After knowing the value of love (Episode 1)

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HI friends.. really I didn’t expect these much support.. thank you so much guys.. I had replied to all the comments.. please check it in my previous ff..
Now lets go into the journey of love…

A big mansion is shown.. all are running here and there to check their allotted duties.. After six months the entire RHR mansion was filled with happiness..

In other highway, A car is shown which has been driven speedly as well as steadily..

The girl in the driving seat asked the boy: r u sure about ur decision
Boy: yeah.. I am sure abt this..
Girl: k
Boy: but I want to know whether u are ok or not with this decision with a painful face
Girl: by stopping the car at roadside.she turned towards him..her back is shown..and the boys face is revealed..she said Love is not only meant for lovers is also for friends..i knew that it is hard fr u to accet the truth bt fr now u have to be strong..
By saying this she placed a kiss at his forehead and started to drive…
He closed his eyes and flashes of someone saying the same as the girl has appeared in his mind and a lone tear escaped from his eyes

Girl’s pov:
I don’t know abhi whether it is right or wrong.. bt I cant leave you in this situation.. first I promised myself that I will be with you in all ur problems to solve it..nw I had other promises and reasons I wont leave you at any cost..evenif its my life..
On thinking about this she drove the car towards his home no from now onwards it is their home..

After about an hour they reached their destination… The RHR mansion…

Everyone in the mansion was excited when they hear the sound of car..abhi with girl got down from the car with smile all over their face..
Three girls in the entrance of the mansion also had smile with tears in their face..they ran towards abhi by shouting bhai finally you arrived and hugged him..
On hearing their voice everyone came outside..
Abhi freed himself from his lovely cousin sisters bulbul,khushi and ishani..
He moved towards his brothers (purab,arnav,ranveer) and all hugged each other as a group hug..

Then He went towards his parents..

Ram,Raj,Harshad at the same time :how r u beta?…
Abhi: fine baba and took their blessings..
Then moved towars their mothers..
Priya hugged him with tears followed by divya and fulguni..
priya:hereafter dont dare to leave us..
divya and fulguni: haan beta
abhi smiled with tears and with assuring said never ever..
all laughed with their heart full of happiness..
Fulguni by placing a kiss at his forehead asked where is our bahu beta?
Abhi: by smiling at her he said over there by pointing to the girl standing near the car…
The eyes of the girl who was watching all this with tears of happiness near the car is shown..

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