again .. he came into her life (kkb few shots) shot 1

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Again Nivethaa with a story without a story as usual… !! hope this will entertain u.. !! looking forward to ur comments my dear sisieees & lovely frnds..!!

In Amristar express(delhi to mumbai):
Abhi placed his luggage & sat on his seat in the sleeper coach..there pragya came & sits opposite to abhi.. along with pragya akash came..
Akash: di..! I don’t how I will manage without u.. stay here na?..
Pragya: akku..! u know na.. ! ma is not well.. I have to tak care na..
Akash: ya di.. but ur chachi will dance on my head.. u can handle her well..hw much questions she will ask at a tym..!
Pragya: how many times I told u .. not to tease my chachi.. (patted his head slightly.)
Aksah :tat much ur chachi is torturing me by her useless questions..
Pragya: akku..! don’t forget tat she is ur mom..
Akash: okay di.. I don’t want to make u mood out.. tak care of ma.. u should return early as possible..miss u dii.. bye..
Pragya: bye akku.. tak care..
Pragya waved bye to his cute bro & take a look around her.. she is in window seat.. opposite to her a man with his black tee shirt sat.. he is looking at pragya for some strange reasons.. pragya saw him &turned to look at window side view.. train started to move.. its night & time is around 9:30..
Abhi took his mobile & started to msg his sweety..

Msg convo b/n abhi & sweety..
Abhi: hey.!! Chuweeety … wat’s up?… where r u ?.. wat r u doing?.
Sweety: how many questions u will ask in a same time..
Abhi: okay tell me where r u?..
Sweety: where I will be??
Abhi: home…??
Sweety: mmm.. y r u asking this now?.
Abhi: I’m in train now..
Sweety: so..
Abhi: a girl is just opposite to me..
Sweety: & u r flirt with her ..& trying to make me jealous?..
Abhi: smart gal.. but,tat is not my motto..
Sweety: then wat?.
Abhi: wen I saw her , she reminds me u.. tat’s y am asking..
Sweety: come on ET.. u r telling like this for about 5 times..
Abhi: this time I’m sure.. look.. this gal also typing something in her mobile.. & she also wore specs..
Sweety: ET.. u think whoever wore specs will be me?.. & nowadays a gal with out mobile is hardly to find.. so don’t think too much okay..
Abhi: okay.. I will call u now.. & speak with me for some time..
Sweety: so tat u can clear ur doubts!!! Isn’t it?..
Abhi: yes..

Sweety: am sooo sry abhi.. ma is here with me.. & see the time.. if I will talk to u this time.. sure she will get me out of my home.. will call u tomorrow.. okay!!
Abhi: please naa sweety..!! pretty please..
Sweety: noo ET.. no way.. tell me about tat gal na?..
Abhi: I won’t tell u anything..
Sweety: plz na.. u like her?.
Abhi:not really..! but she is cute though..
Sweety: then, sure u will flirt with her..
Abhi: no.. no.. u know about me na.. how can I flirt with another gal.. wen I’m in this condition..?.
Sweety: hoo.. u r again started to talk like a sadist.. nothing happened in ur life.. she is just a passing cloud.. don’t struck on ur past ET..
Abhi: hmm.. okay.. am going to sleep chuweeetyy..
Sweety: hey Eiffel Tower.. I’m talking to u .. & u r going to sleep.. then sleep.. I will come to ur dream & will make u frightened..
Abhi: plz.. if u come in my dream.. plz show ur face..
Sweety: y u r eager to see my face?.. without looking we can be maintain this relation na?..
Abhi: u r telling this as if u had not seen my face..!! cheater cock.. u knew me well.. am the one ! who didn’t know u.. don’t know how u look.. even u didn’t told me ur so called name..
Sweety: U do know me.. u saw me.. u knew my name.. but… wen u knew me u don’t know my name & my face .. wen u knew my name, u didn’t saw me & don’t know about me.. wen u saw me, u didn’t not know my name.. am I making it clear..
Abhi: even the Hindu paper crossword is easy than ur puzzling sentence.. shut ur eyes & mouth.. & go to ur bed.. am really very tired..
Sweety:   😉
Abhi: don’t smile.. go.. gud nyt..
Sweety: I know.. u will flirt with tat gal..
Abhi: yes.. I’m.. wat will u do..
Sweety: nothing.. gud nyt.. sweet dreams..
Abhi once again re read their convo & his lips curved to a smile without his knowledge.. pragya nodded her head in disbelief.. & resumed her chatting with her frnds.. abhi settled to sleep & due to tired he slept quickly.. lights off.. & pragya came to abhi & sit infront of him.. tat moon light showed his calm face.. she kissed his forehead & smiled at him.. & back to her seat to lay down.. she is admiring abhi & her remembering her past life .. a drop of tear escaped from her eyes…

So tell me how is tat.. u might guess who is tat gal..basically I’m kind of weak in giving twist & all.. we will see how the story will go.. & drop ur comment.. I’l give my next update a bit longer.. than q for reading.. forgive me for mistakes & keep reading.. keep smiling.. tak care all…

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