just forget what happened there..look she didn’t…abhi just turn and glare at him…its really make purab in fear..

oh god..till now..i haven’t seen him in this much anger now what will I do..i don’t knew what wil happen then..

screen shifted to pragya…

bulbul..can we leave as class end na..

di..i don’t knew what will happen now..may be they all are waiting for us in college gate.dont you no one will save us..he is abhishek prem mehra ..coming from adon family..he is so arrogant and have all bad manners like drinking ,smoking and I even doubt did he use drugs too..

what that much bad person studying in this college..then sure I will complain about this to principal..

di..are you you think that girl was helpless that time so that haven’t respond to it..its not like that di..if anyone stand against him he will make their life a living hell..

no…by my slap he may understand just come with me..

bulbul everymuch afraid of going out..but by pragyas assistance  she comes out..

oh thank god …they are not there..till getting into auto iam totally..

hey stop all this..i knew nothing will happen..

pragbul get down from auto enter into their house…

maa..maa..she enters and sees some men in their house..pragya get tensed and look everwhere for sarla..

beti…are you looking for your mom…she turn into the direction of this sound..

a person of 50 is seen…bulbul is in his hand..


Hey just stay did a great mistake dear…you messed up with my abhi..and make fun of him infront of everyone..till now I didn’t stand against his he has no father and mother he has a wish and I promised him that I will fulfill you new what is his wish..

K .he need you as his wife…pragya look at him in shock..hey don’t look at me like this..yes he need you as his wife..

No..i cant be wife of such a cheap person..

Then just forget about your maa.and get ready to read a news that a 20 year girl was gang rapped and killed..pointing at bulbul.. do this ..

Look I have no more options just choice one among them…

Bul;di..dont hear their words di..tell them you are not ready..that person slap her in his face.. pragya approaches her one of goons points gun at her..

Look iam going to count 10…9…8…6..5…4..3..2…

Iam ready..


Iam ready for marriage..

That’s like a good girl..

di..what are you doing…don’t you what maa will..

bulbul..nothing is important than you two for me..

one of goon gave her one red saree with one necklace and eacrings..get ready faster..without telling anything pragya get ready…and came back..

wait let me call abhi…

soon abhi arrives and sees pragya as bride ..he smriks at her…already wedding step up was arranged by usual custom abhi ties mangalsutra around her neck and fill her hairline. It was that time a group of goons reach there with sarla..

pragya get dwn from mandap and hugs her maa..

maa..are you okay..nothing happened to you na..

pragya..what have you can you marry him…they release bulbul and she hugs her

ab;pragya we want to leave..(it was like an order)

pr:maa..please take care of yourself..bulbul..di is leaving ..dont make her get anger..

pragya started to move…bulbul and sarla holds her hand tightly…with much difficulty she moves with abhi by continuously crying out…

They enter into car and soon reached his house..its as huge as no one understand how big is.fully surrounded by goons..

A lady make her get inside and make her enter into room..

Sit here ..he will come soon..she leaves..

Pragya is sitting lonely in a huge bed..she is looking like a bride..she is crying continously..

I dont knew such a fate will happen in my every girl i dreamed alot about my marraige and my husband..but now..iam married with a person whom i hate more..did he think that he will get suceed by marrying me..then he forget that i will make his life a living hell..

Suddenly a sound of door opening is heard..krr…krrr ..

She get up from bed..the person whom she married march towards her..she moves backward and hit by wall..

He blocked her by placing two hands on both sides ..he lean towards her..his eye gaze is on her lips without waiting for a second he crushed his lips into her..her lips is inside his lips ..he is tasting the sweetness of her in all sense..dont left a small part of her lips.slowly he release it from him and again gone for next one..he bite her lower lips ..and smriks ..he slowly moves his hands to her waist..and pulls her more closer..his passion in kiss was in a way that he was longing for it for a long..but the way she is standing beside him was like lifeless body..her expression conveys that she want to stop him from it but can’t do that..

He take out his lips ..pragya look down..he raised her chin so that he can see her ..and can see how she is reacting to his touch..

We can see her lips was become swollen and there is a bite mark too..

He again look at her lips.and move towards but..she resist him by moving her head …which gives him the view of her neck..and started to nuzzle her neck..tear drops are oozing out through her eyes which touch his face..

He look at her..and wipes out that tears with his face..and place his hands on the pallu of saree which is she wearing and smiles at her sheeply..

 episode ends

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