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Hey guys.. this is sri.. I am really sry fr nt updating after knowing the value of love.. I will try to update it as soon as possible..this is another story based on some searching fr treasure..hope u will like it guys.. pls comment ur views..thank u fr ur support…

Treasure….the word itself brings a smile in all the faces who heard that word..some feels that they should have that treasure..some to have it to help others..some to make their own empire..some to enjoy the life to it fullest..etc.,

So everyone in this world is waiting fr some opportunities to grab their treasures..some in the way of honesty..some in some people are there they risk other lives to achieve the treasure they want to enjoy in their life…here in this story where many lives has put into danger by one to achieve the treasure…will the lives can achieve the treasure..if yes what will they do after achieving it? Whether they give it to one who put their lives in danger or they put that one’s life in danger?…if they doesn’t achieve the treasure what will they do? Will that someone take their lives or they give their lives in the process of searching the treasure?

Life is unpredictable…! Anything can happen at anytime..

A happy person can have a change of life as hell or a person who is suffocating in hell can get a chance to get out of that hell…nthing is in our hands..
But we can do one thing we can use the opportunity given to us to make our life as we like..

So here in search of the treasures what will happen to our heros and know that pls continue reading…
Characters: only names and their roles will be given along the story..
Ishitha – Raman, Abhi – Pragya, Purab – Bulbul, Tanu – Nikhil, Aaliya – Vijay, Arjun – Saanjh, Rithik – Shivanya, Dev – Sona..

Guys three more pairs needed.. I need ur some pairs to the remaining..awaiting fr ur comments guys thank u so much fr ur support which u guys are going to give…

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