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HI friends..hope u guys remember me..i am really very very sorry fr nt updating.. Thank you so much guys fr ur support..thank you silent readers….
Now lets go into the journey of love…

Dadi who looks confused went with abhi to see her bahu…to her surprise it was her favourite beti who she used to visit during some functions in the home..
D: beta you are here… abhi r u in love with her
A: s dadi..she is ur bahu.. the girls face is revealed… it was none other than our swt pragya…
Rv and Purab at the same time abhi u love pragya..
Pragya by smiling said s u have any pblm in that….
All said in chorous no we love this surprise yar..arnu said hw can we reject such a beautiful and kind hearted girl..s na dadi
D: u r right beta..abhi if u had said already tht u r loving pragya then I myself would have been prepared ur wedding idiot beta..
Bt wt had u done u made us all suffered fr these many days
Mothers: yes abhi too bad..if u had said already means then by nw ur wedding would been completed
Abhi and pragya said sry ma… Dadi said its k beta bt pragya hw do u know abhi
Ram: ma we can ask it later.. first let them in.. they have drived for long..
Raj:haan ma look our bahu is looking tired..let her come in first…
A: papa then wt abt me

Har:arrey come abhi..u r always like this..pragya beta u come dr..let me help u..
Abhi made a pout by saying only carring fr bahu nt fr lovely sisters and brothers will be there fr saying this he turned towards the entrance where all are standing…to his surprise all were speaking to pragya like they all had know her fr he felt happy fr that..
He know that pragya was very much attached to his family as they all used to visit the orphanage where pragya lived and nw from the past one year she was the care taker of that home..she named it as brindavanam..and was taking good care.. nt only that she was a business women papa’s had well known about her due to the hard work she gives to make her company achieve this much success in a short span of fashion designing and event management was her main business bulbul and khushi too know her..purab knows her as his di and rv as his choti bcoz he used to visit the orphanage with dadi mostly and her care made them to consider her as his di and choti.. arnu and me shared a special bond with her..she was a mother, father, caretaker, guide, well wisher, etc., of us..we love her a lot

Priya:abhi wt r u thinking come here beta
I saw my mom who called me just nw..there they completed all the intro’s and they(bulbul,ishani and khushi) were having aarthi plate fr welcoming me and pragya…
I went there and they does aarthi to both of us..from nw we are gng to share a special relations in my no our home..i look at her she was calm and giving an smile which gives ans to all the ques.. I wonder hw girls have this guts to ensure everything by just going through the flow..
Then we entered into our home.. everyone was happy as they forget that I had eloped from my home fr the past six months..pragya has asked forgiveness fr my it was some situation which made us to take such a decision..

D: its k beta..past is past..we should nt mingle it with present..we all are really happy as he had choosen u as our I am forgiving him..
On hearing that I hugged my dadi vey tightly and letting my tears..even she too shed some tears..everyone had tears..divya ma said enough no more tears..let us celebrate our happiness..then my ma’s bring swts and all feed to eachother mainly to pragya and me..i am really happy…after some chitchats I really felt tired..i wonder hw pragya was maintaining the smile in her face without showing the tiredness…
Yes she was contiuously answering to the questions of my family dads asked about her business and they let her to continue her career even after marriage..then moms asked her about some hosehold works and related to orphanage..dadi about mandir and poojas..khushi and bulbul about their jobs..ishani about herself as she is nt much introduced to her due to her studies..rv and purab about some random topics..she answered to all without any irritation even she answered more calmly to them..i really like this nature of her..she will never able to hurt others..thats y she is going to marry me nw..i hate myself fr dragging her into my life no it was a its our fate..wait where is arnu..i know he will be very angry on me as I had spoiled her best buddys life..i am sry arnu..i am really sry…

I went to see arnu who was watching the sky and stars…I know he will be here as we four used to view the sky and stars when we felt disturbed..we both stood there in silence..
Hey guys ready give ur comments both negative if it was there then some positive comments u all guys….

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