Aditya Pancholi is annoyed at sting operation by Rabiya Khan

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Aditya Pancholi Rabiya Khan

Aditya Pancholi says that he is fed up with the antics Rabiya Khan is playing to prove his son Sooraj guilty.

Recently Aditya Pancholi lost his cool over Rabiya Khan, mother of late Jiah Khan who made latest allegations about his son Sooraj Pancholi. He claims that Rabiya Khan is trying to destroy his family with nonsense things like sting operations to prove that Sooraj is a killer of her daughter Jiah. Aditya claimed that Rabiya is mentally disturbed and she needs medical help as early as possible.


Jiah Khan was found hanging in her Juhu flat late on June 3, 2013. Her boyfriend and son of actors Aditya Pancholi and Zareena Wahab, Sooraj Pancholi was charged of abetting the suicide. He is currently out on bail.


Aditya further added that he can understand the grief of Rabiya as parent, but her ridiculous activities are beyond understanding of any sagacious individual. According to him it is very much possible that someone is prompting her to go to such length and do these antics. She cant be doing it on her own. But he helplessly expressed that until and unless he has some proof he can not claim or blame anyone.


“At the same time I am not going to allow Rabia to carry on this relentless hate campaign against my son. His only crime is that he fell in love with a girl from an unstable background.” Aditya said.


However Aditya believes that his own reputation of arrogant and angry man and his poor relations with his in-laws has nothing to do with this episode. He says that if he has problems with anyone he openly comes out with it and does not do anything behind the back. He pledges to do everything to protect his family from the mischievous attacks by Rabiya. He feels that instead of attacking his innocent son, Rabiya should now focus on future of her two daughters. Rabiya is aware that Sooraj is innocent but she is only trying to get the compensation and that is why she is still trying to prove him guilty, he said.

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